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Why uShip Fits Household Good Movers

  • uShip is a shipping marketplace with hundreds of new moves posted daily
  • There are all types of moves: drive only, full service, and more
  • Build a national reputation through positive feedback

How uShip Helps Household Good Movers

  • More Profitable Trips – Find extra shipments while on the road to make every mile count
  • Loaded backhauls – Find loads for your backhaul with QuickSearch
  • Free leads – uShip will email you leads to people in your service area
  • No monthly fees, no sign up fees, only a transaction fee

uShip Tips for Household Good MoversuShip has hundreds of moves divided into two basic categories: full service or self loaded. If your business does both, you may want to pursue one type of move more aggressively than the other . Here is rough guide to weighing the decision.

Drive only moves:

  • Easier to estimate the costs because you can quickly figure out the cost of labor, gas for your trucks and wear and tear
  • You may be able to do more moves because you can just drop the trailer and pick up another load
  • Your margins may be smaller because you are no longer competing with just moving professionals, but any driver with a big enough trailer

Full Service moves:

  • There may be room to improve your margins on labor costs. If you have a team of movers, you may be able to bring on a new mover to work with a seasoned mover
  • If you provide enough training for your movers they may be able to execute moves more quickly and perform more moves
  • There will also be unexpected obstacles. If you bid too high to compensate, you could lose the business, but bid too low and you could lose money