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Auto Transport Broker

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How does uShip work?

  • Dealers and retail shippers LIST their vehicles for transport
  • Brokers BROWSE through the vehicles and PLACE BIDS
  • Shippers CHOOSE bids based on feedback, price, and timeframe

How uShip helps Brokers

  • Make More Money – Instead of waiting for leads to come to you, gain access to thousands of vehicles that need to be shipped
  • Build a Brand – Acquire feedback after each transaction and establish a reputation
  • No Monthly Fees – No sign up fees, only a transaction fee
  • Risk Free – Your first transaction is free

uShip Vehicles

  • Almost 2,000 dealer and privately owned vehicles for transport at any time
  • Average CPM bid for autos is approximately $.70
  • “Book it Now” feature allows you to instantly book a vehicle