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R&L Carriers Shipping Quotes

R&L Carriers

From sponsoring NCAA bowl games to supporting local communities, R&L carriers do it all. It has won the Quest for Quality Award by Logistics Magazine multiple times due to its family-driven values and customer-centric approach; R&L Carriers’ number one priority is to fully satisfy its customers.

R&L Carriers Shipping Services

It’s important for a business to have access to multiple service options in order to meet the unique shipping needs of its customers. That is why uShip offers additional services from R&L Carriers, such as:

  • Expansive Coverage: Ger direct, regional, and national rates within the 48 contiguous states, plus Canada.
  • Volume Discounts: Businesses shipping more than a few pallets in a single pick up can receive exclusive volume discounts.
  • Residential Pickup and Delivery: Not a business shipper? No problem, R&L Carriers will still make the pickup. That said, an extra fee may apply depending on the specifics.

To see the full list of R&L services, get a quote now.

r&l carriers pickup request with uShip

Obtaining R&L Carriers shipping quotes is often a challenge for small and mid-sized businesses. LTL carriers typically only provide major discounts to established high volume shippers. That said, there are alternative options for low volume business shippers. The best option is to use a company like uShip.

uShip is an online shipping marketplace that saves low volume business shippers up to 85% on carrier direct LTL rates.

We leverage collective buying power to unlock discounts that otherwise wouldn’t be available. To illustrate, booking through uShip is like sharing a Taxi; you end up paying less to get to your final destination.

When businesses book an R&L Carriers quote via uShip, they are booking through the same account as hundreds of other companies. The total monthly shipment count of each business is then combined and reported as one. As a result, R&L Carriers are able to provide uShip with discounted contract rates to pass along to our customers.


Not only does uShip provide discounted R&L Carriers quotes, but we also offer other great benefits, such as:

  • Customer Support: uShip’s knowledgeable LTL customer support team is available via phone or email. If you need to file a damage claim or dispute a rebill, we can help.
  • Invoice Audits: All invoices are checked for accuracy to ensure you are getting the best price possible. We will proactively credit the difference of any overpayment to your uShip account.
  • Bring Your Own Rates: If you have your own rates with R&L Carriers or any other LTL carrier, you can load them directly into your uShip portal, allowing you to compare quotes all in one place.
  • Customer Specific PricingWe can negotiate pricing with carriers based on your individual volume.
  • Referral Program: You will receive shipping credit when you refer a friend.
  • Insurance Options: Did you know LTL carriers do not have full liability insurance? It’s always best to cover your freight with a uShip cargo insurance policy.

The best part about using uShip is the ability to use one site to obtain multiple quotes.

As you probably know, shopping around for LTL quotes can be a nightmare. Often you are forced to create an account for each carrier and manually type in the same information over and over until you find the right price.

With uShip, you can find the right carrier, at the right price, all in one place.

From competitive prices to great customer service, it’s clear why so many small businesses prefer obtaining R&L Carriers quotes from uShip. If you have any questions about shipping LTL freight on uShip, please contact us. We have an experienced freight team available to answer all of your questions.