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Keeping Your ATV Safe During Shipping

There are a few things that your ATV transporter will do to make sure your ATV arrives on time and in perfect condition. Knowing about the equipment and techniques used to keep your ATV safe will help you hire the right transporter and help you prepare for you shipment.

Soft Ties

Most ATV transporters will keep your ATV secure with “soft ties”. These are ties that are not as abrasive as normal ties, and as a result they are much less likely to damage any fragile parts of your vehicle that may be exposed.

Lift Gates

Trucks and trailers should be equipped with the proper lift gates so you know that your ATV will be transported on and off the trailer safely.

Open vs. Closed Trailers

If your ATV is travelling a long distance, it’s a good idea to arrange to have the vehicle moved in an enclosed trailer. That way it is less likely to get damaged by the elements or get stolen on an overnight stop.

For short distances open-air trailers work fine, but soft covers should be put on the ATV so that no rocks that are kicked up have a chance to damage the body of the ATV.