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Holland Motor Freight LTL Rates

USF Holland Freight

Founded in 1929, Holland Motor Freight is one of the most tenured LTL carriers in the industry. The company’s longevity stems from its dedicated employees and its ability to perform at high standards.

Holland consistently records some of the lowest claim ratios each year. Preventing damage and loss in the LTL industry is difficult due to the nature of the shipping processes. However, Holland Motor Freight’s 8,590+ employees have seemed to have found their groove. In fact, its employees have been taking home the Quest for Logisitcs award from Logistics Management Magazine since the 1980s.

USF Holland is a regional carrier and only serves a limited area. It runs 12 states in the U.S. and two provinces in Canada. Holland’s network includes 53 service centers, 6,886 trailers, and 4,190 tractor trucks. With such a large number of trucks serving a limited area, Holland Motor Freight is able to offer more next-day service lanes than any of its competitors.

USF Holland Freight Rates

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