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Forward Air Freight Services and Quotes

Forward Air Freight is a well-rounded less than truckload carrier with an exceptional reputation in the industry. From low-damage rates to great customer service, Forward Air is a great addition to any businesses’ supply chain toolbox.

Forward Air has strategically built an entire network of service stations around key shipping hubs to ensure fast delivery. They have 90 facilities located at or near U.S. and Canadian international airports, 12 regional sorting hubs, and 300 locations throughout secondary airports. This makes Forward Air Freight a great choice for businesses with time-sensitive shipments or with airport to airport transport needs.

Damage and loss are no strangers to the LTL industry, however, Forward Air Freight prides itself on its low-damage rate. That said, when freight is transported via LTL, it is constantly being moved around; virtually anything can happen. That is why it is very important to correctly palletize or crate freight prior to handing it to the driver at pickup.

With a business model developed with shipping customers in mind, Forward Air Freight exceeds industry expectations. For example, they increase efficiencies for their customers by investing in technology. As a result, Forward Air offers optimal tracking on all shipments.

Forward Air Freight and uShip

uShip helps businesses save money on less than truckload freight shipping. In fact, a business that uses uShip for LTL shipping can expect to save up to 85% on direct Forward Air rates. Combine the services of Forward Air Freight with the benefits of uShip to receive the most benefits.

There are many benefits of using uShip, they are:

  • Customer Service: Our knowledgable customer service team can answer any of your Forward Air Freight shipping questions.
  • Invoice Audits: When you book LTL freight with uShip, each invoice is carefully audited for accuracy prior to processing.
  • Customer Specific Pricing: uShip can adjust pricing based on your specific volume.
  • Referral Program: Receive shipping credits and gift cards when you refer a business to uShip.
  • Insurance: uShip offers affordable insurance policies for most LTL freight.

For a full list of uShip benefits, please visit our LTL shipping hub.