eBay Shipping Center

The eBay Shipping Center is an eBay compatible application that allows you to simultaneously manage your eBay and uShip activities all in one place. Join the thousands of eBay buyers and sellers using uShip to manage their shipping needs. Get started by linking your accounts today.

Why use the eBay Shipping Center?
  • uShip is the top rated shipping provider in the eBay Solutions Directory. uShip has been given perfect scores in quality, value, and meeting expectations by buyers and sellers who have completed hundreds, even thousands of eBay transactions.
  • The eBay Shipping Center helps you bid more effectively. Track all your actions in one place and factor in shipping costs when placing bids on large items.
  • uShip gives you accurate shipping estimates and an easy way to transport your auction items. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, the eBay Shipping Center enhances the eBay experience by making shipping easy, fast, and affordable.
How do I get started?

Link your eBay and uShip accounts to import your eBay auction items into uShip.

How does the eBay Shipping Center Work?
  • Link your uShip and eBay accounts.
  • Use the eBay Shipping Center to track the status of items you're buying, selling, watching, or have won.
  • Ship your item by listing it on the uShip marketplace with just a few clicks.

The tools and features of the eBay Shipping Center make it the best way to manage buying, selling and shipping your eBay items. Get started today by linking your eBay and uShip accounts.

Features of the eBay Shipping Center

The moment you link your account, uShip automatically imports the items you're tracking on eBay, including items you're buying, watching, selling, or have won. You can bid or rebid (A) on any of these items directly from the eBay Shipping Center.

If you are bidding on an item, prices of those that you are currently winning are green and bold; those that you are not currently winning are red (B).

uShip will provide Shipping Price Estimates (C) for all your tracked eBay items and email you with estimates for new items, helping you bid more effectively.

It's easy to list an item for shipment on uShip, whether you've won the auction yet or not. All the shipment information, including pictures and descriptions, are instantly transferred to your uShip listing.

Once you've posted a shipment to the uShip marketplace, view your listing (D). Simultaneously track your eBay bids and uShip quotes in order to manage your Total Purchase Cost (E), which is calculated by adding your lowest shipping quote to the current selling price of the item.

Are you an eBay seller? Add uShip Widgets to your eBay auctions (F) and give your customers Shipping Price Estimates based on real market data, shipping advice, links to uShip's top-rated Service Providers, and other useful tools. eBay widgets make it easy for your buyers to list an item for shipment -- just a few clicks and they can start receiving quotes. When you promote uShip's shipping services to your buyers, the savings they receive compared to traditional shipping methods allow them to place higher bids on your items!

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