Waste & Scrap Shipping Stories

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A Premium Broker!

This is my second ship experience with ShipAG, and again I give them my highest possible rating. Job was not as smooth as the first-due to serious screwup on the part of the trucker (YRC)...but ShipAG was all over it with their excellent assistance....and in the end, all came out well. My thanks to Andy & Kirsten for first rate service. You can't go wrong with this outfit, they go the mile-period! ...

Uship does it again!

Everytime I use U-ship it just get's better. I ship scrap electronics coast to coast for a living and freight really eats into my margin. Uship has cut my freight costs in half and gotten me in touch with better providers. Can't say enough good things about my most recent service provider (Andy at American Group)! I've been shipping for 35 years now and have used many many providers....Andy ...


had some junk got depressed consulted psychiatrist he said get rid of junk now junk gone wildly happy and joyful, goats happy, dogs happy, mother in law happy....ooops, need more junk I guess

Extra high praise

I needed to have a pallet moved from my daughter's house to my house. Mover did this with dispatch, AND, gave me 4 more smaller pallets at no cost to me. I needed the pallets to hold cardboard boxes up off the garage floor as I pack things to sell at an Ebay store. I will definitely use uShip again.

Stories: 1 - 4 of 4