Special Care Items Shipping Stories

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my bushtec motorcycle trailer

i purchased a bushtec motorcycle trailer from an ebay auction seller on the east coast. my location in oklahoma was approx 1500 miles away. matt contacted me when i accepted his company's bid, and again at each juncture from notification, schedule, pickup and delivery. my shipment was handled in a satisfactory manner, and deliver as agreed, right to my door step, at the price agreed. i find this ...

Dependable piano mover and more

They moved a baby grand piano 300 miles. Piano was in a mobile home and was in a tight location. No problem with this mover. Had it all down to a science. Moved into new location pass tile floors and wood floors too. No problem again. Piano, floors and walls all were perfect. Would use again for any kind of move.

Shipping a Baby Grand Piano

These guys are pros. Had piano loaded in 10 minutes. Delivery time to set up took only five minutes. Everything arrived perfectly. I was out of the country and for some reason, which I forget, delivery was delayed. Shipped stored things for me for three weeks. WOuld I use uShip again. You bet I would. Michael A. Smith

A very easy way to get the job done.

The best decision I made was to use uShip to move a piano from one home to the next. I was able to obtain bids without feeling pressured and I was able to review not only cost but the experience of the bidding servicers. I chose a business not because they had the absolute lowest bid but they also had the best feedback history too. I would never have known whether I was getting the most qualifie ...

Ship piano and more

I wanted to sell my grand piano, and when I asked my daughter in Florida if she was interested, she said yes. I considered many shipping options, including renting a truck, installing a hitch and renting a trailer, pricing bids online with piano movers. But uShip was great! The bids came in at 60% of the price I was quoted directly from various piano movers. Even better Ryan agreed to haul ano ...

3 Billiards tables

I bought 3 billiards tables at an auction and i needed to get them from the bronx ny back to staten island ny so i needed to find a moving co to do the job. I had first contacted a small co from staten island to do the job i fully explained what the job was the tables are very heavy!! that co showed up to thejob and looked at the tables and said i will be right back so here we were waiting for the ...

Experience shipping my hatch

Rguthrie picked up my hatch when he said he would and delivered it in a timely manner. very nice guy. I will ship with him again.

Mom's Paino

I was happy that I could ship my mother's piano at a price I could afford. I did not want the piano to go in storage so USHIP allowed me ot ship the piano quickly and with great ease.

Sweet Bliss

Have you ever felt that sweet bliss when you know everything flows right? Well, Robert is the one who you can truly trust with anything! Robert has a, "Can Do" personalty! From pick up to delivery, I knew I found the right man to do the job for me! Packing, shipping and delivery done right with care! WOW! The stickman has arrived!

moving piano

I had a piano that needed to be shipped from Florida to NC. I chose a mover using the uship.com we kept in touch as he wasn't able to fit the piano onto the truck for two weeks. When he did it was carefully wrapped and was delivered to my daughter in excellent shape. Thanks Brian and Uship...a great service that I would use again. Valerie

Great experience shipping 3 benches for props

I am the director of a dance magnet program in Orlando, and we had a dance involving 3 different 7 foot benches for a piece we were performing in VA. These are oversize items, and I had no experience in trying to get things this size to another state. The bids I was receiving for standard fare (UPS and FedEx) were coming in as high as $1500! No way could my school afford that! Then I thought I ...

rare antique pinball machine

ebay is great source for purchasing items. the problem on large heavy items is transport. i purchased the game in orange ca. now how do i get it home in ct. at a reasonable price. private commercial lines are way to much money. makes the purchase less rewarding. i found uship. wow not only did i have a pleasant,economical move, it was fun. i'm hooked on uship. i saved 2/3rds the shipping cost. i w ...

Great Experience

My service provider, Reddog, did a great job for me. I was concerned about having an old Pinball Machine shipped this way but they were very professional in every sense of the word. It was communicated to me when the pick-up occurred as well as the condition of the machine when it was picked up. I knew everything that was wrong with the unit so it was no suprise when I was told of the current cond ...

Wonderful experience in shipping a collectors dollhouse

I had the opportunity to purchase a collector quality dollhouse that was located in Algonquin, IL. I needed to have it shipped to my residence in Henderson, NV. Because of its very large size (nearly 6" long and its height 58") it could not be shipped using normal small package delivery. The value of this dollhouse is approx $4800.00. I found UShip online. I entered my perameters, and Randall ...

Wonderful experience moving my mother in law's piano.

I started this process by calling local companies and taking bids. I had one company in town show up, get the piano half way out he door, and then ask for more money. When I refused because of honoring their initial quote, they walked off the job. I could have saved 1 month of hassel by just using uShip. Service with uShip is always perfect and your can't beat the price!

u-ship experience

I placed an ad on u-ship for the delivery of a boat windshield that I had purchased off of e-bay. When I placed the add, the seller was not going to be able to get to the location of the windshield until 2 days after the sale. Due to that, the first bidder withdrew his bid. After talking to the seller, we would now be able to pickup on Sunday, which was the following day. I could not get back in t ...

Antique Sideboard handled with TLC

I have used Uship several times and have excellent shippers each time. This hqs been a great service for buying on Ebay !! Today I received my Antique sideboard by Gene Lambertie of [email protected] a delightful experience..great communication..great care taken for a safe delivery of the item..and very quick pick up and delivery. Gene normally goes only as far South as Virginia but ...

Happy with Shipping of My Piano

I had a digital piano that I needed assistance in moving, because I did not have the time to drive out to DC and move it myself. Bob/J&J responded to my posting with a bid and invited questions. We used the uShip interface to clarify questions to the satisfaction of all parties. J&J maintained excellent communication when original shipping schedule changed, which made me feel completely secure ...

My first time with uShip

I was very pleased to discover this service. I wasn't expecting to find so many replies to my shipping request and the prices were very reasonable!Plus I could find out more about the shipping services by reding their feedbacks. That helps a lot. I will be happy to continue using it in the future.

Expert service on transporting the billiard table

Very responsive and timely in setting up the pick up. Extremely knowledgeable and very customer service oriented. Kept in constant communication from pickup to delivery. Extreme care was taken on the tear down and re-assembly of the table. Everything went perfectly. Would recommend them to anybody.

moving a baby grand

We needed to move the antique baby grand piano I inherited from town to our house in the mountains. This job was tricky because of the age of the piano and the location of our house. Our house is located approximately 9 miles up a dirt road. I was very concerned about moving the piano up the dirt road. Usually we do things ourselves, but to move the piano safely we needed to find professionals. ...

Baby grand piano

large old baby grand to move on 3 days notice, that was purchased on Craigs list. Sellers were moving.I have piano movers at my office,but wanted to see an alternative. Same price as my wholesale crew.

Excellent service

Moving the Hammond and matching Leslie (over 40 years old) was very expensive by traditional movers. I needed it moved fairly quickly and delivered on a specific date. The price and timing was perfect when Mike said he would take the job. The person I sold the Hammond and Leslie to was very pleased with the service and care given to the whole process. Mike was a pleasure to do business with... and ...

Great...no problems whatsoever!

Dennis gave me a bid in the afternoon...picked up the painting that night (!!!) and had it in SoCal by early the next day! It doesn't get any better than that!!

Piano shipped promptly and efficiently

Although finding a buyer for our piano took a long time, uShip was there all along in providing me with reasonable quotes on the shipment. When the buyer was found, I could get the piano delivered very promptly. Asking questions to the bidders was also surprisingly efficient.

What a great site for shipping needs

Since the internet I find that sites like ebay and craigslist offer a great place to find items that I like such as antiques and vintage audio. I recently purchased a very large set of audio speakers from an individual off of Craigslist, and need a shipper. In the past when purchasing antiques from ebay live auctions I used a shipper many times who was very expensive to blanket wrap and ship my it ...

Would use uShip again

This is my first experience with uShip, and I was very happy with the results. Would use the service again, as it made it easier for me to gather up bids and select a moving company that was able to complete the move.

Very happy with uShip. Timely solution to moving challenge

I'd been looking for an old phone booth to adorn my home. Searching through eBay listings,I found one that I fell in love with. The only problem was getting it from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Buffalo, New York. Searching for movers, I came upon uShip. Shortly after listing my move requirements with uShip, I had several bids from which to choose. Because of uShip's timely service, I wa ...

Lowest Bid..Highest Service

At the time i chose Mr. Baird bid, i wasn't overly conserned about the care of my pooltable. I just wanted it moved as inexpensive as possible. What I got was exceptional service and care from a true professional. Mr. Baird's service and advice were second to none and i'm so glad i found him through the UShip Website..thank you all so very much!

Very good experience moving my piano

I purchased a piano and needed it moved...Jp offered to do it at a reasonable price. His team communicated with me throughout the process and made an extra trip to my house to complete the project. All turned out well.

Heavenly Music!

Our U-Ship shipper moved a full-sized chapel organ for us (for less than what the crash-and-crush movers wanted). The AllPro movers obviously had experience, as well as the right equipment. Everything was padded, strapped, secured, and handled with care. This shipment was SO heavy (and valuable), we couldn't possibly have done it ourselves, with ANY amount of volunteer labor. A professiona ...

First Uship transaction and was great!

Purchased an antique sewing machine from a friend and had no idea how I was going to get this shipped from Iowa to Florida reasonably. Posted on Uship and had a response within one day, and then a great response on the second day. I used the services of the second response, which was half the rate of the first response and had a super transaction. Within 2 weeks the product was picked up at my fri ...



Delicate equipment moved well

Mountain Transport performed every aspect of the job with cheerful care and professionalism. Mike Consodine even adjusted his schedule at the last minute to better serve the move of an Allen organ from one church to another. I heartily recommend his company. Robert Sabino

Very satisfied ...

I needed a tanning bed shipped from Florida to Maryland. Item was completely assembled and had no packaging .. and was breakable to say the least .. and I was rather hesitant. Chose Rhinonutt based on feedback and type of service normally provided. Although I had no time limits, everything was done quickly. Was very happy with the entire experience. Item was picked up and delivered in the sam ...

great experience shipping piano

By using uShip to find right service provider to ship my piano I saved time calling them before making decision. I saved 20% and get professional service from professional service provider at very reasonable price. I will definitely use uShip again. The only minor issue is I did not quite understand the policy for the auction fee (5 percent) until accepting the bid.

Art Shipment

Mildly eccentric owner made the experience very interesting. The process was easy, friendly, and efficient.

My Piano

Uship was very helpful for me. I needed to move a piano from my parents home to mine. I was having a hard time finding someone to help me move it. And a lot of the other places I looked just charged way to much than what I wanted to spend. U Ship helped me find a low price for moving my piano. The workers that helped were very professional, and did a great job with my move. If I ever do need h ...

Couldn't have asked for better service.

I am so glad I found uShip! After calling several moving companies and talking to people who didn't seem very interested in transporting one little piano, I decided to go online. I needed to have our piano (it's been in our family for many years and is in excellent condition) moved from the Mid West to the East Coast. My biggest concern was that I find a mover who knew how to take care of a piano ...

PPM moves Hammond Organ in a blizzard

I found Professional Piano Movers (http://www.professionalpianomovers.com/) through the uShip bid process. They offered the best price (about half what one local company wanted) and were obviously experienced with my item, a Hammond organ -- they asked whether I would set the tie-down shipping bolts or wanted them to do it. I had just bought it from a friend of a friend and was anxious to start w ...

Great first-time uship experience!

Shipped 8ft tall audio speakers from NJ to N FL. Very fair price, great communication from hauler, and appropriate care given to item. I like the personal touch that you don't get from the normal providers.

great piano mover

Michael did everything by the book, this was as painless a move as I have ever experienced. I chose Michael's bid because the price was reasonable (though not the cheapest) and his feedback score was very high. I am very glad I accepted his bid. I highly recommend him for any kind of moving he'll bid on; he knows what he's doing and does it well.

Excellent Shipping Services

Action Transport went way above and beyond expectations and drove thru a crippling ice storm to pick up my loom, only to find the sender's office closed due to power outages! He didn't give up there, on his next trip South he drove thru hail and tornado like winds to pick up my loom. Amazing determination! Rich delivered the loom in excellent condition and I would definately use his services ag ...

We had a near-flawless experience.

We had JP's Piano Moving ship a rare european Spinet Piano from Oregon to South Carolina, It was done for a reasonable price, in a reasonable time frame and the communication throughout the process was excellent. Yes, We will use UShip again and,certainly, when piano moving is a requirement,JP's will be our choice.

Piano Move

My mother-in-law gave me her precious piano. The trouble is, she lives in Utah and I live in North Carolina. I did not know where to start to find a mover. I aked the question on Yahoo's Web Answers and was given a link to uShip. What a lucky day for me. Through uShip I found the perfect mover, and I am a very satisfied customer.

piano moving across town

I came across uship by accident when searching for someone who would deliver a piano at a reasonable price. I was thrilled with the results.

It Worked

This service worked very well for me, I shipped an electric wheelchair from Southern California to New York.

Great experience with piano move

Uship was a great experience. It was easy and cost effective, and the service provider was professional and great to work with. I will definitely use Uship again.

Fantastic Experience

Getting a 400 pound--ten foot steel sculpture purchased on Ebay shipped to south Florida for roughly $400 was quite remarkable. Larger private freight companies would have charged at least twice that, and likely more. UShip has opened up a world of purchasing opportunity for me, in consideration that reasonable shipping costs can be had for heavy items located across the country, which makes my pu ...

Great service and delivery on Grandfather Clock

I recently inherited a grandfather clock. The clock was located in San Antonio, TX and I live in Elk Grove, CA. I almost didn't take the clock because I thought it would be too costly to ship it to CA. I was referred to uShip and went online to place my request for a shipping bid. I accepted a bid from Express Piano and was still online when my phone rang. It was Drex, of Express Piano, sayin ...

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