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My mother's childhood piano

Music was an important part of my mother's life, from the time she was a little girl, growing up in Bristol, Virginia in the 1950s. Her family would go to church several times a week, where she would sing in the choir. At home, she learned to play piano on an upright, Whitney piano. She died in 2004. Four years later her husband, David, is moving out of their old house, and asked me to hel ...

I hade given up on getting my parts shipped

I had found a super deal on some air bags for my Corvette, at a dealer a long way from me. The dealer couldn't ship them to me, since they didnt have a contract to ship "hazmat" items with any of the big shippers. I placed an ad on Uship and got a bid that was reasonable in price, and just as fast as the others would have been. I accepted the bid, and 3 days later I have my parts in hand. Way to g ...

Great Experience Shipping Large Paintings

This was an awesome experience. I was a little wary as I had never heard of this service before. The uShip site was easier to use than any other shipping site and led me step by step through the process. I have never even used eBay so I am a novice doing this sort of thing and it was a piece of cake! I also loved the text notice of bidding and questions so I could deal with that even if I couldn't ...

Shipping my piano

When I thought about shipping my piano to my son across a few states, I had no idea how I was going to do it for a reasonable ammount. After calling some local moving companies, I was discouraged. Even considered renting something and driving it there myself. Then I found Uship.com through an internet search. I was hesitant, at first. Could it really be this easy? I entered my info and began ...

uShip is a Great Service.

I needed to find a way to deal with shippers when I could not be there with my property. This service was the perfect choice. I immediately got a better price and found references to insure that I got someone dependable and trustwothy. I've already recommended the service to a friend who intends to use it.

Easy, fast and affordable

Shipped a butcher block we bought on eBay. Uship helped me save a few hundered dollars over general moving companies. Easy to use service. Would definately use it again if needed.

Glass top table delivered without a snag

Gary and his crew were great in staying in touch throughout the entire move. My table, that weighed well over 300 lbs. was delivered as promised without a snag. I would highly recommend this company. Thanks Gary!!!

good help

i found the lift i needed and uship help me find a shipper to bring it to me in good condesion thank you.

Uship Rocks

Being a service provider myself, I have always been on the other side of the shipment. I had a customer I needed to get a very large Painting to and really wanted to get it there myself, economically this just wasn't possible. I decided I would list the painting on uship and see if I could get another service provider to get this to my customer. I knew that this was possible only because of Uship. ...

Elk Head Fiasco

I had a mounted 6 x 6 royal elk head that was mounted in Arizona, I needed it delivered to Sunburst Montana... population 125. To drive from Washington state to Arizona and then to Montana would be tough physically not to mention the cost involved for fuel and hotels. I found the Uship web site, entered my request and matched up with the perfect carrier in 2 days. By using Uship I not only save ...


Even though my pickup source, a few thousand miles away from my home was unreliable, my shipper went to the home repeatedly to pick up my item- even driving an extra couple of hundred miles to hand pack and load before his trip out west. He also had the very best rate of anyone online! A $1200- savings on average. My item was pricey and fragile and arrived in perfect condition. He is highly re ...

Credenza shipping done with care.

Picked up a credenza I bought on eBay in Rockford, IL and delivered to me in Dallas. Door to door...the seller helped the driver load and I helped him unload as far as my front door. The credenza was wrapped in plastic and shared the truck with some motorcycles. It was delivered within 4-days of promised and I received a nice military discount to boot.

Great Service while Deployed

I am currently deployed in Afghanistan with the Army and tought I would have to stop my hobby of collecting vintage arcade games.But once I set up my items on U Ship within two days I have several bids and selected ALsuperstore as shipper.They did a fanstastic job at a very reasonable price.Its very exciting to continue something that I love to do while still serving my country. SFC Robert Forr ...

Shipping oversize package

My daughter's artwork was awarded an honor and needed to be shipped to New York from Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the piece when packed was too large for FedEx or UPS. I found uShip and posted the shipment info and got a bid within a week. The artwork arrived in good condition in New York in time to be part of the exhibit.

Piano Moved with Ease

My wife's grandmother gave her the family piano, but we had to have it moved from Texas to California. We had no idea where to start. We called one moving company and had a quote of $1375 and we weren't sure if it would be worth shipping the piano at all. My wife was heartbroken that she may have to let it go. I searched the internet, found uShip, and decided to give it a try. Within two days ...

boat seats

I entered a shipment need to U-ship. I recieved several bids, but Captain cove was to be the best price and the fastest delivery time.Everything went smoothly, on my end, and my seats arrived in great condition. I am very happy with this transaction.

Very good experience with Pool Table move

I needed my pool table shipped from my sister's basement in Illinois to my house in California. Cuesportsworld was great because they can take apart and rebuild pool tables. They were flexible with the pickup (accomodating my sister's work schedule) and dropoff (arriving early to accomodate my baby's schedule). The pool table looks great.

Peace of mind about Mom's piano

At first, Heartland Movers had a hard time making it to the pickup. We had to reset the date and I had to make the 150-mile trip to Mom's old house AGAIN. But, to be totally fair, Antonio called me continuously during his attempt to meet the original appointment and only rescheduled when he could not overcome an equipment malfunction AND ensure the safety of moving my mother's piano. Truthfully ...

shippent of my aircraft

alex was on time my plane arrived in good order no damages very honest would use him again if i had too


I looked at dozens of delivery options, and this was the only place I could find to get a reasonable bid for delivering my grandmother's dining table from TX to CA. One item - very precious to me. I received a couple of great bids, and went with Robert Benedict. He uses USHIP to help keep his family business alive during these tight economic times. I couldn't have been happier with him - and w ...

What a relief!

All I can say is that CMS (Storti and Son) is a total asset to Uship! They were punctual, courteous, and took the utmost care of my furniture. They were here to pick up the moment they said they would be and the recipient got her furniture in a timely manner. She was more than thrilled with the service, and cannot stop raving what wonderful people she had deliver her furniture. Because of the e ...


uShip is very cool. Recommended by an e-bay seller and enabled me to get a wonderful large wall sculpture that was "for pickup only". Convenient. Found a GREAT person to handle the shipping at a very reasonable price.

Shipping an antique table

After looking at several uShip bids and not feeling comfortable with them I re-listed the item for a second time. Gus contacted me via uShip, he had great feedback and knew what it would take for me to trust him with my shipment. I got it today in perfect condition. I would use uShip again it is a great compliemnt to eBay. I would suggest that a way be found to make it easier for customers to leav ...

Kawai Grand Shipment

I needed a Kawai grand piano moved from a home residence to my music school. Carolina Piano Movers made it look easy! I appreciated their flexibility with scheduling and overal professionalism.

Wonderful experience shipping my drum set...

I'm a musician, and like many other musicians, I dont have a lot of money to ship my huge drum kit. Uship was wonderful in finding the right service provider for the right price...cheap!!! My service provider was extremely curteous and puntual. At the last minute, I had to add another item, a extremely heavy toolbox for my brother in law and Denes was amazingly accomodating. He gave me a reall ...

Careful shipping of my antique organ

We had a family heirloom in Colorado shipped and delivered in only a few days! The movers were very careful and wrapped the 1870's organ carefully and it arrived in perfect condition. We were so worried about the delicacy of this antique and working reed organ and were very pleased in the bidding process to find the right match! We got a great price and a professional piano moving company that ...

Moving a piano

I needed to have a piano moved. I didn't live in the departure or destination location. I needed someone who could move it quickly, for a reasonable price, and be able to communicate with a variety of parties to provide access for the pick up and delivery. Uship allowed me to post the job, receive offers and ask questions to find the best company for the service. The carolinapianomovers definit ...

Handing down my piano to my daughter

My daughter turns five this year, so my parents and I felt that it is a good time to pass my piano down to her. The problem is that I now live in California and my parents are in Michigan, and I have never dealt with Piano movers before (I didn't even know that it was a specialty business). It just turned out that JPS Piano Moving was heading out west when I made the inquery and gave me a grea ...

Shipped a Centipede Arcade Game

I bought an arcade game on Ebay, really cheap. I am a carrier myself, but did not have anything to near Phily, so I posted the listing on Uship. It was bid on right away, and these guys came in right about where I wanted to pay and kept in constant contact. They let me know the condition of the item when they picked it up and were pretty accurate as to when they were delivering. They even pursue ...

reuniting with my piano

I stumbled onto the uShip website when I was trying to decide how to get my piano to Phoenix from Sacramento. My daughter had been piano-sitting for me for about 8 years while I finished grad school and got a job. I posted a listing and got 8 bids--several quite competitive--less than half what it would have cost me to fly there, rent a Uhaul, load it and bring it myself. We chose the one that l ...

I received my pinball machine from Michigan in only 10 days.

I won a pinball machine via eBay and it was a 13 hour drive away. I have no truck, so I planned on renting one. After learning the cost of a rental truck($45 per day), the cost of 3 hotel stays($50 per night, and the cost of gas($2 per gallon), I had to consider a cheaper shipping alternative. I did a google search and came across uShip.com 10 minutes after placing my super easy and quick list ...

Large STAY ON TOP painting sold to the famous songwriter Diane Warren! ship to Hollywood.Sure! hmm

So here it goes... i sold the painting and quote a budget of 250 for box materials and shipping costs... i have it packed 6' by 6' by 4" and the ups guys say they will pick it up and ship it...SWEET! it doesn't happen because the supervisor won't allow it darn liars!!!... i call ups freight and they quote me for $700 (urgh!: and i am never frustrated) so now my day is not going so well. I walk to ...

Unusual Load

After an attempt to move the load via LTL-common carrier and with MUCH brain damage, and two weeks later, I stumbled upon USHIP. I posted the load and had the load booked in less than 24hrs and had the delivery in three days. The load was difficult to package, so LTL was not practical.

inexpensive move of my piano

I found a great deal on uship.com. A mover was willing to move my piano from Texas to Missouri for only $150. I had to do the packing and loading (with the driver's help) and unload (again with the driver's help). But it was well worth the money.

430 Engine Block

My car just broke down and I need a block very badly... I accepted the bid from Mr. Jim and he picked it up that same night. Within a day he pulled up to the house with my new engine block. Thanks for your hard work. Be Blessed!!

great tandem bike experience

I purchased a used tandem bicycle out-of-state with every intention of driving to pick it up myself. But after pondering the drive time (17 hours all told), and the cost of gas plus lodging, I decided to give uship a shot (I'd used them a year prior on a motorcycle shipment from CA to Seattle with great success). Anyway, I didn't have much time to coordinate the whole shebang since the weeke ...

Great experience

Eric picked up a weight system and delivered it in great condition. Even though he had to do more diassembly and reassembly that we planned, he did an excellent job! Great service at a fraction of commecial haulers costs.



Great Shipper, better than UPS!!

Great guy, great shipping and what can I say. I'm pretty sure this is the 1st time he has shipped a F-16 Jet I'd use him again without a doubt.

The Easiest Way

For years, my parents in Idaho promised us their upright piano, but we had no way of getting it to Kansas. Thanks to UShip we found an easy and affordable way to get it here.

Great experience shipping my piano and tv.

I am always skeptical using an online service due to the amount of fraud and identity theft; however I am extremely pleased with my uship experience. My wife wanted her childhood piano shipped from her parent's house and during the bidding process my parent's sold their house and offered us their 55" television. I contacted some of the bidders through uship and inquired about the addition of the t ...

Shipping 60/40 leather seats

The seller wanted pickup only. Then agreed to uShip. I posted a bid and this service provider was in the state the seller lived. He was able to pickup the seats and get them to me is less than 72 hours and at a cost of half what the usual carriers charged. I am glad I found out about this service (uShip) and I would use the service provider again. Thank you Greg for your help!

great experience shipping family piano

I am thrilled that I stumbled upon this site to ship our family piano cross country...truly a God send! My match was affordable, professional, and trustworthy! I didn't have alot of money to allocate towards the shipment and I saved over a thousand dollars!!! I couldn't ask for more and I will definitely refer this service to anyone needing shipment. Thanks!

Shipping my wood stove

I purchased a wood stove on ebay that was pick up only. I had heard about uShip shortly before the auction was over. I really wanted the stove and figured I would give uShip a try. I am so glad I did. Not only did I get a beautiful wood stove but shipping was effortless and exactly as described. Our service provider, Howard, contacted me immediately and was in contact with me all throughout ...

I am very pleased with UShip! Great site easy to use.

I am a former museum curator as well as antiques seller, so have used various shipping services throughout the years. By far,, UShip is the best site I've found to date. EBay shipping was a total disaster - so much so I quit EBAy altogether. This time I was shipping family hierlooms to both sides of the country and the process went so smoothly. Thanks so much for making life easier and providing ...

Aunt Tracy's Piano

Yes I will always use UShip for any shipping need in the future. It made my piano delivery a pain free experience. I've moved a piano before. Swore I'd never do it again. Using UShip was just about the easiest thing I've ever done and I got my piano moved at a great price and no backache.

Great Experience so far!!!!

During the times I've used uShip, I have been completely impressed with the service and professionalism I've witnessed. I'm glad that finally I have a place to depend on when it comes to shipping items across the country. Thanks uShip for your dedication and dependable service!!

Very glad I used uShip

I needed to ship a large arcade game (about 375 pounds) and could not seem to find a price online that would make it worthwhile to ship. After doing some research I found uShip and was very glad I did. From the time I created my account and posted my shipment, I had several quotes from companies offering to ship my item - and at half the price I found out on my own searching online. ALB Transport ...

Great piano move

This was my first time using uShip but I couldn't be happier with the results. I feel I received a very competitive cost for moving my piano from my parent's house to my house. I didn't have to find phone numbers online or on the internet, instead I simply put my information on the website and the vendors did the leg work for me. Great experience.

Nice to find UShip

UPS wouldn't ship my item due to size, so I Googled 'oversize package shipping' or something and found UShip. Very easy to setup my account and post my job. I received a number of responses within a couple of hours. Reasonable rates and great website. I will definitely use again. Thanks UShip.

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