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Moving a player piano

I did not know how I was going to move a heavy player piano from Louisiana to TX without it costing a fortune. So glad to find uShip and get the piano moved for a reasonable price by someone who was trustworthy and easy to work with. Ann

How I got my Hottub on with Uship

I had my hot tub moved and it was fantastic. Watch out though b/c Uship charges some pretty high match fees, otherwise a great exp

Tanning Bed Shipment

I have shipped dozen of tanning beds over the last 6 months. Most of them being horror stories. I talked to John this week and he finished the job in 2 days time from Florida to Indiana. Worked with me, loaded correctly and unloaded professionally. These beds weigh 700 pounds plus and are all plastic and glass. John did an unbelievable job ! Can't say enough. Thank you.

Great Experience with shipper

These guys are awesome. It was my first time using the service and they delivered as promised. I would definitely use them again.


I won an auction on eBay - a unique piano. I purchased it and wanted it to be shipped to me intact. The uship gave me opportunity to find a shipper that I trusted and within my means. Thank you. This is my story.

My first uShip experience

We finally located the china hutch we had been looking for after searching for 5 years - one problem - it was in California and we were in Indiana. Thanks to uShip, we got several bids, viewed the various shippers' feedback and chose Rob with The Moving Company. We were still a little skeptical due to the glass shelves and doors, but decided to go for it - Well, Rob made us believers! He handle ...

Great service, communication and price!

No complains. They not only were the cheapest but also provided a great service. Excellent work! I am a satisfied customer.

very good experience shipping two large pieces of oak furniture with glass doors.

I had no idea how to get two pieces of furniture to my home location from 12 hours away. A friend told me he had shipped a waverunner across country at a good price by using Uship.com. I gave it a try and have been very pleased with the results. I could not have driven, picked up the pieces and back for the price paid thry Uship.com Very good deal.

Shipping the Piano went well

uShip provided an excellent format for doing something we had never done before--ship a piano from Pennsylvania to Virginia. We received a number of bids, one that was absurdly high and then a number of others that all were within the parameters we found reasonable. These bids were all lower than any we had found searching in other places. Carolina Piano Movers did an excellent job. The timing ...

great experience with U ship

I bought a 100 lb. aluminum carousel horse on ebay and contacted u ship as soon as the auction ended. BGS Delivery sent an offer that day, I accepted and they picked up my treasure the NEXT day. 4 days later I had my item delvered, set up and by an extremely nice and courteous man. Overall it was a GREAT experience. I HIGHLY recommend uship and especially BGSDelivery!!!!

Very good white glove service for my art.

The communication was good and the service was prompt. I required white glove service for very large and small wood and stone sculptures and they delivered it all in perfect condition. The cost of the shipping was very reasonable. I highly recommend this company.

Good experience shipping our piano

We found the bidding system a bit confusing at first, and when we first accepted a bid, it did not report to us that the bid had been sent. After we finally got connected with a shipper, all went well.

Shipped large Pizza Oven

The services provided exceeded all expectations,especially when I was very anxious to get this product for my new business adventure. Steve Metzger

Shipping of old film equipment

My father had lots of old film equipment; when he died, I did not want to throw them away and I could not find anyone who wanted to buy them. My sister had expressed an interest in them but she lives in Alaska. Finally, we agreed to ship them to her boyfriend's friend's home in Washington. I waited a month for the first Uship bidder - the day he was to pick them up, his trailer was in an accide ...

Great experience shipping my art prints

I was looking for a better alternative to FedEx and UPS for shipping large fine art prints on canvas, both of which are expensive and have size limitations. I went online and Googled "shipping" and found uShip, and decided to give it a try. Within a day I was surprised to receive a half dozen bids all from qualified small shippers, all at about half the cost of FedEx or UPS. I chose one experience ...

Good experience shipping my piano.

I was shocked at the level of service and timeliness I received from Denes at such an affordable price! Very nice. Thanks again.

Worked out great!

Great communication and shipment arrived quickly and in the same condition as it left... at a very reasonable price. Would not think twice about using Kevin and his wife again.

piano move

What a great concept! I saved $100 moving my piano w/uShip. I would never have found such an excellent moving company, otherwise! Thank you, again!

Seashell Mirror

Pottery Barn discontinued selling a mirror that my wife had asked me to get for her as a birthday gift. I found one left in the country in an outlet store in Georgia (I live in NY). The store would not ship it because they thought it would get destroyed by UPS plus it was no longer in its carton. I turned to Uship for help and the mirror is now hanging in my home. Great service!!! And 5 Stars ...

Antique Piano

The piano was given to my Dad by his mother, so it is very old and precious. Carolina Piano Movers has no contract or paperwork which was a shock to me. Ryan, was very cooperative; but, according to him, my request was very unusual. (I guess the rest of the world is much more trusting than I am.) I asked them to email me some information about their company, but all I got after a almost a ...

Shipped my 9x4 mirror

Damn they are good! Even tho' the freight elevator was too small, loading zone unavailable, and apartment on 9th floor the mirror was delivered as promised. I have only praise for this group whose complete service exceed my expectations. Don't miss out on a good thing!

500 lb piece of shop equipment

A top-heavy and cast iron piece of equipment needed to be moved from a narrow congested residential street and ground floor with limited access, and then delivered 3 states away. Shipper used smaller box truck given access limitations, and arranged for 4 men to handle loading. Machine had to remain upright and protected during transport. Pickup was on time, and shipper gave me a courtesy call j ...


I found uship doing a search, and I was very happy with the service. I would definitely leverage it again.

Great experience shipping Joe's piano

A friend of the family gave loving memory of a dear friend of the family...a piano. Our only dilemma was getting the piano from their home in North Carolina to our home in MA. I had never used uShip and was a little hesitant at first but I decided that I would give it a try and see what came of it. Much to my delight not only did I get multiple bids but the bid I did receive met both my timelines ...

Great experience shipping my baby grand piano

purchased baby grand piano via ebay and needed it ship from NJ to MI. Uship provided 3 bidders and after researching chose shipper i wanted to use. shipper, mjpiano movers, was excellent shippers. would definitely use uship again.


These guys really have a great service. I was impressed from my first call through the delivery date!

motor and transmission

Got this from a guy on ebay, now what 15 hour drive pickup only so I thought let me try uship used it before worked good.So I put it out there thinking it was going to take some time ( BAM ) Jim was on it.I did not want to do the drive Jims price was right DONE. It was a great experience will use him again for sure

White glove care of grandfather's clock

We were shipping a tall clock, a family heirloom that is 200 years old. Our shipper was competitive, and well below the pricing of commercial shipping companies. While we posted a photo of the clock on U-Ship it did not fully convey the fragility and uniqueness of this antique. Ken took on the assignment with a very positive outlook and provided the care that it required. I would definitely use U ...

antique painting

Careful attention to detail - they photographed at pick-up. communicated on a regular basis and pinpoint delivery time. Both pick-up and delivery in highly rural areas but facilitated addresses perfectly. Blanket and carton wrapped with no damage and no extra charge. Thanks for a wonderful experience.

Good experience shipping the tank

Bought a tank in Florida and had to ship it to Indiana. Denis let me know when he had it and when it would arrive.All went well

Shipping a piano 300 miles.

I had no idea how I was going to get a piano from my sister's house in Chicago to my house in the Detroit area. I checked out freight companies to help but they were going to charge me $1500!!!! I found uShip on the web & placed my job on the site. Within a half hour I had 3-4 bids within a reasonable price range. This site was easy to use. They sent me an e-mail with a link attached makin ...

My Piano

My friend had housed my piano for me for about 4 years as her Son was leaning to play at that time. As time went on and he Son’s interest grew and the piano was not becoming one of his interests - it soon became time for me to “get the piano”. While investigating on how to “move a piano by yourself”, every article I read expressed that it is a “Moderate to Difficult Task” and you will need extr ...

First shipment done thru uship; I am impressed..will use again.

I needed to move this behemoth of a piano... for a reasonable rate (my budget was so low, even I was ready to increase my range...), but what do you know? Joe calls and bids to my target price...and he was so nice, I felt comfortable right away...a few emails exchanged and a sched was set up. When he comes in, I knew he could move my piano!!! A huge guy with no attitudes... I learned fro him ...

excelelnt shippng of large original oil paintings

Needing to ship 5 large paintings from my gallery in California I discovered uship and was delighted to work with both uship and the shipper I chose. They were quick, worry free and efficient in every respect. Was the easiest shipping I have ever experienced. Paintings arrived in perfect condition and it was less expensive than if I had gone down to California to pick them up myself.

Glass tubes delivered with care

My concern for delicate glass tubes was relived when I found a Ushp party that matched the freight lines for cost and excelled in personal care

Great resource for finding a shipper.

Uship was a lifesaver when we needed help finding a shipper to handle something as unusual as a pool table. We got a fast response and chose a person who's specialty was shipping pool tables. Not only that, he (Brent Stembridge of Cuesports World)dismantles them and sets them up again at the destination! We had great communication and a fair price for all the work he did. Would definitely use ...

re: Excellent service

Carolina Piano Movers provided an excellent service to move my upright within limited budget. I responded their offer at a very late night. And I needed a delayed deliver. They did a wonderful and professional job to handl the moving and storage. Communication with Ryan is a pleasure and smooth. I will recommend their service to others.

BMW motorcycle engine

I bought a motorcycle engine on Ebay in New York and I live in Iowa. I had to arrange for the shipping and found Sam on uShip. He happened to be going to New Jersey so I got my engine in a week! Delivered right to my garage door and helped me get it onto a roller dolly. He had it padded and securely fastened in his trailer and delivered it without a scratch. I would definitely recommend him.


I'm afraid to look at ebay - now that I found uship - I can buy large items anywhere and have them shipped to my house! Thanks, Perry

Fishing poles and oars

I had to ship two fishing poles and a set of antique wooden oars from Florida to NC for a customer who wanted to surprise his wife for their anniversary. I checked with UPS, and FedEx, but even though the package only weighed about 15 pounds, it was too much length to go that way. I called some of the freight shippers I have used in the past, but the cheapest quote was $325. The cost of the oar ...

35 comic boxes delivered by MSMORAN

I could not have had a more wonderful experience. MSMORAN-were totally prompt and professional. They even kept me in the loop as to har far away they were. Great communicators, and if you want your items shipped with the utmost care. These are the guys you are looking for. They are responsible honest, hard working guys. I have nothing but good things to say about my experiences with MSMORAN! ...

UShip Saved Us Money

When we decided we wanted to ship the piano, I went online and got a bid of over $1,200. No way were we going to ship it for that much. Then I happened to find UShip. I put in a maximum of $500, and was lucky enough to find a great guy who was willing to bring it to us for this price. We were really lucky to find UShip, and James, our trucking guy.

Great Experience Shipping my Pool Table

I was very pleased with the ease of using your service and with the service provider that disassembled and moved my pool table. They were extremely accomodating to my tight schedule.

Good Guys - Not afraid to roll up sleves

After purchasing a pool table on ebay we really needed some help getting this thing home. After receiving bids my wife and I decided to give these guys a chance with the effort. Communication was great and they showed up on time for the pick up. They never moved a pool table before and they were up to the challange. After several hours of trial and error the guys were successful at getting the tab ...

Our Piano - Great Shipping

We had an upright piano that I grew up with - problem was, we lived in VT & the piano was still back in Western NY where I grew up. It was at my mom's house, but my mom was closing on her house so needed to get it out! In VT, we were also moving from a condo to a house - as you can imagine everything was a moving target, dates weren't pinned down, etc. We just knew we needed the piano out of my mo ...

Best alternative to using UPS/FexEx

I had a seller who was unwilling to box and ship. uShip found me a couple shippers willing to pick up and deliver for the same cost as it would have been to box up the items and put it in the mail.

moved piano

needed a piano moved from NJ to Chicago and this was a very affordable way to do it. No other option was even near this cost and all went well

Pool Table

They did a very good job of breaking down and setting up the pool table. Brent was very knowlegeable. My only complaint was that it was over 30 days from the time I booked the move until it was completed.



Vintage Jukebox

We were selling a vintage jukebox and on Saturday we received several emails requesting shipping quotes. All the places I called in the yellow pages were closed and did not open until Monday. I was able to get quotes quickly online by using uship.com. I would definitely use this service again and recommend it to friends.

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