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Ski Boat

Bought a ski boat on ebay in Miami, Fl and needed it to be shipped to me in Michigan. Dave was my Shipper he was absolutly great. He did a excellent job and a great price. I will for sure use U-ship again for my next large purchase.

uShip made my eBay rowing shell purchase possible

uShip is as good as having a brother in the shipping business. I won a 25 foot long, single person rowing shell on eBay and needed it shipped from the lakes region of Minnesota to Seattle, Washington. Although light weight (mine weighs only 45 pounds), the length and handling requirements make rowing shells unfamiliar and unattractive to traditional shippers. Subsequently, cost effective rowing sh ...

Moved our boat after much hesitation

We moved from California to Colorado in March of '06, and left our boat in storage in California. After months of paying for storage, we decided to find out about shipping it to Colorado. That's when I found UShip. I placed a Bid Request on UShip, and had bids within an hour! We finally selected QBall for his price and his timeline - what a great experience! Andre stayed in touch with us th ...

Sailboat Shipment

I shipped sailboat from Michigan to California as I had moved out this way. Eaglehawk Industries was my provider. Robert was very friendly and accomodating. He even credited me $250 for a delay he experienced for my transpsort. In addition his bid beat others by sometimes severl thousand dollars. U-Ship is great and I would use them in a heartbeat. Blee

Sea Ray Sundancer 280

Move went great.

13ft Mini Boat from 3,000 miles away

This web site is awesome.. I would have never been able to afford to buy a boat from the other side of the country and ship it to California. Joe from Best Deal Moving Company did it for almost half of the others. This web site is unbelievable in the way it works. I have told at least 6 people in the last 30 days that buy on Ebay to visit this web site. It is so easy to use and because of the ...

Great experience

Fast, efficient, reasonable. What more could you say?

Shipped my 19' boat

The price was about $1200 less expensive doing Uship versus my other quotes and I feel that my boat was taken care of. Nate Rook was diligent in calling and letting me know his status. He was very friendly.

Great Job

I was a little hesitant purchasing a bota over 2ooo miles away. The experience provided by Robert Duff helped put that to ease. He delievered bota the very morning he said he would without any problems.

Great experience in getting our new boat safety to us!

Herman is the best. Great guy to work with -- on time, took amazing care of every detail. When he heard the boat launch was only open 2 days on our little lake, he made it even one day early to make sure we could get our boat in the water. He wrapped all the jiggly parts on our boat so chains would not mar the paint etc. I highly recommend him!!


I had a urgent buyer wanting a stand up jet ski and Tammy came and took care of meeting these needs. She came at 1:00 am and came and picked up my jet ski. It was there by the next morning 600 miles away. If it wasn't for Uship, I don't know what I would have done. THANKS AGAIN USHIP!! Garry

A truely professional transporter

Andre Quirarte, owner of QBall Express takes his job and his cargo very seriously. Pulling a 7200 lb. boat half way across the country can be a very trying experience, however, Andre came through with flying colors. I wouldn't hestitate to use him again. If you have specific questions or concerns, [email removed] and I'll give you all the details. Thanks Andre, it was a pleasure doing business ...

He was great to work with shipping my boat

Gary was extremely pleasant. This was my first experience shipping a boat and i am glad i used him. I would use Gary again without question.

Customer Service is still alive.

I wanted my boat transported from Northern California to Las Vegas. I thought I would post it on UShip early so there would be time to get a shipper. I received 5 quotes the first day. I had a target price and tdelfrate was willing to take that price. I had checked tdelfrate previous feedbacks and they were all positive. They picked up my boat early, which was difficult because the boat was i ...

Extremely glad I accepted Bill Nelson's bid

From my initial contact with Bill, I had a very good feeling that I selected the right company to transport a boat I recently purchased from California to Washington. I selected Bill not because of his quote (although it was a good quote, I did receive others for about the same amount), but because of the positive feedback he had received. It was scary enough to buy a boat unseen; even scarier t ...

shipping my boat

I needed my 24 foot Bayliner shipped from New York to South Carolina. I placed my asking bid on USHIP and promptly received bids from shipping companies. U-Save Boat Transport (boats) gave me the best bid, a great price. A few days later, I received my boat. The services of USHIP and the boat transporting company that brought my boat down were both fantastic. I recommend USHIP and U-Save Boat ...

shipped 21ft boat Florida to Washington

Troy Monachino was flexible in arranging this shipment and communicated with me and the shipper to arrange details .Troy communicated daily with me as he progressed across the continent from Florida to Washington.The boat was well looked after and delivered on time .

some people to rely on

got my boat today!! went smoother than I could have imagined. Thank you Rocky and if you can get him, have Billy haul your precious belongings, whatever they may be. thanks again!

Great exprience for this shippment

Nice pick up, fast, easy work!!! Great!!!

A+ service

I wish more companies were run like this.

Shipping a Jet Ski from Texas to Virginia

I bought a jet ski and trailer from a friend - and was excited about using it this summer. Only problem was that it was in Beaumont Texas, and I live in Northern Virginia. I had no idea how to get it home. Traditional shippers had too many requirements, and were not particularly interested in a one item shipment. Searching the internet, I came across UShip for the first time in late April. So ...

Shiping a boat

Shipper was friendly, caring and appreciative of the opportunity. Delivery was ahead of time and the reciever was pleased. I owned this boat for many years so parting with it was hard enough, it was good to know the shipper would take proper care of the boat.

Great experience shipping my wooden motorboat

I own a 50-yr-old wooden motorboat that I wanted shipped halfway across the country. Dave Ebert responded to my bid immediately, required only minimal information, and the entire transaction was complete with a few emails and a back-and-forth faxed contract. The price was better than anyone I had telephoned and any other bids I received. I would absolutely use Dave Ebert, and uShip, again.

Patience pays off!

After listing my boat for almost four months and talking to numeorus shippers, I finally found the perfect match. By using the "Book it now" feature I was able to have a reliable blue ribbon shipper match a return load and give me a fantastic price. Don't be intimidated by shippers who say you are asking too low of a price. I'm confident I got my boat pulled almost 2200 miles for at least %50 o ...

Great Experience

U-Ship saved me a lot ofo money shipping my boat. It would have cost 1400 and I got it done for 500. Thanks U-Ship


Great job.... enough said

This is why UShip works....

My shipper was looking at a long deadhead back home when he saw my UShip posting. He was able to give me a great price and make some money at the same time. A real win\win. With all the cars, boats and campers on Ebay these days, UShip has a really bright future!

Great experience shipping our boat.

We shipped a boat from Florida to Michigan. We chose Backhauler because of price and timing. At first, we were concerned that because he was new to the system, he had not established a track record. He had only had one previous match, but the feedback was very strong. After communicating with him, we felt that he had the necessary experience so we hired him. It was an exceptional experience! ...

Taking care of my "Girls' Ride"

This was a BIG DEAL for my family. I was being reassigned by my employers and I had a boat that I was uncomfortable towing any sort of distance. It looked like selling it was the only thing that made sense. However, my daughters loved their boat, Girls' Ride. The thought of parting with it was really upsetting them. But as good troopers and for the good of the family they pretty much kept it ...

Great experience shipping my boat

This was the first time I used uship.We had moved across the country and had to leave our boat behind. We had tried numerous boat transport companies but could never get it picked up and delivered. I couldn't believe how smoothly and quickly, from listing to receiving my boat, everything fell into place. The service provider did an outstanding job and kept me informed of his whereabouts during the ...

Excellent experience shipping my boat

My wife's father was going to sell their 13' Boston Whaler that had been in the family since 1970! My wife didn't want to see the boat she had used as a child sold, so we looked into shipping it from western NY to AZ. I was concerned it would cost significantly more than the boat was worth. I tried a few "traditional" shippers and my concerns came true. Way too expensive. I had a friend that ...

Twin Vee 22

Doug was great, my boat arrived ahead of schedule and was delivered in better shape then when it was picked up. Doug is our hauler of choice. If you need a hauler, hire a Marine. Thanks Doug


MIKE transport to me 3 canoes that any big company wanted to transport to me because they didn´t want to take the risk to move them because they said: "My drivers aren´t so careful as you need"...even the canoes had isurance. these were really fragil and Mike said, I will take the risk!!!... And He did it and the job was great. thanks again Mike!!!

Great experience on boat shipment!!

From the time we first found uShip online to the final delivery of our boat everything was as smooth as silk--after several bids we selected Monroe & Connie @ Precious Cargo--and what a joy it was working with them. They were always in constant communication with us. They were friendly, knowledgeable & very understanding of our needs--and the "Price Was Right". UShip is a well organized business-- ...

1660 mile trip with Freedom Boat Transport LLC from without a hitch.

Purchased a 28 ft boat in Marathon Fl and needed it delivered to Boston Ma over a 1600 mile trip. This is the first time I have conducted business this far from home and there was a lot of stess and agrivation dealing long distance with brokers, boat yards, marine surveyors and insurance companies. The transaction required 2 trips to Marathon which is only 50 miles from Key West. Two flights, two ...

Great Experience shipping my Boat!

I needed a boat shipped with little notice and Uship was able to connect me with a great service provider. I needed the item within the week so I could participate in a bass tournament I had already paid for and Rob QR1 Transport did it. Rob expained what he could do and completed the shippment in time and in great shape, could not ask for a better outcome. Thanks again to uship for this great ser ...

Great Service

These guys might be new but there wonderful. thanks

Couldn't Have Asked For Better Service

When I made the purchase of my bass boat I intended to drive down and pick it up myself. I stumbled upon uShip and decided to give them a try. I completed my listing and literally had my first bid withn 2 minutes! I happened to end up being the lowest of approx 10 bids I received and the one I ended up choosing. The company was first rate. Every committment they made was fulfulled and I could ...

I love boats and Nautibouy saved the day

I didnt care how far away this boat was. I had to have it. These little outboard tunnel boats with 300hp are addicting. A 19ft boat at 120mph is what its all about. Thank god for Nautibouy marine (and U-ship of course). They save the day and delivered my fix over 3000 miles from WA to long Island NY. And they did it without one complaint. And another thankyou to U-ship for getting me hooked up. ...

unique experience ! cost beneficial and great service

first time on the site, & I think it's a great idea, got a great deal on getting my boat hauled. Excellent service by the transport company (trieshock), very flexible and professional. GOT THE SERVICE AT A PRICE THAT WILL LEAVE YOU AMAZED !



Boat arrived in Excellent Condition.

Custom Express Delivery is the Bomb. I work for a transport company and Mel from Custom Express Delivery is Tops. Boat was picked up when stated, called me when he was on the road and gave me daily updates. The boat was delivered before the promised date in Excellent condition. I have dealt with other transport companies who are very quick to take your money, but once they have it they ignore you ...

uShip is the best!

I recently purchased a boat in North Carolina however I live in Cleveland, Ohio. After receiving quotes of over $1,000, I had planned on flying down to North Carolina to rent a car and two the boat back to Cleveland. That is until I found uShip! What a great site. Minutes after I posted my boat, I was already receiving quotes on shipping my boat for HALF THE COST previously quoted. I ended ...

Fantastic service!

I live in Phoenix and sold an older sailboat to a gentleman on the coast of WA. We stewed over the transport issue-neither of us had the right vehicle nor the time to deal with it. Surfing the net I found uShip and posted the bid request. Of the 3 or 4 bids, my buyer and I agreed on "WHY"/Shane's services. This young man couldn't have been more professional and communicative. We were dealing ...

Tammy was great!

My father and I bought a boat in Michigan and needed to haul it to Minot ND. We would bring the boat to Regina Saskatchewan from Minot. We didn't have enough time to get the boat ourselves so we heard of uship and decided to give it a try. We had about six bids on the boat and decided to use Tammy. Tammy picked up the boat in Coldwater Michigan and delivered it right on time to Minot. We the ...

Ski boat shipped

When ever you buy something sight unseen it is always a mistery as to the specifics like where it really is and who is actually selling it. Not to mention the conditions of your items. When My shipper got the pick up my used boat in Houston, Tx he found that the tires were questionable and there were issues in quality of the boat that scratching his head. He had called me ahead of tiime for i ...

Great experience shipping my boat

Really easy way to get the job done right.

Having my boat shipped was excellent experience

Absolutely wonderful experience! My shipper did everything exactly as he said he would. My boat arrived earlier than agreed upon time and in perfect shape. Do not hesitate to use UShip for unbeatable service. I look forward to doing business again!!! A+++

Great experience shipping my 22 ft sailboat and trailer.

i definitely will use uship again.

Smooth Experience shipping my SunTracker Pontoon

We won a Bid on eBay, for this 21' Pontoon. Now, how do we get it here from Orlando, FL? Quoted shipping rates were very high, and after purchase, money was scarce. I got online & typed in Boat Shippers. I went to the first one, very confusing, gave my info & then it said someone would get in touch with me with in 48 hours. We didn't have 48 hours. I backed out of there, and I saw "uShip", ...

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