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great shipping community. Happy they are here.

Hi there,  I am glade to belong to uship. It has helped me four times and each and everyone was a great experience in how professional all the shippers are that I have worked with.  The whole process is a great way to get things shipped at a fair price. Will continue to use as needed, a great idea. Thanks and have a great day Jack

Family Heirlooms

We recently moved to a new house in Tampa Florida and some of our old furniture did not fit or was not going to work out in our new space.  One piece in particular was a oak desk that had been hand crafted by my brother.  My new house had a built in desk and the piece was really too large to put into a bedroom, yet I couldn't bear to part with it.  I also couldn't bear to ...

Womderful service delivering my Fathers dresser

Furniture Man was wonderful and carefully packed my Dad's antique dresser.  The dresser meant a lot to me as he recently  passed away and this was the only thing I wanted from his estate.  It belonged to my great Grandmother and Dad was 91 whe he died.  So transporting this was was an important issue.  And the price was great!! Tommy did a great job and I would highly recc ...

U-Ship Made A Difference!

I recently relocated my family in a very short period of time. We couldn't bring our dogs with us and my 10 year old son was very dissappointed. It made the move much more challenging and stressful for him. I left the dogs with a family members unsure how (or if) I would get them here. I decided to&nb ...

uship is a great site

I am glad i found uship. everything has worked out great with these guys. the shipping company i found was awesome. they helped us ship servers from Phoenix to Los Angeles and then to San Jose. It worked out perfect for us. I got a great price from the shipper. I would recommend Uship to everybody.


Fast and Affordable Shipping of our Equipment

I purchased a 350lb dust collecter (think shop vac on steroids) on ebay.  I found Uship.com on "the Google" (as W would say it) and decided to give it a shop.  I entered the ebay item number and voila!  Uship pulled all the information over for me.  Within hours, I had a great bid and in less than a week, we had our new(used) equipment.  Thanks Uship!

A Letter from a Satisfied uShip Customer

 I write this personal testimonial for all potential uShip customerv,


Great experiance shippng my trailer

I met Jim and right away felt comfortable. He made the best bid by far , and at first made me nervous. But as I said he put me at ease right away and explained his bid . He asked if he could haul a couple of motorcycles in it for the low bid . I asked if the delivery was on the way and would it delay the trip any . He assured me that it would not . He made his delivery on time and made it to me on ...


That's funny that something like this is not on the papers, or outdoors.... actually now i think that this could be the reason of everything!!! I really works!!! I saved $400, no kidding! It's hard to believe, but is true!

Great Provider!

Couldn't have asked for better service! Elizabeth has great communication and perfect timing.Thanks for making the first shipment easy and cost effective. Lois- Gino's Pawn Shop, Boca Raton,Fl 33432

Shipping my dog

Gametime Express shipped my dog door-to-door.  They did a great job, and as promised.  Better than paying overpriced airfare to an airline, and all the hassle at the airport.  Thanks.

First-Class moving experience

I was moving from Fla to DC and could not be in Fla for the pick-up.  Mr. Fields adjusted his schedule, went into my apartment, took apart my furniture and stored it for me.  2 days before my furniture was to be delivered my roommate in Maryland asked if on his way to our new condo would he mind picking up her furniture and moving it.  He met us at her old apartment in Maryland and ...

94 Mazda B3000 Truck shipped from Tx to Idaho

This was an old truck sent to my brother to assist with farm work.  This is a great company and has great truck drivers to do business with.   Nice and Friendly service.  Great communicators.   Price is way beyond reasonable. 

Another great Ushipper is born!

I had two Asian pedicabs (bicycle rickshaws) to transport from NC to Chicago.  After securing the bid Primalspirit did an awesome job of communicating to arrange the pick up.  He also did a super job making the pick up and protecting the rigs just as I would have my self.  Finally he made the delivery promptly and with great customer service, calling me twice to let me know his prog ...


I was very pleased with the delivery of our 4-H new show pet. Will use this transporter again!!!!

Motorcycle Shipping

Im down at college and needed to bring my bike down to where i am... I listed it here and got a lot of offers and found one that worked for me. Got it shipped no hassles, worked great.   

Excelent experience shipping my Audi TT

They are husband and wife. they were great, felxible and deserve to grow their business. Nice and very courteous.

Lakerats are a great last minute-work you in to our route shipper-fair, honest, good price.

Living Room furniture delivered on time and in perfect condition

I had living room furniture (couch, love seat, corner table, lamp and swivel rocker) picked up by Earl with USAshipping4less in Kilgore, TX and shipped to Andover Twp, NJ.  The bid stated that he would pick up the furniture on or before 11/8 and was actually picked up on 11/7.  Delivery for between 11/16 and 11/23 was made on 11/17.  Despite the nasty weather and flooding that came ...

Wonderful Experience with shipping

I needed a 1966 Honda Scrambler shipped from North Carolina to Georgia. I had found a guy on Craigslist who said he would do it ASAP. After a couple of phone calls and e-mails, I never heard from him again. I called him and sent e-mails and nothing, so I tried U ship. I95Transport (Jim) said he would do it for me for less than what the other guy wanted. AWESOME. Anyway, I've got the bike now ...

Great experience shipping my clock

I am a veterinarian and when I entered vet school, my father bought a grandfather clock. He even had my name put on a plaque and put on the front of the clock. He always said "someday that clock will be yours". I remember falling asleep in that house and listening to the beautiful chimes of the clock. Well,  "someday" unfortunately came and I had to figure out a way to move my favorite clock. ...

great experience

I was nervouse my first time using Uship not knowing the type of provider that would show up. However, when Larry got to my house he was very professional and his equipment was top -notch. He wasn't just a guy with a truck but a fully licensed pro who transports motorcycles for a living. He says he uses Uship to fill in when he has a light load that needs to be moved right away. Thi ...

Red solfa goes north

I bought an 8' long couch on Ebay. I thought I would be able to get it from Hollywood, Florida to my home in northern Florida. But my pickup truck had gone north with my husband. I couldn't find a reasonably priced cargo van and to rent a small truck would still be 60 cents/mile which would have been about $400, plus my time AND gas. All of my pickup truck friends were using their trucks this week ...

Delivery of my motorcycle was A+

Tow1more provided me with the most outstanding delivery of my motorcycle across the whole country!  They were dependable, reliable and reasonable in their shipping offer.  I would use them (and this shipping service, u-ship) again and again for these larger items.  Thank you.

The most tender, loving care transporting my two kittens. PreciousPetTransportation is the best!

Awesome Shipping Experience

We recently won an auction on eBay for a large item (Bench Seat for a Van).  I had no idea how to ship something like this.  The eBay seller had listed the item with all shipping arrangements left  up to the buyer.  I really needed the seat for our van so we could have a van with enough seats for our family of 10.  My initial quotes to ship this seat were in excess of $450 ...

My ride-on mower gift

My Grandpa just passed away a few months ago.  He owned a huge piece of property in Clovis, CA and had a house full of tools as he was a carpenter.  The family met at his house to try and clean things up.  As we are the only family with any kind of land that would justify a ride-on mower, his mower that he used to tend to his land was given to us.  That was beautiful, but ...

First Time User

This was my first UShip experience and the service I received from my shipper far exceeded my expectations. Uship made it easy to get quotes, choose a shipper and complete the transaction. I will definately be back.

evrything worked out well from shipping to price to being kept in touch.

I needed apiece of equipment hauled in to my course U-ship found me a driver {imaxwell}and got the ball rolling we talked made arangements he picked it up and brought it to my course.All went well I was very happy with the way it worked out.Thanks R.N New Mexico I will be useing u-ship againe

Great experience

Great experience

Shipping Made Easy

I had no clue about how to hire a transporter to move my boat  from NC to VA.  UShip made the task incredibly easy.  Tim Gadberry moved my boat safely and at a great price.  Despite delays for bad weather and mechanical problems, Tim always remained upbeat and positive about getting the job done.  I couldn't be happier with my uShip experience!

Great experience shipping my new kitten.

I needed my new kitten to be shipped to me because I was unable to pick him up at the time.  He is a hairless breed so it was too cold to ship him via airlines.  The breeder told me about UShip.  I submitted my posting and Chuck answered within 2 days.  I was sceptical at first because this was the first time I had used UShip and Chuck didn't have any feed back listed.&nbs ...

Great Experience Shipping my King Size Bedroom Furniture

I was shipping a bedroom set that I purchased directly from the manufacturer in High Point, NC. Washburn Moving Company's driver, Bob was very professional and courteous. Excellent communications. Price was fair and competitive ($400 for 891 pounds at 6 boxes from NC to MD). Not a full service mover (did not provide in-home set-up) but for the price, that was understandable. My things arrived safe ...

Jet ski shipped perfectly!

I aws very impressed by the professional and honest preformance of shipper. The quality of equipment used was very state of the art and then some. Probably the most capable shipper I have seen. Thanks again...Devin

Shipping made easy

What a wonderful tool this site has been. I just shipped my first full truckload of lumber across country and it couldn't have been any easier. I had a general idea of when my shipment would be ready to ship, so I posted it on here and had 2 bids, one of which I accepted. I saved $500 over the trucking company I was going to use, and had a truck on short notice. I accepted the bid on Saturday, and ...

Pallet from Maine to Ontario - piece of cake!

Shipped two birchbark canoes.

I was most concerned about damage.  The shipment was very professionally transacted and quickly.  My customer told me all was OK at his end.  Postitive experience.  I would recommend them.

Great experience shipping a Christmas tree.

I way under estimated the cost of shipping a 10 ft Christmas tree.  I sold it on Ebay and after the auction was over I  I found out that the shipping was more than the profit.  I went to u ship and listed my request.  Within a day, I had a bid to deliver my tree for the price I requested.  He was an individual not a freight company but he was clean cut and a student at my ...



Shipping my new SL500

Doc was an amazing shipper. He had the right price and the right attitude. He had to deal with a one day setback from the seller and still got my car here early. Which meant he had to drive all day through Thanksgiving day to get it here. I would high reccomend him and Uship for future services! They beat my the DAS by over $400!! Simply amazing service!


I never shipped a motorcycle before and was very frustrated with the pricing and stipulations from other shippers.  Jeff saved my day and my business account.  It almost seemed too good to be true but he made it happen.  Thanks again Jeff!

Great Experience with small shipment

I had a small family heirloom (child's kitchen cupboard) that I needed shipped from Colorado to Iowa before the holidays.  I stumbled on uShip from a Google search, registered, and posted my request.  I got three bids and ended up connecting up with a newly registered shipper (PremoDelivery) who hauls campers out of Indiana and returns with space in his extended cab truck, truck bed, and ...

Great experience shipping my vehicle

My vehicle that got shipped is a 1982 Volkswagon Rabbit convertible.  I just happened to stumble upon the uship web page when I was trying to get quotes for the shipping of my car.  Within the first 24 hours I had already received three to four bids.  The bid from call2haul was the first bid that I received and it was the lowest through out the entire process.  I work in South ...

Unbelievable Experience Shipping my TV

great shipping experience with antique speakers

I purchased some antique Klipsh La Scala speakers on E-bay. The speakers were located in Chico Calif. and I live near Saint Louis Missouri. Quick delivery, great price, and friendly, professional service. Will definately use Brian again and recommend him to anyone. Best shipping experience I have had!

Great Idea

This really help me save alot of money. Good thing I discovered you on Google. Should be number one website when searching for transportation.

Furniture arrived beautifully

This was a great experience I bought furniture on e-bay and I had to pay to ship it myself.  I heard about u-ship from the seller.  This was such an easy way to get bids and find the one that was best for me for my time line and my price range.  Thank you u-ship for a stress free experience this was fantastic.



Giving the gift to ride

I recently shipped my Suzuki Savage, first bike I owned, to my youngest daughter, first bike she will own.  This was important since she has worked hard in college, held down a job, and still managed to get time for a Safety course for beginner motorcycle riders.  This shipment made it possible to fulfill her dream, thanks.

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