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Cheaper than U Haul without the hassle.

Cheaper than U Haul, Ryder, Budget.

Great experience shipping e bay itam

I bought a spa capsule on e bay, I hate buying large things on there because it is so stressful to find a shipper and keep the price low. Then I found this page and it has saved me!! I am able to find what I want on e bay for my new business, and before I buy it  or start bidding on it I can post on u ship and make sure I can get it moved in  time and get the shipping price to fit my bud ...

Great Job

My Recumbent trike was picked up and delivered from Arizona to Illinois in a timely responsible manner by an "Ace" of a fellow hard working and willing to please. I would recommend him to anyone to Giterdone.


i was shipping 3 horses DHauling did it he was wonderful the price was great we were able to move these horses affordably as he worked with us thanks again

GReat experience! Professional! Polite!

Don " TheToolman" provided great service! He was Polite and sensitive to our time restraints! He made every effort to accomodate our time sensitive delivery of a very large and heavy crate.  We would call Don again should the need arrive for another shipment.  He helped us move and complete a  sale item from MA. to TX. without batting an eye!  He had all the proper eq ...


I shipped my brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee from California to Michigan....Jeff was very kind and helpful through the process.  I would recomend using him for any of your shipping needs.

shipment of a weanling

KAREN EATON  did a very good job. She was very helpful with dealing with the breeder. She took great care of the baby and help me to know she was safe. I would have never found her without your service and I think you do a good job in helping the people find good haulers with a good price.Thanks, MARSHA

Love Seat Sofa

I easily found the uship website upon completing a google search for companies that ship large items.  I had a small loveseat that I wished to ship to a family member, weighing only about 40#.  I had called local trucking a ...

Great Experience shipping my car and household items

I moved out to Arizona from Maine in Aug 2005.  I did it all myself.  I rented a dreded rental truck and me and a friend drove across country.  It was fun the first two days.. but by the 5 day I wanted to quit.  So when I decided to move back to Maine in Aug 2006 I decided to have someone ship my stuff because there was no way that I was driving a rental truck again...ever!&nbs ...

His word was good.

Delivering our tall clock from Indiana to Washington, his truck hit 2 deer in the dark roads, yet he managed to have his truck repaired and still worried about being on time. He called to say he would be one day late. We are just thrilled with this kind of honesty and character in a person. Clock arrived in perfect condition and he handled it as he would a gold plated one. thanks Tim.

great job shipping kayaks

The shipper did exactly as he promised under difficult conditions.  He did so in record time.  I recommend him very highly.

Shipping my sailboat

It was a great experience to have my sailboat shipped  by one of the members of Uship. I saved 55% from the lowest quote I received from standard transporters. 

Was very satisfied

I recieved my motorcycle in great condition and John was also a very open person on sharing information and teaching me how to do some things with my bike. He was very careful with it and he treated my property with respect. Thank you!

Wonderfull experience!

I recommend this fellow.

Great experience with Markettransport

Tyler responded with a fair price and picked up the load promptly. He provided the BOL right away and the delivery was made exactly as promised, on time and in perfect shape. This is my first of 2 loads with Uship and I am very pleased with the process. The service from Markettransport was right on the money and I will use his service again and look forward to working ...

great experience

don did a great job

Engine Shipment, quality service

Great communication to both me and the shop that had the engine ensured that all the paperwork was in place. 

Highly recommend. I will recommend Mark to anyone needing anything moved.

great experience shipping my paintings

I had 18 oil paintings that needed to arrive to the gallery safely where the time frame was crucial. NwDelivery wrapped the work with 3 layers of protective material and accomplished the task

Great job

Proffessional service delivering my boat from New York to the Florida Keys

RDHTrucking was professional in every aspect of the transport of my boat from New York to the Florida Keys.    They arrived on time with a new truck and after going over my trailer left for Florida.    The delivery went smoothly and they called along the way to let me know when they would be arriving in Key West.    The boat arrived at my marina on time ...

Shippers Big Adventure

:Whistling:This story is about the shipment of 45 antique fire hydrants weighing 6500 pounds from New York to California.  Four bids were received. The range from low bid to high bid was about $300.00. The shipper selected was chosen based on two factors, one was his 100% feedback rating, and the other was price. As agreed to time and place, the shipper met me in New York to load the fire hyd ...

House Move

Hard workers...Where on time..

Excellent service in shipping my breeding mount

I have been holding off on shipping my breeding mount because of the cost involved.  I actually bought this item in June and the seller was kind enough to hold it for me as long as I wanted her to.  Finally, Tazzmania made a bid that I felt was fair and I accepted it.  He was GREAT!  He contacted me regularly letting me know what his itinerary was and didn't complain when I did ...

Shipper went above and beyond

After an agreement to ship was reached, I realized the trailer had expired tags and I needed to get new ones on the trailer before shipping. The shipper offered to let me mail the tags to his home and he would put them on when he got there rather than making me involve the marina that was holding the boat. Also, when extra straps were needed to secure the boat and the marina wanted to charge a l ...

Great experience

Davy Murray answered my request to have a pull behind a motorcycle tent trailer, picked up in Sioux Falls, SD.  He took  the precauition to ensur my trailer was secured in his stock trailer and kept to the schedule he said he would. I recommend him highly if you have oppertunity to use him.  He  was very fair on the cost to have my trailer moved from Sioux Falls, SD. to Sa ...

Professional service with moving a Grandfather Clock.

Yesterday I recieved an antique Grandfather clock that I purchased online. Once I completed the purchase I then had to make the decision about how I would get the clock to my home. The seller was located about four and a half hours away, which was not too far away to drive and pick it up myself, but I just did not have the time. I found U ship and asked for some bids to transport the clock. Within ...

Small job treated like a full-load customer

We were shipping a very small load - just a TV and dresser. Our shipper treated us like we were paying for an entire truck load. The msolutions person could not have been more helpful. He had another customer change an order on his trip, affecting his schedule, but he still accommodated us without a misstep. He made his pick-up right on schedule and arrived ahead of schedule at ...

Peace of Mind

This was my first time using Uship and I was concerned about whether to trust someone with my expensive item.  However, the website was very helpful and when I put my bid up to be matched I recieved several bids within a couple hours.  Once I accepted the bid I liked I was able to access all the information of the freight service providers and research it online to make sure all was legi ...

i sent a puppy (9mo old)

this is the best thing i have ever done. this pup had the best ride ever. she was young and from a puppy mill and del picked her up and spent time with all of us to make this better. my perents lost both of there dogs on the same day, due to different things. this dog loved the ride to n.c. she could not have been with a better person. del and suzie gave her some hope and now she is on the lake an ...


I had a boat shipped from McGregor MN to Sweetgrass MT and everything went exactly as planned. Rhett was awesome and the ontime performance and communication could not have been better. Price was awesoome and Uship works great. Would definetely use again.


I needed a bike shipped securely and safely for a good price. Tim took care of it very well. thanks.

Good experience shipping motorcycle

First time I have used uShip and  it was more economical and faster than a previous experience. uShip is a much more efficient  and competitive way to bring buyers and sellers for moving together....much easier than dealing with established large companies.

shipping a harley

I had a 2005 Harley Davidson shipped from Atlant GA, to Longview texas, mike was prompt, and professional, was there when he said he would be, something freight haulers are bad about not doing, this gentleman is great

great shipper

BIGBOYZTOYZ shipped my 1972 sidewinder boat, He didnt have the best price I found, But he had the best rep. he was a couple days later than exspected but made it up to me, if i ever need something shipped the one place I will go is to uship and click on to Glen at BIGBOYZTOYZ he will be the one that I myself will choose

This was my 2nd shipping experience with American Freight. Price was right both times.

I would use American Freight again.

great move, Hot tub

On time, Great move, thank you Craig!


My parents are moving out of their house into a retirement facility, and could not take their player piano with them.  The piano is the only thing left from my Grandmother, and I grew up playing it with my family, so I wanted my children to have the same experience.  However, my parents live in St. Louis and I live near New York City, and we had no way to get the piano her ...

My first uShip experience (very delightful)

My first time using uShip.com was an absolutely amazing experience. I purchased a 1974 Dodge Dart Sport on eBay way out in ...

Great experiance shipping my vehicle

Jim brought my vehicle to my door from Virginia. He was easy to work with and VERY conscientious. You can trust him to do the job right.

Great experience shipping my car

 I was shipping a 2003 saab from Atlanta, GA to Cortez,  CO. I listed it on uship as trailer only. All the bids I received were more than I wanted to spend. Renfroe393 on uship asked if the car could be driven so I let him know it could. He then gave me a price on how much he would charge to drive it. I let him know it was more than I wanted to spend and gave him the max amount I would p ...

First experience with Uship

Britton Transport was the shipper. Great guy. Best price. On time. Good communications. Very accomodating. Boat and trailer arrived with no damage whatsoever. On a flatbed trailer to boot! Boat was picked up in Mobile Alabama saturday morning and delivered sunday at noon in Detroit  Michigan. Would I use Uship again? You bet. Thanx for your service. RT.

mobility scooter perfect delivery

I am delighted with Uship. My provider, Bill Hurley of New Hampshire delivered an electric mobility scooter (250 lbs) from Detroit to NYC. His price was the best I received and he was efficient, pleasant and true to his word. I bought the item on eBay and had no idea about how to transport it until I came upon Uship. What a wonderful service and if everyone is as good as Bill, moving things will n ...

My New Motorcycle!

I scan Craigslist often looking for American-made Harley two stroke motorcycles. Finally I find one in Arizona but have no way to get it. I put an add in the Arizona craigslist looking for someone that might be driving my way. Someone turns me onto USHIP and thats all she wrote. I got my quote, found a shipper and had my bike in less than a week

Shipping My Pigs

My name is Emily and I am in the United States Air Force, stationed at Barksale AFB, Louisiana.  I am a far ways from home (Pennsylvania) and unfortunately when I left home and headed for my first base, I could not bring my piggies.  My mom decided that she would watch my guinea pigs for me until we could find some way to get them down to me.  I have been in LA for about 3 months no ...

Good MC shipping

Just shipped my motorcycle DC to California bc I had moved out west about a month ago.  I recieved several quotes for shipping my bike, ranging from the upper $500's to over $1K.  I eventually decided to go with Chuck, an independant shipper, bc he offered a lot more flexibility in pick up, and the drop off was only a weel later o the West Coast.  He did a great job and the bike arr ...

Great home moving experience

We recently moved from Michigan to Texas. Just in the nick of time to miss the early snow! Our provider was msolutions. Greg is a really nice guy. He carefully padded and loaded our home for less than the price of renting a U-haul! Even though he was having some mechanical problems with his truck, he made sure he arrived on the day promised to deliver our home safe and sound! We also had a rare&nb ...

Moving my Bowflex

I bought a Bow-Flex machine from someone who lived only one state away so that I could save the money on shipping. BIG mistake. My husband and I drove up to pick the machine up, and while we were loading it (HEAVY) in our pick-up, the main unit slipped, knocked me off the truck, and I ended up in the Emergency Room (via ambulance) with 7 staples in my head and a broken rib. And a bill that is m ...

Great Carrier

I think I said it all in my feedback. This carrier is great. Adamantine Spine Moving from, Iowa City, IA did the finest job at th ...

shipping my vehicle

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