United States Shipping Stories (Passengers)

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Daniel Lawson

my elderly aunt could no longer keep her prized rottweiler, 3 yr old, Baby..when he arrived Baby wanted to stay with Dan which spoke volumes to me---Dan was very caring and my family in California was really impressed with him when he picked up Baby...Dan is a very personable guy--trustworthy and willing to go the extra mile--i hope U ship business picks up for him because he is number 1 in my bo ...

Fantastic experience with "shipping" my husband!

My husband was working on a job out of state when a bad snow and ice storm hit our area two days before his plane was to arrive. About the same time, I became very ill, and my snow plow driver never showed up to dig us out. Add all this together, and I became desperate for a way to get my husband from the airport (over an hour a way) without the expense and hassle of renting a car. That's when ...

I was pleasantly surprised with "my" shipping experience.

I needed a ride to the airport since my flight was only one way. I decided to go to UShip and see if I could ship myself. It was easy to follow the process and enter my information. I received questions from bidders through UShip regarding the details of my shipment and felt safe with this process. I was picked up and delivered on time and the experience was quite pleasant. I've told a lot of ...

Great experience shipping Golden

The person who had agreed to take Rocky from Cape Coral, Fl. to New York never showed up so we had to quickly find someone who could pick him up in a short time frame. Our u-ship provider who brought him home safely to us had to change his schedule and keep him at his home until the torential rain stopped and it was safe for them to travel. He showed excellent judgment and Rocky was treated like ...

A awesome trip to the snowy north

Kjlooks Transported my mother and myself from Florida to PA. It was a wonderful and amazing trip Well worth it!

Had to get Home

Was out of town, visiting a friend. I got a call from my mother - she was in the hospital, an unfourtunate turn of events revealed her cancer was back and she's not expected to make it very much longer. I wasn't able to change my return plane ticket, and couldn't afford to get back by plane, bus, or train. It looked like I was going to miss my chance to say good-bye! I was referred to the site ush ...

Rideshare from Georgia to Ohio.

Initially, I was hesitant about a rideshare with an unknown individual. This arrangement couldn't have work out any better! Stimulating conversation throughout the trip and he/she willingly shared the driving duties from Georgia to Ohio. UShip truly brings people of character together.

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