United States Shipping Stories (Household & Office Moves)

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Highly recommended

Nick was on time, communicated thoroughly and earned every penny. Would definitely employ Nick on the next move.

Household items

Our son had lined up a mover to move his furniture and belongings from Iowa to Florida. The mover did not show on the agreed on day and did not call to notify anyone. Three days later, when the mover had still not arrived, I got online and found uShip. We had several bids and had someone lined up in two days. They picked up on the agreed upon day. They gave us a couple hours notice of their ar ...

I Bedroom Condo Moved to Colorado

I placed my items that I was trying to move to Colorado on Uship. I received several bids, however, Michael at Expedited Load Services submitted the best bid and he was eager to get my items moved efficiently. He was punctual and communicated with me the entire time my items were enroute to CO. He was very professional and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Michael and his company ...



Would you use uShip again?

Yes I would use uShip again. It worked even better than I thought. This was my first long distance move and everything went almost perfectly. Not having any experience, I did not know exactly how to do a move. uShip helped me find a great moving company.

Very accomodating service

I am just graduating from college in Pennsylvania and needed to get a lot of belongings including a live music setup back to Texas. I was careless in reading the terms of my service provider, however, and didn't realize I needed to pay cash on pick-up. I was embarrassed and panicked because as a college student I didn't have immediate means to pick up money, but the service provider was very under ...

Whole Home Move

To be honest, UShip was recommended by a friend who was a little nervous trying it out. I decided to take the risk and saved 1/2 on my whole home move! I've always had damage during my many job relocations with many of the top brand moving companies. I chose my bid wisely and chose a professional moving company and had ZERO damage. This is unheard of during a move. And oh yeah, did I mention. ...

Great Experience

Was skeptical about uship , used it for the first time , and so impressed by the service , that have recommended it to everyone I have met great concept , superb execution !

Satisfied with move

Satisfied with move

3-bedroom house move

This was our first experience with uShip. The website is very well designed, fairly intuitive, and with lots of help available. We had our move posted, along with pictures of our furniture, within an hour of logging on. We received two bids within 12 hours. Feedback on the bidders was more important to us than the bid amounts. We chose the bidder with the higher price but who had more positive ...

Move from Calif to Fla.

Moved one bedroom apartment. Load was larger than projected, and therefore cost more than anticipated. Pick up team was great. Delivery team was in communication throughout. UShip is a great service and allowed for me to review several bids. Used UShip to move to Calif. from Fla. and experience was positive then, too. Will use again. Thanks.

Move to storage

I am glad that I hired Eric as my mover. He was easy to communicate with and was extremely accommodating when I changed the date and time. Eric was on time and handled my furniture and personal belongings with care. I will most definitely hire Eric the next time I need anything to be moved.

Great experience shipping my furniture and personal belongings

My husband died three years ago and the one bedroom apt of stuff is all I have left after thirty-five years. These few belongings mean the world to me. I needed them brought here to Az. I considerd driving and moving them my self but no matter how I tried to cut cost the best I felt I could get by with was about $2000.00 plus miss two weeks of work. Within a couple of hours I got the bid thru ushi ...

2 Bedroom Apartment

I would def use Uship again. My moving experience was very easy and quick. Thanks to my service provider and Uship. It def saved me time and money!

Mutually beneficial experience

I had a move from Chicago to Denver, and my shipper happened to have also moved the same direction and was traveling back and forth with his own 26-ft truck. Most of my quotes for moving from regular moving companies were in the $800-$1000 range for a couple dozen boxes and a couple furniture items. I spent half that amount. My shipper benefited with some extra income for a trip he was going to ...

Ease of Service

We moved from Richmond, VA to Scottsdale, AZ, and our shipment was delivered on the exact date we arrived after driving across country. We did have one casualty with a missing black shelf, but overall our belongings arrived in mint condition. Our U-Ship bid matched the service we received, and Legal Transportation helped make our move across country seamless. Thanks!!

My Move from Califorina to Florida

Thomas did great arrived on time and did everything he said he would and more. Very professional and polite treated my family like his own. Great service would use again.

A Trial Story - Moved from St Louis, MO to Dallas, TX

I was offered a job that was too good to be true and had to move quickly. I took whatever I could and left for Dallas to start my new job. I then looked for a shipper to ship a few items but they were too expensive. I looked on google to find other shippers and found uship. It was interesting and did not really know what this was all about but thought I would try it. I posted a bid and low and beh ...

great experience shipping my 1-bedroom furniture

I was shipping a king-size bed, a medium chest, a baby crib, a small office refrigrator, and 2 suitcases. I was moving from California to Texas. I had a very excellent experience using the uShip site because all the moving companies I had contacted were giving me a really high and unreasonable rate. I was tight on budget and could not afford those moving rates. With uShip it was very convenient to ...



Easiest move imanginable

I needed to move from my college in CT to my home in IL, and Juan not only met my price needs, but was also willing to take my difficult time schedule into account. I plan on using him again in the future, and couldn't be happier with how everything turned out.

moving within 3 days

I had hired a moving company and received a pone call from them letting me know that they under bid my job and they wanted to almost double the price that was quoted. I found UShip by an internet search engine. I must say I found another moving even lesser expensive that I originally hired. I will UShip again-it really helped when I really needed help.

Great Service!

Needed to find service to arrange for pickup and cross country delivery of table and chairs and uShip and Legal Transportation really came through. Great Service!

Great experience shipping my belongings from storage to my new home

All my belongings had been in storage for a year. I finally got settled in North Central Florida from South Florida. It took some time to save the money to get my things but after checking how much it cost to have it all shipped to me I was at my wits end.When I found UShip I found my answer when this Shipper bid at a price I could handle. Everything went as planned. He was just so great. Took goo ...

condo move

These guys worked hard through the Florida heat and moved all my belongings with great care and speed. Great team of movers!

Great experience moving into my new home

I was moving into a newly puchased home, and was moving mostly just my larger items. Furniture, excercise equipment and a few boxes. The movers weren't moving my entire former residence, since my former roomate/landlord was still going to be living in the house. The movers sent were timely, professional and personable and there were no issues with the move despite the rainy weather that day. E ...

Terrific Move through U-ship

Between myself and my friends, I'd say we've moved ourselves and others about 50 times. At this stage of my life, I really wanted to sit back and let somebody else do the heavy lifting. Going through U-ship was the answer. I was matched with a great team of young strong guys, who knew what they were doing. My estimate in both time and money were right on. If you're considering a move and don' ...

I moved across country.

I moved back to California after two and a half years in Kansas. I settled on J&S Moving due to Seth's responsiveness during our initial conversations. I had a terrible experience with a prior move and wanted to be sure it was not repeated. I was not taking occupancy on my new place for a week or two after my things were delivered, so I had to have faith that the move was properly completed. W ...

First uship experience - a cross-town move in Austin.

I was too tentative about a new service like uship to try it out on a recent cross-country move, but recently put out a listing on a cross-town move. I found a fantastic service provider that was much more affordable than the pro movers, more affordable than renting my own truck, certainly more affordable than a brokered moving service. I dealt directly with an honest, hardworking independent oper ...

Good Experience

I've never looked into hiring movers before and I think using Uship was fantastic. I received several quotes and had no problem being matched with a mover who suited my needs. Would definitely use again and LOVE the feedback feature.

Small move from Chicago to Texas

I had to move quickly from Chicago to Texas with a small budget and I couldn't believe uShip and how quick and easy it was to get my things home. My father had suggested the site as an option to ship my belongings and he was right. It was going to cost me nearly $2000 if I rented a uHaul and hitched my car! This was my first time using uShip and at first I was weary about using this servi ...



shipping stored furniture and household goods

First time using a shipping company, have always moved "myself" in the past, local and across country, Was going to rent a truck and move myself again but after reviewing bids and logistics and all things considered I decided to use a moving company, I asked for several bids and found uship and found a very reasonable bid with the shipper doing extra work loading and unloading for same price as a ...


THere awesomely wonderful people that are kind and understanding

Wanted to move fast, and they did it!

When my landlord walked into my one bedroom apartment without even knocking, much less notice, I'd had enough. Maxon Movers Inc. (maxonmove.com) was there the next day, and had me packed, shipped, and unpacked in six hours! They were extremely courteous, neat, and carried all the supplies necessary in case I'd forgotten anything (which I did- shipping tape, actually!).

Great experience

It was a great experience for us. He was very helpful.


John, Kathy and Joe are family members...and it came across in everything they did for us...we were treated with respect, shared laughs, and tears, this was a big deal to us and it was treated as such! Moving is not easy for anyone! They worked themselves to the bone in the heat and the rain...they deserve a great deal of appreciation!!! A job well done!!!


The item was very well taken care of - protected during the trip and arrived without a single problem. There were plenty of people to assist with the load and unload - I didn't have to do a thing!

Great experience shipping my furniture.

We were moving from Al to Tx. There was a slight mix up about when the Tx residence would be available. It was delayed by one day. The mover rearranged his schedule and was able to accomodate us. They arrived on time. They were also cordial but professional. They kept in contact during the entire delivery period. I am happy I tried UShip again. My first experience wasn't as nice. The mover got u ...

Great experience shipping a piano and china.

Carolina Piano Movers ship more than pianos, and their follow-up service is great too. They even offered to help put together a bed and dresser/mirror combo.

Great experience moving to an apartment from a house

Odds & Ends Movers did a fantastic job of loading our stuff and unloading it in 3 hours. They were fast, efficient, and entertaining all at the same time! I hope Extreme Movers, the broker that matched us, uses them again and again. They were on time, and never seemed to stop moving!

Good Move

These guys definitely hustled moving my apartment. They didn't waste a second in moving any items. Only downside, they were about a half an hour late but called to let me know they had truck problems. I would use this provider again.

Kinge moving

Great guys!! loved them. Terri B. Jung Jackson

great experience shipping items to tennessee

I accepted a bid from uship and was very pleased with the entire process. I was impressed with the punctuality and professionalism with Joe. I will use this company for all my moving needs. Thanks again Teri Harris

Couldn't have asked for a better experience!

I moved from California to Connecticut on May 30th. I placed a bid on uShip only two weeks prior because I was very uncertain about using the service. My brother had two great experiences and said to trust my instinct and read the user feedback. I knew not to take the lowest bid necessarily & figured I would be paying about $800 minimum. Rodney, my driver, had posted the lowest bid (which of co ...

The best mover i have ever had

tom did a fantastic job. pickup and delivery was prompt. service was great. do not be scared to pay a little more for this guy he is worth it plus he has insurance. will us tom

Great experience moving my storage and apartment to my house

These guys were able to take my job at the last minute. They drove from LA to San Diego. Except for unforeseen traffic holdups they were quite punctual. They called to keep me posted. By the time we got to my 10 x 5 storage which also had to be moved, we only had 20 minutes to clear everything out. I seriously had my doubts they could do it...boy was I wrong! These guys hustled, they were amazing! ...

great moving experience

I received estimates from various big moving companies of just over $3000. Using uShip, I found an excellent company to handle my move for nearly half the price ($1700)! Not only was it cheaper, but I was able to set my dates for pick up and delivery, so it made everything easier and more convenient for me. I have recommended uShip to several of my friends now.

Great Apartment Move.

I was kinda worried about it being just one guy, but once I explained by recovery from my surgery, the fellow really wanted to help me so he brought some help along and really got the job done. I'm very glad I went with this service, and the person who did my move.

Great Experience shipping housegoods

I am a first time user of Uship, and had heard nothing but horror stories about moving from friends who had thier stuff stolen, damaged, or held for ransom by someone they had found online (not through Uship, though). I received several bids, and this one was the least money for the most services, including packing everything up for me. The communication was great with Mike, and he answered all of ...

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