United States Shipping Stories (Household & Office Moves)

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Wonderful Experience!

I would definately hire Seth again if I HAD to move again! They were very efficient, courteous, and on time...also very understanding of my previous experience when the mover charged me and didn't show up so Seth kept in close contact with me to assure me there would be no problems...AND THERE WEREN'T!! :-) They were even willing to help us unload our own enclosed trailer we had to stuff our thi ...

my ship

I was doing a small move from CA to AR. I had wardrobe boxes and some furniture items. I thought the price was good was the lowest I had been offered and cheaper than what it would have cost me to go cross country. Yess I would use uship again.

TriCoast Trucking - Great Experience!

TriCoast Trucking moved me from Corpus Christi to Houston. Randy Cook, the owner and the actual mover, was very fair about pricing, even though I had a few more things than anticipated :) He's accommodating, easy to work with, and friendly. What a relief when you're stressed and in the midst of a move! I definitely recommend this company and many thanks to Randy!

3 bedroom house to move? Not the right question!

Marcos Figueroa was the "successful bidder?" to move our 3 bedroom home; I quickly realized as we began the move and apologetically informed Marcos that 2, 3, or 4 bedroom home is not the relavanet question to ask, "How long have you lived there?", is the most important bit of information he needed to know for planning and bidding. Marcos reacted quickly and adapted to all obsticles to complete ...

Moving Day went great

I was moving from my one bedroom apartment, but let me tell you, I can get more into spaces then most. I checked on-line and decided to give it a try. It was easier to do than I thought it would be. Other shippers that responded couldn't move me on a Saturday and I didn't want to take a day off work. Finally Keith Rose responded. He was more reasonable price wise than the others, and was will ...

Great experience moving my 3brd plus offic

They are awesome

antique dining room tables and chairs

wetheret, they were excellent. great price. I have used uship before and will continue to do so.

Great experience shipping CA king bed

I shipped my CA king mattress, frame, box springs and a variety of other items (TV, dresser, boxes, mini fridge, etc.) from Southern California to Chicago. My service provider was pagerman00 who was great to work with. The items arrived in 4 days - none were damaged. The price was reasonable - much cheaper than using a big moving company. I will definitely use uShip in the future.

Great moving eperience

Shawn and his staff were very pleasant to work with. They really went out of the way to accomodate all of my needs. At first I was very hesitant to use a company I found via the internet, since the move was going to be a couple of hours from the Los Angeles area, but Shawn re-assured that we would not encounter any setbacks. His team was corteous and professional, and I would highly recommend them ...

Excellent EXPERIENCE Brentcity!

After my firt transfer with a disasterous outcome I was very hesitate in shipping anything again. I shipped all my coca cola, asian artwork, blue porcelien and dragons. All are very expensive items in which we did not pack all the item very well. I was not expecting to transfer back to TX from NJ and almost every thing arrived in mint condition. I could not have done this in a U-Haul as cheap a ...

Great experience moving my daughter

Wayne did a great job in moving my daughter from Atlanta to Greensboro. He was polite and professional and I would recommend him to anyone.

Moved our apartment from NJ to Boulder

We had a great experience with our shippers. Very polite service, and it was great to support a smaller business.

boxes moved from Texas to California

we were shipping houshold goods in boxes. 3o plus boxes all taped and numbered. we moved so we had to ship our stuff. legal trucking service was the provider. they just did a great job from start to finish. we did get a great price for their services. one has to be careful useing a service that is licsensed and insured and legal, then one should communicate all the details with the service provide ...

easiest move I"VE ever made

thanks to these guys. But what would you expect from a family business with lots of experience? Thanks again

Great experience shipping my daughter's goods

This mover went the extra mile in following up with me on my daughter's goods and their movement from SC to TX and made sure every step of the way it went smoothly. A great big thank you from this family.

Surprisingly great move!

We were moving from Texas to Arizona for my new job. A friend had used uShip and told us that we could get the same good service without paying the high prices that prevail with other companies. Well, the low-bid price seemed too good to be true initially (about 40% less than the other bids), but Marlon Martin proved that giving a bargain to the customer does not mean that one needs to lower one’s ...

Shipping my son his things

My Story??? Well let's see.....It is long, but I'll try to keep it brief. My son recently moved to New Hampshire. As I live in Florida now, and my son's things were in Texas, we had a dilema as to how to get everything to him. Our choices were many...but most wouldn't work well. He couldn't go to Texas and get it, because he had to start work right away. To have movers take it to him was going ...


Very positive! Not one problem


We hired Robert from Heavenly Hands to move my mom's household belongings from California to Missouri. The first mover we hired had major issues with his truck and food poisoning that required us to find a new mover. Robert offered a wonderful price and moved my mom at the last minute. He called me in route to report he'd broken an axel, then several hundred miles later, he'd broken another. H ...

EaSy dEaL

uShip is so easy to use. My dad told me about it snd i couldn't believe how fast I got responses. Within a day I had a winning bidder and it was a perfect transaction. He picked up my boxes a day earlier and delivered a day earlier. He communicated at all times. uShip is awesome. I definitely will tell anyone moving or in need ot shipping about uShip.com



great experience

The moving company was very prompt and perfessional. They showed up with great attitudes and shipped what I needed shiped with great care and great speed

Extreme Kindness, Patience & Integrity with my shipment.

I've always struggled with learning new methods and computers & their precisely needed commands are especially frustrating now that I am older. Hard for old dogs to learn new tricks. Someone suggested I try U-Ship to send my Air Force son the rest of his stuff since we couldn't afford the rates we were getting by using the Yellow Pages to obtain quotes. It's a great service but doesn't provide t ...

Thanks for a Great Move during a trying time.

I've been having a very tough time during the breakup of my marriage. There have been ups and downs and disaster after disaster. The only thing that has gone right was my move. The 2 gentlemen that I hired off Uship were priced reasonably and handled everything from communication on move day to dealing with me have them move several large peices of furniture from wall to wall as I decided where I ...

Great Experance

The shipper was Great, No Problems, everything went smoothly and as promised. Thank you Steve

Great experience with shipping vehicle and move

I worked with Gene moving about 40 boxes, some very fragile with crystal and china - and also moving my car from Indiana to Arizona. Gene was fantastic! From the very beginning he was great with communication. He kept up with messages and got back to me quickly. He was able to meet my target price, and contacted me right away. Then after we made a "match" he emailed with his information, and ...

Moving after Knee Surgery

I'm a single guy, and my knee surgery right before moving ended up way more complicated than it was supposed to be. This resulted in my being on crutches for weeks surrounding this move. What a nightmare. As an athlete, I hate being idle, and as a single person moving myself across country, I hated having people do to much for me; but I had little choice. I was happy to find uShip, as moving co ...

Excellent compnay

Legal Transport was fantastic to work with. They showed up on time, were great to work with, delivered before the promised date, were in constant communication, worked hard, all for a great price. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Shipping Was Good

EastWest Connections was great moving my apartment from LA to NY. They worked around my schedule on pickup and delivery and were VERY affordable. Thanks, Adrian


If not for Uship and the winning bidder, just4PAWS, I might not have been able to afford to move my belongings from Florida to Arkansas. Overall experience was very good with minor things needing improvement (administrative). I will use, and recommend USHIP.

Painfree College Student Move!

Managing my daughters move from her high rise apartment in Boston an hour north to our home was the last thing I wanted to do during this busy holiday season. Fitting it in between a busy work week and New England weather events was challenge enough - let alone renting a truck and lugging the furniture myself! Christopher Kinsman and crew were a great find and a terrific value. They were clearl ...

The company was wonderful

I had a great experience. The mover was understanding, professional and very courteous. I will recommend to all of my friend's. His worker's were so professional. They truly know what they are doing. This is a great company and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Great Experience with Richard Johnson

Richard and his assistants were terrific! As I said in earlier message, they were professional, courteous and very enjoyable to be around. Richard kept in constant contact with me, which allayed my concerns about going with an independent trucker. He was excellent in packing. Price was great. Everything went more smoothly than expected. He made friends with all my neighbors, both leaving and ...

Move across town

My family and I were moving across town in Kalamazoo MI. Blueneck traveled 2 hours to my apt, was ontime on the day of our move and were done in about 3hours. A great experience.

Worth Every Penny

I was moving down the hall of my apartment complex and basically wanted someone to move the big stuff. The Erie Trucking guys did that and more, helping move a couple of things I forgot to list and taking down boxes on shelves over my head so that I could move them later without having to get them down by myself. They were friendly and efficient, even giving me a suggestion on how to layout my b ...



Everything's Back in Alpharetta

I am a telecoms consultant and my work makes me move a lot from one state to another. And as much as possible, I want to bring my family with me everywhere my work brings me. It is a tough thing to have them tag along with me, especially when my daughter started school in Dallas in September '06. Another tough thing is building a home wherever we go. And doing that means gaining household stuf ...

Uship helped me ship my Big life Change.

I decided to quit my desk job and go to art school in San Fran. Problem was I lived in Chicago. In order to save money on rent I had to move my entire studio apartment back to my parent's garage in Wisconsin. I didn't know any trusted moving companies. I read horror stories via Google about people having all of their belongings stolen. A friend of mine up and moved to California a year prior an ...

Great experience moving furniture for a party

I needed furniture moved from 3 rooms to a single room to clear the other rooms for a party. The move was done on time and with care.

Great move

I used these movers when I moved everything in my college apartment home from school. I was very worried about my move because I had never used movers in the past but these guys were awesome. They worked really well and really quickly and they were really nice people. I would by all means refer them to anyone looking to move something.

Great Experience shipping all our belongings

Great Ray Sanzo & Company. Great price. Great Communication and support (I was panicked, but Ray was comforting!) I would definitely use uShip again. Thank You - Elzabeth

Great experience shipping my Mother's Sentimental Items

My Mother passed away in November and I had a small amount of Sentimental Items that needed to be shipped from Arkansas to California. Robert did a great job and I received my items in great condition. Robeert wasn't the lowest bidder, but something about him seemed genuine and trustworthy. I went with my gut feeling and paid a bit more and it was worth it. I still feel the price was excellent ...

Great experience shipping irreplaceable items

John picked up my things in California. My shipment included all my pictures, expensive, one-of-a-kind artwork, military items from my service in Operation Enduring Freedom and many other things. He picked it up from my family ranch in California and delivered it to my house in Redford, Michigan. John was very helpful and polite. Before he got here my mom told me how nice he was and that he was ...

. Great experience !

Do not hesitate to submit a bid and consider strongly using the company I used - Crown Royal (may be blanked out due to U-Ship anonymity policy). Their customer support seemed available 24/7 and the movers kept in touch with me via cel phone every step of the way. Mine was not an easy move; multiple stops, stairways where heavy items had to be hauled - and all of this done "piggyback" with other ...

great guy! very helpful

Steven from LandLift made a very stressful time much less so. I was 9.5 months pregnant and moving from San Diego CA to Norfolk VA. My husband is active military and we are living off his income alone. I felt that steven went out of his way to help us with the move. i will definately recommend his service to a friend! Thanks so much steven!

Reliable, Efficient, and Friendly

Dan and his son did a great job on my move.

Saved several thousand dollars using Uship on a cross-country household move

My Uship mover, Diane Taylor, moved our 3-bedroom household from Virginia to Texas at a price less than half that of normal movers. She was also more flexible. When we updated the inventory to include more furniture and boxes than she originally bid on, she added a trailer to the truck to accommodate us. She also used technology (cell phone and WAN-based laptop for email) effectively to stay in ...

My experience shipping my piano.

My service provider, or the guy who won the bid, was excellent. I was moving a heavy piano. His price was OK. His dolly looked inadequite at first, but proved to be just right. I was in a rush to find a mover and ran through the deposit part on Uship. I was very put out to find out that that deposit wasn't toward the payment for the service, rather that it was toward Uship. It was a $20 de ...

moving 860 miles

I was needing to move my belongings 860 miles away to join my fiance-we had just bought a house. I happened to find uShip on the web, and decided to post my shipment, hoping to find someone to move it cheap enough that I wouldn't have to pull a uhaul trailer that far. I used Creative Moving, and Tony did an excellent job, the communication was superb, he treated my belongings as though they were h ...

Great experience moving "My Everything"

I was ending a long term relationship and needed help getting ALL OF MY THINGS moved. I posted on uShip, keeping my fingers crossed for a miracle due to having only a TWO day timeframe before my move. Most of the items in the house belonged to me so there was a lot to move. I got bids from several providers. HHG Moving and Delivery was the company that I decided to work with after asking questi ...

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