United States Shipping Stories (Household & Office Moves)

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Full Service Home Move from Metairie to Baton Rouge

After finishing nursing school in Metairie, I decided to move back to Baton Rouge with my son. I have very large heavy furniture and with school loans, I knew I could not afford a usual commercial moving business so I decided to give uship a try. I was very impressed with the quality movers (gabmeg) that came to move my household at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend gabmeg to anyone! ...

My small space has a new home!

In August 2007, I shipped my entire studio apartment because I was relocating back to the state where I grew up. Duane Sharrai was my service provider, and he was really timely about replying to my uShip inquiries and then after I accepted his bid, to my phone call questions and emails. His price was more than fair, especially compared to the "by weight" bids I'd gotten from the big moving compa ...

Whole house move NC to TX

jumpinjim found us great movers. the bidding company was sometimes hard to get a hold of after receiving the deposit check, but once the truck showed up our movers, Arthur & Michael, really made up for any problems we had. They are both so nice, so professional and personable. Throughout our move, we were more concerned about our movers, than about our "things". We just wanted them to be safe. ...

Simplified difficulties of move

I had to move a 1bdrm worth of stuff from VA to Chicago. Uship by far was the easiest way of selecting movers for the job.

moved our furniture and vehicle

If you have a move coming up please consider our mover. He is excellent vey knowlegable. He is a person of integrity. we highly vallued his service. He moved our new Prius on a flatbed trailer. If you have a move coming up please consider our mover. Jim

Moving Mommy

U-Ship helped me find Mike from Mountain Transport. He helped with all the obstacles moving intales as well as courteous and friendly. Helpful and knowledgable. Would use and recommend repeatedly!!!

Great experience shipping my furniture.

We were very pleased with the level of service provided by Jeff and his son. They had all of our belongings from a 2br house and we were nervous, but everything went great. We enjoyed working with them.

Best moving experience ever !

In relocating my family about 400 miles to Massachusetts, I needed to find a logical, inexpensive solution. As a minister with a limited budget, I needed to plan carefully. I called local movers and even did research on line but the prices quoted seemed to be a bit out of reach. I considered renting a truck and moving everything ourselves, but time did not allow us an easy way to do that. In my s ...

Super experience!

Shipped dog and a house full of stuff from 1000 miles away. I moved a year ago to NY and my stuff was still in GA. Jeff from Getitfast gave me the best deal going anywhere and he went way above the call of duty to get my stuff and the dog here safely, even delaying the trip a day due to concerns for the health of the dog. He was very reassurring all the way around. I was very nervous about doing a ...

I would highly recommend this service again!!

My beloved Aunt passed away on the 4th of July this year in Boise,Id and her daughters wanted me to have her bedroom set. They knew I didn't have one and it meant so much for them to think of me. I live in Washington State so was faced with how to get it there. I found the U-Ship site online and found it very easy to understand and send out my request for help. It was only a matter of a couple of ...

Great Experience in moving my 3 bed Home.

I wanted to have all the stuff in my 3 bed room house moved. This included dis-assembly and assembly of all my furniture. ClassAct trucking and moving made a very reasonable bid which was within my expectations. The were very professional and did a great job with no damage. Within a few hours all the stuff was in my new house and i was ready to settle in on the same day. I am sure to use uSHIP ...

Road Trip!

As it turned out through my own miscommunication, I had no ride that would get me to my destination by the time the movers arrived, they were so accomidating they offered to bring me along with my stuff!! It turned out to be more fun than greyhound!

My Saving Grace

I can't say enough great things about Ray & his team. They went above and beyond in every aspect. They were on time, moved very quickly, packed everything very carefully, and were very friendly. It was a little overwhelming with so many companies to choose from, but I'm so glad I chose Agape. It was truly a blessing. I highly recommend their services!

Moving across U.S.- Mi to CA

Dale is very professional and great. I was nervous using the site to find a mover. My bid was matched in less than two days and i accepted his bid. i spoke to him and we made arrangements for the move of my personal belongings. Pick up day and Drop off day went as planned. I am very pleased and happy to have used Uship and very grateful for people like Dale. I will be using him again in the fut ...

good experience with cross country move

My husband and I were moving from MN to WA. We had a 2 bdrm house to pack up and didn't want to do the driving ourselves. I was really happy with the price we got because it wasn't a great deal more than just renting a truck would have cost. Two movers came to the house and did an incredible job loading our stuff so compactly--I was amazed.

Why should I drive???

Recently moved stuff across country and found that U-ship was the way to go. After searching many truck rental companies, I found that just the truck rental alone would have been more than the entire move with U-ship. Moreover, some of the other companies did not even respond to my quote requests until after I had already completed my move with U-ship. I would definately recommend my preferred ...

Excellent handling of antique furniture!

Highly recommend Chase313 and his team! Excellent communication via e-mail & cell phone! Kept both parties informed as to scheduled pick-up & delivery dates & times! Shipped several antique furniture & chairs, mirror, glass desk top & china items from my mother's home in Pennsylvania to Missouri. Items delivered safely & excellent condition. Good price! Sure beat cost of my returning to PA. to ...

Hassle free shipping

I had all my belongings shipped from a 5x5 unit in OKC delivered to Western Ny. A year ago I moved back to NY and couldn't afford at that time to bring all my things with me. CMS owned by Gus was my service provider. He was on time, stayed in contact at all times and was very friendly. Very good price and yes, cheaper then any company I found. Gus was a trooper....his whole trip from OKC to N ...

Great experience moving from NJ to FL

I have moved many times, even cross country and this was the best moving serviceI have ever used. I recommend them highly.

Good move

My move was performed by Ernjun. Great guy, very helpful, understanding, communicative and reasonably priced. My move was from a storage unit in NJ to my apt. in MD. I would definitely keep him in ind for future moves and recommend him to anyone who needs help moving. Uship is a good place to start!!

Moving lots of stuff

I had so many boxes and alot of furniture, more than I initially realized. Because of this the move took awhile to complete. This experience has taught me to look at the big picture and to try to be as accurate as possible when estimating the amount that needs to be moved.

Good Experience

I was moving a 1 bedroom apartment to a two bedroom condo. The price was excellent, and the movers (jqueensnyc) were professional and very diligent. I did not realize how big my furniture was until they started moving. They had to take it up three flights of stairs, and I felt bad, but they never complained and used precaution. I will use uShip again.

Would not let a friend work with anyone else but Tim!

Tim and Will did an amazing Job! I am so happy to have found them on Uship. They deserve so much praise and I would highly recommend Tim's moving company for any of your moving jobs. Tim is so kind and professional and don't let the competitive rate fool you, they do a better job than anyone who would have charged 1K more! I will def recommend Tim to everyone I know.

Great experience moving my mom

The guys with Dependable Moving made a great impression on my mother and myself. As a military wife for most of her life, she has been moved many times by the army. She always compares everything to that. She was very pleased with the care that was given to her belongings and the consideration given to her. I am just pleased that she was pleased! They were a great deal of help since she was mo ...

Wonderful company to work with

I needed my stuff picked up from a storage unit and brought across the country to a new apartment. Class Act did a fantastic job; they were very professional and easy to work with. Since they had a job to do in my area, the price they gave me was better than others I found. I would definitely use them (and uShip!) again.

Honest, Professional and Friendly

After being scammed by another company it was wonderful to find a company [anyship (8)] that could be honest and friendly, to deal with. It was a household move from california to texas. They were on time and brought me & my son all of our worldly goods that we'd been without for 45 days. The guys were very nice and did all the loading and unloading quickly. I will use anyship (8) the next time ...

good experience,moving storage unit

I needed to get the items shipped,they ran a little behind but no problems happy they could help out,if needed i would tell a friend or use them again.thanks again.

Great experience shipping

This is my first time trying Ubid. On my first target rate I had a response within a day. I decided to lower my target rate and got another bid quickly. After communicating with Gary I decided to go with his bid. He was excellent, he was amazing. He came to my house to help me move and we realized that my stuff would have to be pushed up a small hill. With his help we were able to complete th ...

Sin to Repentance

Moved my employee's family from Las Vegas, NV to Montgomery, AL. The shipper was professional and easy to work with. I would recommend this shipper.

Excellent Job!!

Shipped household goods from apartment to new home. My service provider was Jimmy Rodriguez, and his crew, and they were outstanding; professional, courteous, helpful, careful. Thank you!!

Good Job Moving Apartment

We were moving a 1 bedroom apartment from Florida to Massachusetts. There was a bad Tropical Storm in Florida and ezmovers were still able to get to my Moms' house and start packing. That day it was about 100 degrees and they kep on packing and loading in that bad heat. My mother had extra boxes and they still charged us the same price. They made it to Massachusetts in 4 days and again it was a ho ...

Great experience moving

I was very stressed out with this moving; staying up all night packing until the moving day. This mover was a such a find in U-Ship. Because of them, my moving went smoother. The owner of the company, Angelo, kept great communications with me. He was very courteous, professional, and sweet, too. The guys who actually moved my stuff were so nice. Professional, kind, careful and cheerful. To ...

Great Expierience Shipping My Belongings

I recently moved and was debating on whether I should drive a truck or not. I was shipping my belongings (Bed, TV, Mirror, Clothes, etc...) My service provider was zippydelivery (Robbie) and he was great! Picked up and dropped off my stuff on time and at a great rate. He definitely was lower than others. Whenever I move again, I will use uShip again... and if available, I will use zippydelivery ...

Easy move experience

I wanted to get my items in storage out of state moved to where I live now, and between schedules, finding help etc...it was getting pushed back further and futher. Using U-SHip allowed me to pick dates that worked for me, look at bids so compare pricing, and get my items moved basically by just reading a few e-mails during my own spare time. I think it's a great idea that should work for most m ...

Great experience.

We had to move all of our furniture into a 3rd floor walkup and these movers never once complained despite how much stuff we had and how heavy it was. They were friendly and had great attitudes and it was definitely worth every penny.

Smoove moving out of state experience

This company, I highly recommend! the movers were curtious and professional. Since this was the first time I've had a moving company move me ( North Carolina to Pennsylvania) I was very concerned about things not going right. Everything went smoove according to plan and all my things were in tact! their prices were resonable too. Thanks, Bob to you and your crew! Dorothy

uship is fabulous for small job!

I am selling my home and needed to move the washer and dryer. Moving companies have no interest in such a small job, so I was having no luck with the yellow pages. I found UShip online and was able to hook up with someone who could do the job at my price and right away!

Move to Apartment

I moved to Ohio in the summer from a 3/2 house and now to a small apartment. Two moves in one year!! Of course the apartment move was much smaller. Easymovers did the 2nd move. They were great - professional and courteous. The price was the best around too. This was my first experience using a company through uship. My 1st quote was awarded to another company not through uship. I found a g ...

great job guys

though there were concerns with Jeff being a little under the weather, he and his son were fabulous. I strongly recommend them for your move!!

moving from nola to asheville nc

They did a great job and deserve more bids! They rolled in and where speedy but not abusive to my stuff. Friendly and all about making me happy. :) k.dehring

I shipped my home contents from oregon to california

I posted my items on U ship and within minutes I had a bid that was wonderful for me. I excepted it and Mark had my stuff loaded by that very evening and now I am not living in an empty appartment any more.(have been for a month) This has been a very good experience with U-ship for me and with Mark and his company . Thank you guys for all your help. Kathy

Fantastic furntiure move!!!

Mike with Trehauling was a pleasure to deal with. Super nice guy, as was his helper Shawn. Would not hesitate to recommend or use him again. He would be the first mover I would call. Great price, very professional, excellent packing, just all around great moving experience. Shipped my daughters furniture to her in San Diego. Everything arrived safe and on time...

Awesome move from Ohio to Texas

I put off moving for months because of the anticipated cost. When I found uShip, I thought I had nothing to lose, so decided to list my household and wait for bids. I had several reasonable bids, but the one I took was from a new mover out of Akron - akronboxtruck. He turned out to be terrific...responsible, conscientious, and well-equipped for the move. It was a modified self-move, so I had s ...

great price

Brandon and his partner are new to u-ship so I got lucky because they accepted my bid from MI to CA. The bid amount was all I could afford and no one else would pick it up but since Brandon was new they knew that taking my bid would help with their ratings. Good stuff!!!!

Professional Job

Delivery was quick and done in a professional manner. They seemed to takle care in their job and were very approachable.

2 AM moving...

Little did I, or my mover, know, but all the streets surrounding my apartment were blocked off because of a parade. Mr Hughes slept in his truck until 2 in the morning, when the streets were freed up, and moved my entire apartment (by himslef, no less) by 6 AM. It was completely amazing. He is trustworthy and competent, and will do whatever it takes to make the experience as positive as possible.

Uship won my heart.

In a world of over-priced shipping options and high markup, finding uUhip was a savior for our family. While other mainstream shipping companies were quoting me 4,000 to 5,000 dollars to move our house from Washington State to Arizona, uShip landed me a deal for less than half that. This gave our family a much needed lump of cash we originally were going to use for high shipping costs, to landscap ...

Moved everything i own for a new life! THANKS

I was born and raised in MICHIGAN with the economic distaster that the michigan legislature created. I lost my business, my home and my shop. I was forced to move my whole family, wife and two small children to the east cost to start a new life. I had local quotes of like 6K which i didn't have so what was i to do? I placed a request for bids on USHIP and got everything moved for under 2K "WOW WHA ...


thanks again for providing this service. great outcomes every time

good experience in home move

was given a fair price and was able to work with each others timing. Pleased with the job and would use services again.

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