United States Shipping Stories (Household & Office Moves)

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Equipment failure leads to extra effort

While the team lost a truck to mechanical failure, they produced a new vehicle and then delivered my belongings overnight, on a holiday, all with a smile. The whole experience was a pleasure and a great value. Thanks!

Love uship!

I had the best movers! They took care of all my belongings and genuinely wanted to provide great service. For the amount of stuff I have and the long distance drive- I am so blessed to have come across Central/Indy Deliveries. Will definitely use again!

2 bedroom apartment move

uShip is great! I moved apartments a few years ago, and it cost twice as much as my recent Jan 1st 2009 2 bedroom move. Longfa Trasportation took wonderful care of my possessions. I've been recommending uship to all of my friends. An excellent and incredibly useful site!

Moving on a Tight Budget

I was relocating from NJ to GA to join my fiance, so decided to ship all my belongings- a 1BR apt household. I had gotten initial outside quotes from $1400 down to $980. My fiance suggested uShip and the quotes kept coming down. I used the BOOK NOW & REQUEST A BID features which were were very helpful. I guess I must have saved at least $300 which was great because my budget was extremely tight. G ...

great experience moving my home

i moved furniture to another home i liked using uship because i was able to choose who i felt would be the best fit for me and also my price range i could aford. uship kept me in contact with various bids that were offered. also the company i used was great. i would definitly use uship again and recommend them to others, thanks again.

Shipping a Leather Couch

My sister passed away in October and the family is tryng to distribute items so her house can be sold. Although most items were small and could be packed into my car, her nearly-new leather couch was a different matter! I couldn't figure out how to get it from Decatur, GA to Murfreesboro, TN and decided to "let my fingers do the walking" on the Internet. I searched on moving companies, saw the ...

Amazing Experience moving

Roland and his guys were so wonderful. They moved everything so quickly! We really enjoyed having them help us, and they were really friendly, too! We moved a great deal of stuff into a bigger place, and we saved money using Uship. Rolando's got a lot of good feedback on Uship, and for good reason! He is definitely the one to go with in the northeast. They were absolutely first rate, huge tr ...

great experience

moved a very large 2 bedroom apartment, plus unloaded a uhaul, everything went smoothly, and fast, great job!

Move cross country

This was a pleasure and stress less move. Company has great employees. Phone numbers were provided, and movers been in touch. Nothing was broken, nothing was missing, it was a job well done. The price was fair. I would recommend this company anytime based on my experience. Five Star service!!!! Keep up the great work!!!


uship provided me with a time and cost saving alternative to moving my daughter home from collage myself. thanks ron

Exceptional shipper and great experience with site.

Your site connected me to an outstanding shipper. He went above and beyond to make sure everything I had would be moved. He was professional, hardworking and very easy to work with. I would recommend him to anyone who needs something moved. The site was easy to use and I was connected to many offers. Because of Uship and the shipper, what I thought was going to be a stressful, long drawn out ...

A diamond in the rough!

I have found a diamond in the rough with U-ship! For weeks I had been looking for a way to get my friends cushie couch, chair and ottoman up to Ohio from NC. She was getting new furniture, and I wanted her "old" stuff! My search for a WAY began. I started with the do-it-yourself way. Well, U-Haul wanted fifty cents a mile!! That was over 800.00 right there, not counting my gasoline. Then ...

Great experience moving a 1-BR apartment

This was my first uShip experience and I'll definitely do it again. I contracted with freightrunner50, a small family operated moving service, to move a 1-BR apt. I packed most items and had them wrap furniture and a mirror. They were so easy to work with. What made this match so successful was knowing exactly what services I needed and booking with a company that provided just what I asked for. ...

Great experience in our 3 bedroom move!

I am so pleased that I came across Uship on an internet search while seeking moving services. My service provider, familymantowing was fantastic. He delivered exactly what was promised, with reliability, timeliness, professionalism and with the utmost care for the contents of our home. Furthermore, his estimate was 30% below other estimates I had received on interstate moves. I was so pleased ...

vehicule and furniture

We moved from LA to boston. nothing else to say but we are very happy with their services. timing, and every thing else. good job !

Absolutely wonderful for a hard task!

I had to move from one state to another and moving is one of my least favorite events. Uship is provided me with a number of great quotes, kept me informed, was easy to use and I now recommend this service/site and the mover I ended up using to everyone! One headache made easy and affordable!

Good learning experience

I was looking for a way to get some of my things back from New Mexico to Kentucky. My husband is a dairy farmer and I work full time, so getting the time off to go and do it ourselves was just not possible. Of course, I won't go into the fact that one of us would have been dead at the end of the trip....he says I drive too fast and he drifts all over the road sight seeing. As you can see, it wo ...


I posted my needs on USHIP and had immediate bids (within 1 or 2 days) from a good number of potential shippers. This is my second move with a USHIP shipper. Since my financial position is troubled right now, I took the lowest bid with some trepidation. I should not have been afraid. I had a small 1 bedroom apartment but some big furniture and a w/d. Everything was moved quickly and with care ...

Great Experience!

These two guys were prompt, courteous and worked very hard to make sure my items were packed well. I was very relieved to find them on time, organized and able to meet all the deadlines. They will be used again, and references given.

The Move was Efficient and Professional

We had a lot of big and heavy items to move. Like kilns, woodworking tools, etc. MRSURPLUS was very easy to work with. It was a long day because the move was almost 100 miles away. So we wanted to get everything in one move. They were able to accomplish this and we were very happy with their service. Maryann

our 4th move in 2 years with the help of Uship

I'm a pilot and my job often requires me to move...sometimes at my on expense. My wife and I just moved for the 4th time in two years and it wouldn't have been possible without Uship! We packed up our 2 bedroom cottage and my wifes car and had everything shipped from Atlanta to Manassas, VA. Our stuff arrived 10 minutes after we signed our new lease and was completly offloaded less than 3 hour ...

Moving cross-country

We had very little money and had to move all of our stuff from Detroit, MI to Austin, TX. We found a reasonable bid and hired the mover. He was great and really went above and beyond to make our move as easy as possible. I will absolutely use him again.

uShip experience

Over all a good experience for a first time use of the service and provider(s). Glad my Mom referred us here.

The dreaded Ohio to Florida move done without a hitch! Really!

After being in Florida for 3 months, I decided it was time to finally make the move permenant. But trying to figure the best way to get my furniture here from Ohio was causing me major concerns. The I found UShip and Jeff Hyatt and all my prayers were answered. It was the smoothest move I have ever experienced! And I have moved about 8 times in my life. Plus we had some laughs along the way as Jef ...

Great Moving Experience for my Business!

We were moving a lot of office furniture that we purchased for our business so we contracted with EdwinsMoving for this job. I was a little reluctant to use a moving company that I did not have a reference for but we were extremely impressed with the job that was performed for us along with the price for the move. I will definitely use U-Ship for any moves we do (business or personal) in the fut ...

Studio apartment

They were very accommodating. They came an hour later as I requested, since I had not had the key for the new place. I did not prepare cash for the payment, and they drove me to the bank too. All in all, excellent service.

Fabulous duo!

I moved from Fayetteville, Arkansas to Manhattan, Kansas during the ice storm that hit Arkansas in ther last week of January 2009. Richard called to reschedule the pick-up and personally made sure that all the goods were carefully loaded into the truck. His colleague was just as good as Richard was and together they made my move such a hassle free experience. They took good care of my furniture, w ...

Great household move with UShip

UShip fills an important need. Bidding on UShip saved money over the estimate from the professional movers--the winning bidder's rate was very reasonable. Service was great too!

First time on UShip.

Great site. Helped me find a great mover. My fist time movin and Uship helped make everything smooth and comfortable for this newbie.

Great movers

There were fast friendly and completed my move quickly and efficiently. I would definitely use them again.



uShip is great

I like uShip concept. Last time I was not aware of uShip and had a terrible experience with a shipper found on internet (he is actually not a shipping company but a mediator) who quoted very less initially and took more money and more time. With uShip, I found a actual shipper who delivered as promised within my budget. I would recommend it to all...

I saved a ton!

I was moving because I got a new job on the east coast. A few of my friends told me that it had cost them almost twice the amount I paid, which left some money for me to buy groceries and such. I was a little nervous at first about using uship, but in the end everything worked out great and I saved a little money in the process.

Making 2 stops

Ricky helped me move all of the left over boxes that my movers wouldnt move. He also, assisted me in picking up a sectional sofa that I purchased from an individual. He was the first one to respond to my ad almost instantly after I posted.

Move from CO to DC

I had recently returned from a year of living abroad and within a month of trying to find a job I decided it was time for a major change. I decided to move to Washington, DC- having never been to the East Coast before. I needed a way to ship my items, all of which fit into a 5 x 4 storage unit stacked 6 feet high. I couldn't afford renting a truck and I couldn't attach a small hitch to my car. I w ...

Good experience

I had a good experience with shipping our house from Phoenix to Raleigh. The pickup time was nearly spot on but the delivery time was pushed back 3 days due to weather restraints. I would definitely recommend my shippers again!

Transfer from Rhode Island to Florida

My Uship experience was great I could not have gotten my move done in the required time frame and for that price I got it at without them.

Great experience

This is a great site and I could not have moved at the price I did without it. I have recommended this site to others. Thanks for the service!

Great Experience!!

I already told the story. They did a fantastic job! uShip is a great site and I want to thank them for making it all happen.

Move across the country was smooth and easy

I am so glad a friend turned me on to uShip! I had multiple bids within days, and my moving experience turned out to be easy and very inexpensive. I shipped most of my furniture from a 2 bedroom apartment from Phoenix to Chicago, which was a move I was not looking forward to doing myself. When I compared the prices I was quoted with the cost of doing it myself, it was a no-brainer! I would defi ...

First timer and really satisfied

It was my first time in using uShip.com. I came across the site as I was searching for a better to deal to ship my stuff from Memphis to Allentown. I was slightly negative using it since you get to deal with individual shippers. But since the deal I got was so cheap and easy to use, I am just amazed how good this uShip.com is. I immediately recommended it to my friends and they couldn't that such ...

Moving from AL to AZ

Moved my 88 yr old Mother from Assisted Living in AL to AZ where I live. I flew to AL to pack her up while I stayed with friends. Wade came one day early & had her belongngs on the truck when he called me at 8 a.m. He had to bring her bed back inside as she had to stay there one more night. I finished packing her that day & Wade came next a.m.--his scheduled day. His day early arrival was distr ...

Great experience with Georgia delivery

Rolando's service was superb! He arrived a lot later than planned, but communicated with me throughout the day. I coordinated this move for a family member, so the amount of items that needed to be moved was much higher than anticipated. Rolando was able to adjust the price on the spot to something a little higher but more than fair. He arrived in Georgia at lightning speed and the items delivered ...

Great experience shipping my one bedroom home.

We shipped roughly 35 boxes, a couch, and multiple children's items from Georgia to California. The move was faster than expected and everything was delivered in great condition. Communication was excellent and all questions were answered. We will definitely use uShip again for any future shipments.

Great 2 Bedroom Apt Move

A realatively simple 2 bedroom move to a city 50 miles away. So glad I found uShip and Mark Bibbie. 10/10.

Great experience for a first-time long-distance shipper

I highly recommend UShip to anyone. The ability to see feedback for each mover provides a great deal of comfort to those of us who've heard of or experienced a bad move. I saved $600+ by using uShip and had the assurance of knowing that I was dealing with a top-rated shipper. My mover, BGS, prides themselves on taking their time and care with your belongings, and they delivered on the that promise ...

Great experience shipping car and 1 bedroom appt.

I recently had lost my job in California and had found another in Florida, but my new company did not pay for relocation costs. I had to find an affordable way to ship my belongings and in the time frame I needed. UShip was great for this! Thanks Uship!

Pride and Joy!

Thank goodness for uShip! We were moving back to Florida from Arizona and decided to use a moving company. We were very much unaware that uShip ever existed and resorted to calling companies directly. Big mistake! With the prices quoted to us for the shipment we had - let's just say, We would've rather eaten nails! Moving a two bedroom apartment with just one recliner, 1 king and 1 queen size bed, ...

great experience moving my stuff !!!

we accepted a bid for a moving company and the experience was so great, we were scared about the moving company horror stories on tv but this was the best experience we had. our shipper called 5 times before our arrival date to confirm he was to come out and showed up 1/2 early and moved us in a fast pace but with great care, we just couldn't believe it. It cost us over 500 dollar for us to move i ...

Great 1st Time Experience!

I was a bit hesitant to use UShip, but everything worked out great. I needed to ship a 1Br apartment from San Diego to Phoenix and everything worked out great. I received about a dozen bids (very quick) and went with someone that had less feedback than most. He worked out great. Timely, careful & great communication. UShip is a winner!

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