United States Shipping Stories (Heavy Equipment)

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Ease of use

I had a truck that had to be shipped to my site. I had heard of UShip, so I decides to look at the UShip website. It was much easier to use than I anticipated, and I had very good results. I will recommend it to others based on my experience.

Excellent Service Shipping Skid Steer

I purchased a Skid Steer loader on Ebay the loader was located in Bakersfield CA. I live in North Central NE. I contacted a Freight Co that delivers in our area to see if they could haul it. They put me in touch with the CA office they said no problem they sent a truck out that day but they sent a cube van with a lift gate to load a skid steer loader. Needless to say it did not work. I accepted a ...

Great experience shipping my 400G dozer

I purchased a John deere 400G dozer on Ebay. The dozer was located in Graham WA and I live in Salem, OR. Uship provided me with a number of bids within the first week. I made my selection based on price and positive feedback. Once I made my selection, my dozer was shipped to me within two days. The service was excellant! I was kept informed at all times during transport and deliver. I would ...

Great Experience

Kyle managed to ship my ovesize Jeep to Baltimore port. He did this with constant communication and flecxibility. Great job ! Jay

Great experience shipping my tractor

This was my first time to use USHIP. It was definitely a trouble-free experience. If all of the "haulers" are like David, I will definitely use the service again! Good luck to you! Jim McNeill, San Antonio, TX

backhoe relocated 150 miles

Relocated a machine 150 miles, Uship saved me between 250 and 1000 dollars predicated on the bids I had recived from other shipping brokers, who I might add still have not booked or followed up thier original quotes. Uship bids were recived the next day and with in 7 days the machine was moved without incident. If you have something to ship and you can factually discribe what your needs are uship ...

Very good Service

The service is marvelous, Very professional and excellent service! I was kept informed from start to finish. Dispatcher was great to work with. I would highly recommend using this company You have me as a recurring customer now. Thanks for the good service again

Great Experience

My move required to go from the extreme Northwest corner of the country to the Southeast part of the country; over 3000 miles. The shipping company I used, "Auto Mated Transporters" was fantastic. They picked up when they said they would and delivered right on time keeping me informed all the way. The customer service was second to none, they really made me feel comfortable about my shipment. I h ...

trucking of tractor

Thanks to uship I got a great rate on trucking a small tractor 1450 miles. It is a great service as it appears that many companies read it's contacts for shipments. Many companies bid on my tractor. Thank you uship. Ron Baruth

Bobcat T250

I shopped online looking for a good Bobcat T250 that someone really wanted to sale at a good price. One in Herrington DE stood out from all the rest, so I contacted the buyer and bought it. I really did not want to haul a trailer from Mississippi to DE so I took the suggestion of the seller and whent to the UShip website and set my price. When I awoke the next morning I had a very reasonable of ...

...shipping of my small tractor...

...was very interesting experience. I was initially put off by regular shippers who were only in it for the money and very uncooperative when I tried to be as accommodating as possible. I was tired of dealing with the commercial outfit and went to UShip, which connected me with AnsonFarmTransport and they were absolutely great to work with. And, they saved me substantial money, at least a third ...

great experience

didnt know uship can deliver but thanks to garryb it was a deserving experience that i will continue to use. thanks.

First time shipping

I was very aprehensive about this type of set up, but it went very well. The whole process was very smooth. The job was prefessionally and at a competitive price. Thanks!

shipper worked through problems to ship my load

My shipper, worldwidejoe, was hired to ship a lawnmower for me on his return trip from another shipping job. The day before he was to pick up the machine, he called to tell me somehow the wiring to his trailer had caught on fire and started his truck burning. As he tried to put the fire out on the side of the interstate, a police officer pulled up and demanded he stop trying to deal with the fire ...

Great experience

Corey thanks for delivering my backhoe safely and on time. You were very professional and you communicated with me several time during the trip to let me know everything was ok and on time. Sorry it took so long to get it unload. But as we talked, if they would have loaded it the other direction, it would have made things easier. I would not hesitate to have you delivery something else for me if t ...

Good experience shipping tractor and other items

My items were odd - a tractor, bush hog, and very large play house. Listing was simple and the bids started coming in. I could communicate back and forth with bidders to determine which would fit my needs the best.

great experience

We shipped my husband's new "toy" bulldozer and everything was perfect. The site was easy to use and we had several bids to choose from. I'm sure we saved money since the verbal estimates we had from some companies were twice what we paid and the service by the chosen carrier couldn't have been better. They were professional and honest in every way. We will use uShip again.

Model A Tractor

First time doing business on uship and was very pleased with the service. My item was delivered in a timely manner with professional service. Thanks.

another great job

I posted a truck that needed moving across the country. It was bid on and in 2 days the truck was on it's way. Not an easy move for such a large vehicle but they mad it happen. Thanks uship.

quick and easy shipment

This was our first time using uship and it was so easy. We bought a grapler dump truck from Florida and needed it to be transported to California. We thought the process of finding someone to transport the truck for the right price would be a pain in the rear. But luckily I came across Uship on the internet. This made our the experience painless and we saved money. The transporter, TRKR1960, was ...

Great job shipping a difficult and heavy load

I had a John Deere Tractor with Loader and backhoe moved from Texas to Montana. Backhoe didn't function so made for a hard time loading and unloading. Despite Mechanical problems load was delivered Safe and timely.

What a site

uShip site has everything possible. Outstanding documentation, easy to navigate, the shipping price estimator is awesome and the amount of bids received is remarkable. I will not hesitate every again to ship stuff cross-country. Very pleasurable experience.

Shipment of tractors

This was the first time I used uShip and it was a very smooth transaction and shipment went very well. I will use again.

Firetruck delivered by Kodiak Transport

Delivery as promised and with excellent communication throughout the entire delivery process. Hassle free friendly service. I would highly recommend. Kodiak Transport delivered an 8 ton firetruck from Prescott Valley AZ to Fremont CA.

Phenomenal Forum

This website is an ingenious idea to connect freight haulers with customers across the board! Working for a corporation, I needed a tractor shipped to another location, however, by the time the news had trickled down to me, the tractor needed to be there yesterday! With UShip, I beat the best estimated shipping time, against four other mainstream freight companies, and saved over $800 using UShip, ...

Shipped my tractor from Ct to Pa.

Jim and Sue were great to deal with. Great price, and prompt delivery. Took care of contacting the seller for pick up. Even gave me a crash course in driving my new tractor.

Boris the tractor

I had to get my newly purchased Belarus 825 trucked 350 miles. UShip was the only outlet I used to find a hauler that could help me. Thanks UShip.com!!!!

Backhoe Hauling

I was looking for a Driver that had the ability too load and ship my backhoe in a proper and professional manner. I was able to find the right person for the job with your service Uship.Brian did a great job of chaining and securing the backhoe for the trip down from New York to Pennsylvania. As a CDL driver myself the need for proper placement of chains & binders on a backhoe is of upmost importa ...

Shipping of truck

Floyd Dotter aka Expediter was just great! We are so appreciative of his stellar service and will use him again. Such a pleasant and professional man. He has many years of experience and it shows. He knew exactly how to position the truck to distribute the load on the flatbed and was careful and accurate in getting this big stakebed truck loaded. I was impressed! He took great care with our equipm ...

Fast Delivery and Excellent Experience with Bill from Bilcotrans !"

Thank You for delivery, Bill!!! Excellent experience!!! Very Fast and Good Delivery!!! Fair Price!!!! Bill was wonderful to work with from the beginning. Answers all questions before we accept the bid. Contact immediately after match been made and work on every detail, regarding the pick up and delivery. Always answers his phone and He communicated very well throughout the whole process and kep ...

Great experience shipping my vehicle

I purchased a bucket truck on ebay. The average person doesn't know how to ship large freight like construction equipment. Uship takes care of that for us. Uship does all the leg work. My service provider was absolutely GREAT! I would definately use the s.p. again. He did a great job. I would definately use uShip again.

JOhn Deere 350 dozer

The party at the other end was remote from the shipping location and not extremely motivated. The shipping date shifted several times and when we got close, a construction project required moving the loading point. The Shipping provider was patient, flexible, and got the job done at the bid price.

Terramite Backhoe

Purchased a terramite backhoe and the seller recommended UShip.com. I had never heard of them before but decided to give it a try. Very impressed. Received four or five bid very quickly. Accepted a bid and the guys delivered it in two days. I live out in the country but these guys found me. They had called earlier and estimated they would arrive at 2:00am. They pulled in my driveway at 2:05am. Exc ...

Great service

Was my first time to ship a large machine. I did not know where to go. I found uShip while doing a search. I posted and got some great prices. I would recommended to anyone. It is a great exposure to many vendors and it is a time saver. Did not have to spend many hours over the phone.

My first UShip load

Shipper a 4000 pound mower 1300 miles without a proplem. Received several bids and after choosing the best for me, the shipment arrived quickly and in great condition. I plan to use UShip amy time that I get the chance. I was a little surprised about the fee to UShip, but the savings in shipping costs made up for that.

Real easy to find a transporter...

I had numerous bids in a matter of hours. I never would have known how to get these tractors moved otherwise.

Shipping a cherished firetruck

About a year ago, I purchased the 1966 Chevrolet firetruck that my hometown replaced. My father had served as the Assistant Fire Chief for the volunteer department for all the time I lived in town. He is most likely the only one to have ever serviced this truck and there are pictures of him and I in front of the truck prior to a local parade some 30 years ago. The truck stayed with my parents u ...

Kubota 2850

Scott picked up tractor on very short notice and still managed to arrive a full day ahead of schedule. Excellent communication, quality service!

Great Experience!

Denis was great. He did everything he said he would. Great People to work with. We will definately use them in the future for our hauling needs!

Great shipper

Marty was on time and hauled my load at a fair price. I was very happy with the care he took and how helpful he was during the unloading phase. I definately will recommend him to anyone.

a good sweet and sour experieance

well this is a good one as i'm in the bank wiring money uship calls the lady on the phone said hi there sir did you book a shippent with so an so yes I reply then she said to stop any payments it is a duplicat account so I say its a what and the bank teller is saying sir what is the account number it was like uship was watching with a satellite so the teller said sir what do you want to do I said ...

Best experience ever with shipping

Del is the best; went out of his way to get my dozer shipped i wou highy recommend his service i was never in doubt about the shipping process nor in doubt about delivery. Had some difficult problems to overcome and still made timely delivery. Thanks Del


I had a great deal on a tractor, 1100 miles away. Between the options of pick it up myself and contacting several transporters, it was looking like it wasn't such a deal. But then I tried uship & within an hour I was hooked up with Brian and four days later I'm on my tractor. Thank you Brian! Judy

Kenworth T300

I shipped a truck from Tenn to Ohio the broker was great the actual trucking company damaged item and would not return calls or take care of damage after repaeted broke and customer calls

Great job shipping my trencher

Steve did a great job and was reasonable priced delivered on time just as quoted. Would definitely recommend his services.

First Time Shipping Equipment

This was my first time using an online service for shipping heavy equipment and I did not know what to expect. Uship is an excellent way to prospect for what you need. Bilco Trucking did an amazing job handling it all for me. I will do it the same way next time.

Smooth transaction - great services!!!

Purchased a dump truck on eBay and needed to have it delivered to us in another state. We had quite a few bids and selected a company based on availability (and their service record). The move went without a hitch! Our truck arrived when promised. Provider was really nice, and professional! Thanks so much!!

Fire Truck Move

Sort of a dull story, but there ya go: blown head gasket on a collectible fire truck, and a ROP class offered to take on the repair -- 250 miles to the south. Clicks on uShip, found a local driver, and the rest is history...

Tractor shipmet

Jim is a great guy to work with, He handled my shipment as if it was his own. I reccomend him to anyone that needs anythng transported. A real pleasure!!!! It good to see a honest man!!!!!!!

Backhoe shipment

It was great, within 1 day I had 5 bids. All I had to do was pick one. And I picked the right one, couldn't ask for better service. Truck driver was from my state so he was coming home. Thanks

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