United States Shipping Stories (Heavy Equipment)

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Good job

I was very pleased with the whole process I would do it again especially with honest people such as jellison. Thank you.


uship helped me contact just the righ carrier to move my machine and I was very pleased with the results. They saved me a lot of time hunting for someone to do this transport. thanks uship very simple and easy to use recommend to anyone

Great people shipping a generator

I receive a competitive bid from Southeast Transport. I researched the company rating on Uship and found that they have a 100% positive rating. The shipper was punctual, courteous, and careful with the item shiped for me. I would definitely use them again.

Shipping a Backhoe

Purchased a backhoe with no way to transport it home. Couldn't settle a deal with transport companies over the phone. Most were way to expensive and would require multiple days or weeks to set up shipping schedules. Created a Uship shipment to transport our backhoe from South Carolina to Virginia. After two days, received a great bid from tomt2191 and he could do it immediately. Booked the company ...



Shipped john Deer Tractor from Denver Co to small Town Adin Ca

Bahn Transport is a small family owned business in Tenn that is determined to come through. There were some driver issues that caused them to revise shipping plans and understanable weather delays; about three storms rolled through dropping 1 foot of snow. I picked Bahn for the price knowing that I did not have a tight schedule to hold too, but just wanted to ship a family tractor back to my fam ...

R B Site choas

System worked well for analizing potential carriers and quotations but created chaos at R B sale site with to many trucks arriving at once

Boiler arrived on time and in great shape!

Was told that we had to have permits for over wide load and was billed that way. Boiler arrived and parts had been removed so that it was not over wide. I did not have a problem with removing the parts but the shipping price never changed.



Got it to me

Picked up a none running forklift for me in Indianapolis Indiana I live in Menomonie WI almost a 500 mile haul. Hauled it for a little more than a $1.00 a loaded mile. Can't ask for a better rate. Thank You Erik

I purchased a Case 680H backhoe on eBay without a way to haul it

I purchased a Case 680H backhoe on eBay without a way to haul it. The eBay seller suggested that I try uship.com and I did. I received three bids within minutes. After reading all of the transporters feedback (all three transporters had good feedback) and other information such as insurance, equipment and experience. I chose Haul It All Transport. It was not the lowest bid but it was the company t ...

shipping by eric brendle

very pleasant and smooth experience. eric is first class and highly recommended by me. great communication and promptness and professional in every way.

Shipping my Allis 190xt

I found a tractor that I have wanted since I was a little kid. To get it home was a job that I could not do myself. It had to come 688 miles.Through uShip I was offered a lot of bids to bring her home. I finally found the company that I thought best represented my needs. The driver was awesome and my fears were put to rest very quickly after my very first conversation with him. He is a very good m ...

John Deere 6620

My experience with USHIP was great. I found that the prices were very competitive and I really enjoy the layout and ease of the website.

New way to ship

Forget about scheduled carriers. They transfer your goods from truck to warehouse, warehouse to truck and one carrier to another. Every time they transfer, they break things. Their forklift operators specialize in mishandling crates. And you pay for all this heavily. Why take a chance ? Use independent, private Truckers. Let them bid the lowest possible price on UShip. They have personal i ...

skid steer transport

superb way to get competitive bids and manage the process. Have used uship a number of times now. will continue to do so for a long time !!

Vehicle shipments

U ship is a real time saver. Qualified transports quoting on our need to move three dump trucks via flatbed. The number of responses for our moves was great and that definately added to our opportunity to save money. The transported moved our units without any hassles. It is nice to know that people are still pulling together to get things done, regardless of today's media of doom and gloom. ...


We had an equipment transfer and they took care of everything extremely fast and very nice to work with.

2005-Freightline M2106

I have had the best service on my Truck transported from IN to NY Ben was the guy to deal with.Thanks

John Deere Tractor

This was my first time securing a transport carrier and uShip was very helpful. Mr. Bob Eubanks, is a very professional and courteous individual. I wish Mr. Eubanks and his company the best. He was not the lowest bid, but I am sure he was the best bid. His attention to customer service is of the caliber I have not experienced in some time. I would also like to thank uShip for their service. I don' ...

Shipment of tractor

I had a limited time to locate a shipper to move a 7500 lbs tractor. uShip provided a convenient web site to link up my shipment with a provider. The shipment was delivered in a timely manner for a good price. I would not have been able to locate the provider otherwise. The requirements associated with the use of the web site indicated the site was well monitored and designed to ensure integri ...

Easy shipment of my tractor

I purchased a John Deere 790 tractor in Southern Maine and placed the shipment bid on Uship. Within hours started getting responses. It took the anxiety out of how I was going to get my tractor home. It was delivered a few days later to Downeast Maine, no problems.

Outstanding shipping of mower

Ordered mower from Ohio to be shipped to Florida. Placed a bid for shipping, first time user to u-ship. Not sure what to expect, but the experience was good. I was given several bids to transport my mower, but was greatly impressed with the information and price given to transport my mower, $300.00 cheaper than compatition. Questions were answered in a timely manner. Picking the transporter - ...

Probably saved my marriage!

Just kidding but I was planning on making a 1400 mile road trip to pick up my newly purchased manlift (11,600 lbs) and it became clear that I really didn't have the right rig to pull such a heavy load and was considering purchasing more equipment to handle the load (this is where the wifey comes in) so I started looking for a shipper and found uship online. I was impressed from the start with the ...

great experience

I have never shipped anything this big before, and never this far. I was a litte scared, but I could'nt find the loader i wanted locally so I had no choice. These guys handled everything, all I had to do is book the shipment on u-ship and pay for my equipment, they did the rest. In fact they called the equipment place and set everything up for the pick-up. When they were on their way I was in cons ...

kubota tractor, implements and truck

uShip is Great! Super easy site and very fast results. Service provider did a great job. Will use uShip again!

Great experience shipping my vehicle

Had 2 asphalt rollers sent from Olympia Washington to Québec Canada. Got many quotations and had great service with the company selected. Will use again in future.

Shipping loader/backhoe

Everything went well, on schedule and without complications. I would recommend this shipper. Load went from Houston TX to S.E. Montana.

Great experience

Everything went well as promised, unlike some others that will take deposit and not deliver. She did not ask for a penny until the job was completed. Very satisfied.

wonderful transaction

Makes me want to use uship again, very pleasant experience, It worked the way it was supposed to. Thankyou

Transporting of 46 chevy 1 1/2 ton truck

I purchased my 1946 chevy 1 1/2 ton on ebay. I would not buy this truck until I found a transporting company to deliver it. The description of the truck was given to potential contractor and a deal was made to deliver my truck to North Carolina for $1300. I purchased the truck and the trucking company gave me a pick up date. after the pick up date had passed my truck had not been picked up. I kept ...

Quick response time.

I live in Texas and bought a $300,000 piece of equipment at an auction in Canada. The auction company wanted the equipment off the lot in one week. So I used uship and posted a book it now price and within two days I had the shipment booked and it was picked up the following day. The only hold up was having to take care of all the customs paperwork which was a good experience as the next time I ...

Great experience on Uship

I tried Uship for the first time in April 2009. The job I posted was to transfer a tractor from Indiana to Oklahoma. I received several bids within hours of the posting and was able to find the price and service level I was looking for within two days. The service provider did a great job and I am very pleased with my experience.

Flow Hood from LA

A large unit from LA to San Jose, 1100 pounds. Delivered as promised, with a problem solving driver. Great service and courtesy, speed, communication.

Uship lacks disclosures in advance

Uship did not specify how much or what percent I will need to pay online as deposit after accepting the bid offer. In addition, there was extra fees that I learnt I was to pay. This was not mentioned while placing the ad. In over all, if all the disclosures are made in advance, Uship would be a better place for shipment

Great Experience Shipping a 75' Aerial Firetruck

We are a small Volunteer Fire Department in Iowa and were looking for an Aerial that would fit our needs and price range. When we found one in Lake Harmony, PA, we just needed to figure out how it was going to make the 900 mile trip home. We listed our shipment on UShip.com and within a few hours had several bids to choose from. When the city council gave us the go ahead to pick a shipping co ...

Great shipping on 14,000 lb boom lift

I worked for 3 weeks trying to get 3 quotes on transportation from OH to northern ND. Very difficult to put together as back hauling was slow. I listed my frieght on uship and within 24 hours I had 9 quotes. U-Ship is very well thought out, user friendly and had good information on the shippers. It was a slam dunk and it beat the best rate we had by 35%.

large dozer

theses guys are great, moved a large dozer cross country and did an great job i,ll definitely use them again.thanks again

Great experience shipping Motor Grader

We purchased a Motor Grader from a seller in Ohio(over 1500 miles away)and needed it shipped to us in Wyoming. We tried Uship for the 1st time and within 2 hours had a bid offer. After completing our bid we made contact with the carrier and set up a pickup time and within 2 days had our 1970 T-500 Galion Motor Grader delivered to our house. The communication was great the whole time of loading ...

Wow, you find me a better system to Ship stuff !! bet you can't !

This is our first time shipping and you can imagine how scared stiff we were when we heard the horror stories from the handlers at those other "Corp. Shippers". One guy suggested we box it up like if it were going thru a blast zone. We said... lets try uShip services, they are reasonally priced and maybe they have a way to rate the shipper and sure enough they do. The shipper response was immediat ...

great experience shipping our farm equipment

We were happy to find this site. It looks like there are a lot of honest people who are available. We were happy to find someone who would load and unload and tie down the equipment. Many only want to drive and not load or unload. We were happly with the price. Great opportunity for all. Thanks.

It was so easy !

I purchased a John Deere 310G backhoe from United Rentals some 550 miles away. And all I had to do was provide the addresses on UShip.Rapidfiretx made a bid, I accepted the bid on Thursday, and Allan unloaded the backhoe on Saturday.I wish all of life was so easy. And it cost about 50% less than the big trucklines I called, and it takes days to get a price from them guys.Thanks UShip. Tim Richard ...

Shipping farm equipment

Needed to ship large tractor and disk harrow from middle florida to middle georgia. Received many competive bids. Before accepting a bid, I had to revise my shipment to include 2000 lbs. spreader. New bids came in and accepted bid on a sunday - requested shipper to arrange for shipment on following thursday. Shipper communicated excellently and aranged for pick up and delivery as promise based ...


I needed a Power Only haul, I accepted there bid with in hours I had my load set up for the next day. Driver was punctual and very proffesional. My haul was delivered on time and had great communication with driver. GREAT COMPANY

1200 lbs of steel skidloader tracks

Item was pickup up on schedule and was delivered on schedule without any snags and also was very well communicated via telephone, what a great experience with oldgloryfreight.

Wapiti Wy to Indiana farm. Job well done

We purchased a bull dozer in Wy and wanted to get it to Southern Indiana. Did not know didly squat about shipping, found uship on the internet. Uship was great. The bid we accepted was about 75% of first bid. Our drop off location was difficult. No turn around and a mile soft county road. Neighbor a mile away let us take out a fence post near a bank. The driver backed up, we built a ramp ...

Great experience shipping my tractor.

I purchased a tractor about 1000 miles from home. Seller recommended uShip to me. I went online and looked it up, listed the tractor and within a few hours had multiple bids at a lot lower price than I expected. Picked a great shipper who delivered on time and was very professional. Had used other shippers in the past, never again, uShip is the only way to ship large items. Thanks again.

Buying an out of state tractor?

Living in San Diego county, trying to find a good deal on a low-hour tractor was almost impossible. There's just not enough farming happening around here. So, I looked into buying one in Texas, where they are like belly buttons. But to make this deal come together and make $ense, I needed to find a low cost shipper that would work with my needs. So along comes Tim Lee and he put together a deal to ...

E-mail to complete listing shipment

I am not the most technologically oriented person but listing the shipment was a little involved. That was not too bad but when it came to completing the listing I was instructed that an e-mail would be sent in a few minutes. If it didn't arrive in a few minutes then I should click on link and I could complete my listing from the on-line page. I waited for about an hour for the e-mail and it di ...

Uship found them when I couldn't!

I shopped around for a trucking company to pick up and deliver two 40' shipping containers and all of the companies were very expensive and they usually didn't have the right equipment. Uship allowed me to hire a company with the necessary equipment, good reviews, and a reasonable rate.

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