European Union Shipping Stories (Special Care Items)

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Shipping a piece of furniture from England to Continental Europe

I can report that I had good experience in the use of uShip, as it allowed me to timely find a good service at a competitive price.

great experience moving our furniture

We had a very large grand piano shipped from Portugal to Swansea.I would like to stress that Pathfinder were honest about there little experience in moving pianos, but I had made provision for the piano to have professional assistance either end of the journey. My parents are very old and quite ill, and Pathfinder were very courteous towards them (it was my father's piano and furniture that was be ...

shipping from uk to Greece

ebcargo were helpful and sorted out insurance for my artworks to be sent to Greece, this was good because original artworks are difficult to insure; looking at the details of the insurance policy I realized they had worked around this by insuring the package as Art prints, a clever work around which I will be employing myself in future to send my shipments direct with the courier which is of cours ...

Stories: 1 - 3 of 3