eBay Shipping Stories (Household Goods)

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How else could I have shipped this item?

Here's the story - I just got divorced and moved to Florida.  My ex was responsible for shipping my things and - what a surprise - he left out my favorite piece of furniture.  It was a mid-century modern credenza that I really loved and it looked great with my dining room set.  Well, rather than fight that battle, I decided to find a replacement piece and shopped Ebay until I found ...

Great experience shipping lawn tractor

This is a great service for those EBay items that are too big for the mail.  I bought a small lawn tractor and mower deck and had it shipped from Wisconsin to Southern Texas.  Shipper coordinated with seller for pickup and kept me continually advised of the truck's schedule.  The cost was above my target price, but still reasonable.  Uship os a great idea!

Brought my Hi Fi home!

Ike did an excellent job in record time delivering a vintage Hi Fi I bought on Ebay from Chicago to Northern NJ. I will be using his services again for sure!

First Time Using Uship

I really didn't know what to expect, first time using Uship I got a few high bids and a few bids right at my price range.  I communicated with one individual that was flexible with his pricing and time frame of delivery and he was the person I went with.  Dan4less was helpful at both the loading end and the drop-off point.  both parties felt his service and pricing was more than fai ...

Tom contacted me, after I posted my chairs. He enjoys a well deserved 100% rating. Thanks Tom!

Tom contacted me, after I posted my chairs. He enjoys a well deserved 100% rating. Thanks Tom!

Great experience shipping

This was a great tool.  Very easy to use and we found a great, realible shipper!

Great experience shipping delicate items.

Gary was great. He took extra care of delicate antique furniture. Highly recommended.

Great Expericence having wood stove shipped to me.


Larry is the best!  Best communication. NO delays!  Just the BEST.   He is so careful with furniture.  He is an expert in moving! 

Very Professional

I had an excellent experience dealing with my shipper and uship.com.  I would definitely recommend them and use them again.  Thank you very much.

Great experience shipping my elliptical

I received a bid in minutes and was provided an excellent shipping experience.  The shipping provider kept me in the loop the whole time and was courteous and careful with my shipment.  Excellent experience.

Excellent service in shipping my sideboard

I have been selling items on eBay for a couple of years, but I always hesitated to try to sell furniture because I didn't want to hassle with trying to find a shipper.  But I had a few pieces of furniture that I needed to sell so I gave it a try.  I had heard about uShip at an eBay convention so I went to their website to see how it worked.  The uShip site made the listing very ...


Bought a moped on ebay. He delivered it on time and in good condition. I was impressed by uship.

Great Experience shipping ebay furniture Auction

I  won an Ebay Auction for a Tall dresser and 2 night tables for a very nice price, the problem was how to get the items here. This is where Luis and his Crew on DO IT ALL EXPRESS DELIVERY or aka (jmav)came to the rescue on uship it He did not offer the best price of the bids,but it was resonable and he offered the flexibility needed. This was my very first experience on Uship ...

Totally Awesome Delivery of Antique Cedar Chest

My wife asked me to build her a cedar chest for Christmas.  Right!  I did look into cost of materials and expected time to build.  Would have invested over $500 in time/materials to get it done and probably ended up with something that looked like Bob the Builder's apprentice made it.  So, I started looking for one at furniture dealers.  Except for the junk that you p ...

Bulky/heavy exercise equipment

I received a bid from Keith Ernest and was pleasantly surprised at how reasonable his bid was,  He offered great communication throughout the process.  When he picked up the 500 pound machine he broke it down and after arriving at my home he carefully figured out the right way to get it into the house.  He put it back together perfectly carrying all of the right tools.  I ...

Backhoe Attachment

I purchased a backhoe attachment on ebay...and found that shipping is not as easy as it may seem. Most companies charge a lot and require that you have someone there to do all loading/unloading. they want money up front and make no guarantees. Uship allowed me to find a fantastic carrier that came through on a moments notice and provided me with exactly the leel of customer service I needed. Thank ...

Furniture arrived beautifully

This was a great experience I bought furniture on e-bay and I had to pay to ship it myself.  I heard about u-ship from the seller.  This was such an easy way to get bids and find the one that was best for me for my time line and my price range.  Thank you u-ship for a stress free experience this was fantastic.

great shipping experience with antique speakers

I purchased some antique Klipsh La Scala speakers on E-bay. The speakers were located in Chico Calif. and I live near Saint Louis Missouri. Quick delivery, great price, and friendly, professional service. Will definately use Brian again and recommend him to anyone. Best shipping experience I have had!

Pallet from Maine to Ontario - piece of cake!

First Time User

This was my first UShip experience and the service I received from my shipper far exceeded my expectations. Uship made it easy to get quotes, choose a shipper and complete the transaction. I will definately be back.

great shipper

eLeofiredtragon was an excellent shipper.  He kept me informed on when the lawnmower was pickup was, when he was in route, and when he would deliever, as well as when he delievered the mower to a friends business.  He bid my target price, which was lower than anyone else.  Would highly recommend this shipper again.  I would use uShip again.  I found with uShip, y ...




this man mark was truely a godsend, he was personable ,friendly and patient, he call to introduce himself and i told him how truely busy i was, so he took care of everything. my heavy stove was in perfect condition when it arrived. he truely conducted himself like a neighbor . this art of costumer service is truely fading away but with Mark it,s truely a part of his character. that is refreshing a ...

Excellent price, service, and made an extra effort and would deal with Steve again.

Good job keeping me up to date with the goods being on its way

Outstanding delivery time. Appreciate the extra effort placed during bad weather in making the delivery on time.

great shippment,prompt delivery,item in excellent condition

antique reproduction kitchen range

Great Carrier

I think I said it all in my feedback. This carrier is great. Adamantine Spine Moving from, Iowa City, IA did the finest job at th ...

Moving my Bowflex

I bought a Bow-Flex machine from someone who lived only one state away so that I could save the money on shipping. BIG mistake. My husband and I drove up to pick the machine up, and while we were loading it (HEAVY) in our pick-up, the main unit slipped, knocked me off the truck, and I ended up in the Emergency Room (via ambulance) with 7 staples in my head and a broken rib. And a bill that is m ...

Shipping a storm shelter

My parents were hit hard by Hurricane Rita, had no insurance and generally got no help from FEMA or any agency even though they are elderly.  Rita is the forgotton storm overshadowed by the news coverage of New Orleans.  Anyway, we vowed not to be a victim ever again so I had been looking around for a storm shelter.  I found one that fit our needs in California but shipping to Texas ...

Knight moves says the day

We were having a terrible time finding someone to bring our bed from GA to NM.  We made a match and then the people were not upholding there end of the deal which made it seem that we would never find someone who would actually bring us the bed.  We lost out on money to the first try due to them not wanting to keep contact or follow through.  Mr. Knight came in and bid and saved the ...

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