eBay Shipping Stories (Heavy Equipment)

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another great experience

This was my fifth positive shipping experience I have had three motorcycles shipped, household goods, & now my vintage lawn tractor. The people I have worked with from uship have been great, and done the job with no damage, on time and at fair prices. I have reccomended the site to several friends. Thanks for an awesome service!



My experience.

I've had 2 machines delivered by uShip vendors. In both cases, I've received very good service. It's a great organization and I highly recommend them. My only caution is don't accept the first bid. Prices vary greatly, and I believe the higher priced bidders are not necessarily better in terms of service. Thanks, Gary

Great, timely, reasonable reponse to bid request

I asked to have a small tractor delivered and it was done professionally and with punctuality. End of story.

It was a great experience & couldnt be happier. Thanks

I had bought a 1986 Ford 555B Tractor with Loader off the internet and drove all the way to Ohio to pick it up & was unable to. So I came back to Virginia where I live & called every where. No one had a trailor to rent not even the Biggest Rental Companies from Virginia to Lexington, Ky to Ohio, but as I was on the phone I would ask if anyone knew where I could get a trailor or find someone to hau ...

this was hevy equipmenthauling made easy by larry burnham

listed the job to be done. got a fast responce. also got a fair bid price for the work at hand.picked up and delivered in a very timely maner.also the shipper helped over and above what is normaly routine.many thanks to him.i would highly recomend his services.

An unforgettable experience delivering a truck

Henry encountered many obstacles driving a semi tractor I purchased in Irving, TX to my residence. It was supposed to be "Ready to Roll" Roll was the best thing it did. This experience included rain leaking on his head from a hole in the roof to engine overheating and starter problems requiring jump starting, and did I mention inoperable park brakes? Of course all this happened on a weekend. He wa ...

small dozer from pa to tx

Had very good experience with uship found a dozer with low hour and right price but 1200+ miles from home placed on uship before buying taking bids had some bids for right price but I was going to have trouble loading and unloading from a 40' float (18 wheeler) so searched on the uship web sight under providers which operated in the areas I needed and had trailer with ramps and requested bids f ...

easy to ship my tractor

I needed a tractor delivered from delaware to maine. I used uship to find someone to do the job, it worked out great and the cost was reasonable. I would use uship again and highly recommend it to anyone. Thanks!

Burnt Tractor Shipment/Arrival

We accepted the bid for hauling a 2001 burnt Kubota tractor from joy4thelord, and scheduled it to arrive 2-7-09. Harry arrived, and we hitched the badly burnt tractor to a tree, to pull it off the trailer. Well, it was almost pure ice, almost, and we got ready to pull it off, and the tractor didn't want to move real well...so we yanked, pulled, pushed, etc. Meanwhile Harry's vehicle was spinni ...

ford f700 propane truck

I paid to have the truck shipped. Whe the shipper got there they couldnt get the truck started to load it so I told them to call a wrecker and have them load it and I would pay extra for that. Well I guess they thought they should sight see and get a hotel room on me. they then came at me for 1300.00 over bid for there time and room and wrecker. The wrecker cost 185.00 dollers to put it on a trai ...

F750 Dump Truck

Christine was very good to work with. Due to type of vehicle, some difficulty was experienced in picking up in a more timely manner. But, I would use the service again. Friendly, consciencious organization. B+.


I Bought a John deere F525 on E-bay from New Jersey.Living in Canada I had a long hual ahead of me until I found this company on UShip that did it for a great price that I couldn't pass up!

Dump truck hauled from NJ to CT

I purchased a Dump truck off of Ebay and needed to get it hauled from NJ to CT. I posted a request on the Uship site and got 3 bids at really good prices. I picked Bilco transportation after reading many of his positive feedbacks from satisfied customers.Now I am one of them.The whole job could not have went any smother.I occasionally purchase large items off the internet and finding a reliable ha ...

excellent service shipping my lawn tractor

united power sports provided excellent service and care for my item which i purchased on ebay. great price. much cheaper than we were looking to drive it ourselves. i had never even seen the item or a photo so was relieved when doug inspects the item upon pickup and then reports back the condition before even leaving for the road. would definatly use him again!!!

Hauling "Old Iron" from Oklahoma to New York

I grew up on a dairy farm in upstate New York where my father bought and used only Allis Chalmers tractors. We never had the biggest or best tractors to farm with but we got by with what we had. In those days the holy grail of tractors was the awesome and powerful Allis Chalmers D21. It was a massive peice of iron that gobbled up the farmland as it tilled the soil. It was every farmboys dream ...

Shipped a 1973 Kaiser 5 ton haul truck

overall good experience. Original service provider backed out on me the day of and aplog picked up the slack.

Backhoe shipment

It was great, within 1 day I had 5 bids. All I had to do was pick one. And I picked the right one, couldn't ask for better service. Truck driver was from my state so he was coming home. Thanks

Best experience ever with shipping

Del is the best; went out of his way to get my dozer shipped i wou highy recommend his service i was never in doubt about the shipping process nor in doubt about delivery. Had some difficult problems to overcome and still made timely delivery. Thanks Del

Kubota 2850

Scott picked up tractor on very short notice and still managed to arrive a full day ahead of schedule. Excellent communication, quality service!

Real easy to find a transporter...

I had numerous bids in a matter of hours. I never would have known how to get these tractors moved otherwise.

Great experience shipping my vehicle

I purchased a bucket truck on ebay. The average person doesn't know how to ship large freight like construction equipment. Uship takes care of that for us. Uship does all the leg work. My service provider was absolutely GREAT! I would definately use the s.p. again. He did a great job. I would definately use uShip again.

What a site

uShip site has everything possible. Outstanding documentation, easy to navigate, the shipping price estimator is awesome and the amount of bids received is remarkable. I will not hesitate every again to ship stuff cross-country. Very pleasurable experience.

Great job shipping a difficult and heavy load

I had a John Deere Tractor with Loader and backhoe moved from Texas to Montana. Backhoe didn't function so made for a hard time loading and unloading. Despite Mechanical problems load was delivered Safe and timely.

Bobcat T250

I shopped online looking for a good Bobcat T250 that someone really wanted to sale at a good price. One in Herrington DE stood out from all the rest, so I contacted the buyer and bought it. I really did not want to haul a trailer from Mississippi to DE so I took the suggestion of the seller and whent to the UShip website and set my price. When I awoke the next morning I had a very reasonable of ...

trucking of tractor

Thanks to uship I got a great rate on trucking a small tractor 1450 miles. It is a great service as it appears that many companies read it's contacts for shipments. Many companies bid on my tractor. Thank you uship. Ron Baruth

Great experience shipping my 400G dozer

I purchased a John deere 400G dozer on Ebay. The dozer was located in Graham WA and I live in Salem, OR. Uship provided me with a number of bids within the first week. I made my selection based on price and positive feedback. Once I made my selection, my dozer was shipped to me within two days. The service was excellant! I was kept informed at all times during transport and deliver. I would ...

Excellent Service Shipping Skid Steer

I purchased a Skid Steer loader on Ebay the loader was located in Bakersfield CA. I live in North Central NE. I contacted a Freight Co that delivers in our area to see if they could haul it. They put me in touch with the CA office they said no problem they sent a truck out that day but they sent a cube van with a lift gate to load a skid steer loader. Needless to say it did not work. I accepted a ...

Blue knight

This guy deserves an A plus. He communicated with me at all times and I never worried about the delivery at any point.

From Fla. to La...no worrys

Drove 11 hours in the rain, dealing with a uncooperative seller, securing load properly and delivering it earlier than expected.. a VERY pleasant deal...U-SHIP can be proud to have him on their team....

Great way to get products moved.

You can't find a better price for shipping than with uship. When people are bidding to move YOUR item you just cant beat it. This is a great service. You don't have to go looking for someone to ship, they come to you. Love it!

AWESOME Experiance Getting MY Monster Truck Moved

HoboTomPurdy moved my Ford F250 Superduty with 3 feet of lift and 49" tires from IDAHO to Atlanta. What a great guy. Best price on the internet and communication was outstanding! THANKS TOM

Great experience, no worry

For some reason my email response didn't go throurgh, David put great effort in seeing that this haul happened and went well. David delivered early and tractor was in great shape.

Lawnmower from Georgia to Mississippi

I transport for a living but an emergency came up and did not allow me to make this trip. Larry bid on my shipment and he answered all my questions to my satisfaction. I was a little skeptical because Larry had 0 feedback but then I remembered when I started. If nobody would have given me a chance, I would never have made it in this business, so I gave Larry the job. He is true to his word and pic ...

Mower Deck

I bought a mower deck off ebay and had it shipped with no problems. I recommend shipper.

Worry free freindly service!

I am so pleased that I used Uship for this shipment. I routinly ship with big companies like Yellow, Roadway, R&L Carriers to name a few. The quote I recived from my uship transprter was excelent and the big guys could not touch it even with the 75% discount I normaly recive on their services (I ship alot). They could not have provided the personalized attention the Uship transporter gave me and m ...

Getting our E-Bay Auction Item delivered

We purchased a 2003 Skid Steer on E-Bay auction, within 24hrs we posted our item on UShip, and had an excellent shipping price to have it delivered. Great service, we are sold on the value it brings our company. Thanks!


I bought a F450 Ford flat bed in AZ.it needed to come to CA. Little did i know how hard it is to get a ride for a truck that big. The phone calls began, every one i could think of no luck, turns out there is only 2 places on a car cairrer this truck will fit. So i tryed EBAY adds for car haulers still no luck, but one guy tells me to go to uship and people will bid on my load and they did. More th ...


I didn't know you guys were around. I think of all the great deals I passed up because I didn't know how to get them to my place. Well, now I know and boy is my wife going to be pissed, shipping is no longer a problem. It was just too easy!!!:>)

Dozer and Toro tractor

The problem with the shipment was there was no loading dock at the shipping site and no loadind dock at the desination. The company found a shipper with dove tail trailer and fold down ramps. Surprisingly, They came in with a reasonable quote. Thanks U-ship and Cargo-Motions. Darryl Hopper @ Cargo-Motions was a pleasure to work with. Lee @ CFC 1999

What an awesome shipper!

Dennis was professional, courteous and right on time even with a holiday in the way and other complications while on the road. I was not in a hurry. He was. Got here when quoted and was an excellent communicator. Thank you Dennis! May all of your shipments be more profitable than the one prior to mine! Thank you again, Rick

Reciving my Farmall Cub Tractor

I was looking for a tractor and started searching Ebay. I found a few I liked but had no idea how to get it delivered. One of the sellers told me about U-Ship. I checked it out and signed up. I put in my listing and within one day I got a bid. The price was good and I excepted the bid. I now have that tractor in my garage. Thanks U-Ship

good service

u ship service is great. makes shipping much easier. had several quotes to choose from, and very easy to set up after ebay purchase.

Ebay item.

I bought a tractor on ebay. I suppose I could have gone after it myself but didn't want to bother everybody I knew borrowing trucks and trailers. Stumbled onto U-ship and gave it a try. I could have used a local guy for $50 more but used U-Ship just to get familiar with the service. It worked out well. I found a reliable carrier and had no problems.

Truck was leakng oil

He took care of problem and was very knowledgable of what needed done he was great and ery friendly

good job

right on time

Shipping a Large Mower

Had a 61 inch zero turn mower. Bought it on Ebay and needed it delivered from California to Texas. Uship.com was a great way to do this. WE will use Uship again and tell others

Lawn Mower

had a 60 inch mower needed shipped from indiana came as described and in time, with enclosed trailer awesome thanks brad

transport of my backhoe

The backhoe got transported professionally and promptly. I can recommend this service provider.

Good communication. Delivery on time. Thanks.

I would use uship again in the future. Thanks.

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