eBay Shipping Stories (Business & Industrial Goods)

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Perfect Transaction!

I had a picture perfect experience moving 6 coffee vending machines. Just like the rating suggested, the carrier communicated constantly and was very punctual with the delivery. Thx!


Had to move a very heavy printer in Germany on short notice and found a reliable courier for a very fair price.

Mall Kiosk - 9 Showcases, safe & more

Had it not been for the quick response and availability of lower48shipping, I would not have been able to purchase a mall kiosk (glass showcases) that was going out of business in 2 days (at time of booking). Rich went above what he was required to do and securely transported these fragile glass showcases from Cleveland, OH to North Alabama. Had it not been for uShip, I never would have locate ...

4 Advanced Wood Chipper 13 HP - Leaf Shredder

Received my wood chipper in awesome shape on my day off. Great timing. Since we are having our wedding at our home and we live in a wooded area the chipper is needed to clean up a lot of brush. Thank you for the quick ship so I have time to clean up for the wedding in June!

Highland Park Lapidary Supply Co Slab Saw Grinder

Daniele and Byron of RedLimit were great people and offered a very reasonable shipping fee and My Item arrived in great condition. I have used U-ship before with a great experience and recommend using U-ship to others. I will continue to do so in the future.

juliette balcony

i bought the item off ebay, to far to go for it so i contacted uship and just waited for the quotes, picked one and the job was done.

'Tolle Erfahrungen mit dem Transport meiner Maschine

Ich habe mir bei ebay eine Schleifmaschine gekauft. Der Transport war für mich ein Problem da ich 950km entfernt war und der Verkäufer den Versandt nicht organisieren konnte sowie die Maschine versandt gerecht verpacken konnte. Der Spediteur holte die Maschine ab und verpackte sie. Alles verlief in bester Ordnung gerne wieder.

My first u-ship experience

I purchased a commercial vacuum on ebay. I had no idea how to get it from Calgary to Toronto. I remembered watching shipping wars and logged into u-ship. Overall I had a great experience and would recommend u-ship to others. My only advice to u-ship is this: when I logged in with my pc I had to lower my security settings to its lowest level to do business there. This was a cookie based problem ...


I never had to arrange shipping for a large item I purchased in another State. I was unsure how to even begin the process until I googled (how to ship large items). Uship popped right up and that was all I needed to proceed. The process is so efficient I can't believe it. Uship has this idea of auctioning shipping down to a science. It is incredibly easy to navigate the web site and complete ...

Mountboard Cutter

First time user, for collection and delivery of a cutter bought on e-bay. Easy to use on-line process, quick response from auction bidders. Overall a pleasant experience and would use again.

John Deere 420 Tractor

I purchased a JD 420 Tractor from a gentlemen in Connecticut and only heard about UShip after I'd won the tractor on Ebay. My brother in law told me about it, I was reluctant actually but now that I've been through my first successful shipment, I am totally impressed by how easy and professional it was. My tractor arrived on time, and it was exactly how it looked when it left Connecticut. My ...

4 Ton 13 SEER Goodman AC R22 Condenser GSC130481

Great communication, punctual, couldn't have asked for better! Thank you! We hope to work with you again!

ADEC 1040 Dental Chair,

I have used UShip before and this was on of my best experience! Great communication and a very fair price. The driver was very nice and arrived in the window of time he estimated. Dental chairs are over three hundred pounds. The company's truck had a loading ramp exactly as promised which was key for loading and unloading. I hope to use them in the future.


Pick-up of shop gondola, bought on ebay, picked up from Peterborough to Kent. A 5 STAR service, honesty, trustworthy, excellent communication, great customer services, a memorable experience, feels like doing business with an old friend! I will never ever use any other courier services again as this is the best service, I have had for a long time with transport/delivery and more. SIMPLY THE ...


Kaum angemeldet und Auftrag eingestellt, kam schon nach 5 min das erste Angebot. Innerhalb 1 Std. war der Auftrag unter Dach und Fach. UShip gefällt mir :-)

Fantastic First uShip Experience

Needed a tractor-mounted chemical sprayer to spray the vile weed ragwort on my farm that if ingested by horses can ruin their liver. I had been searching and found one on eBay and the seller recommended uShip, which I'd never heard of. Wow! Now I've experienced uShip, won't use any other method! Easy-peasy! I saved at least £100. The Courier I used was The Best!

Dyna Mechtronics 3116 CNC 4 AXIS Knee Mill for pa

I was worried, as many of the uship providers initially tried to take advantage of me with $30,000 quotes, but than after a few days - reasonable quotes came in and everything worked out.

Chipper shipping

I bought a garden chiper on EBAY. I'd spoken to a transport company beforehand and thought everything was in place when I won the item. When I phoned to book the collection, the response was "It will be on a pallet, won't it?" Buying from EBAY, from a domestic property means that pallets and banding are out. I was left high and dry. Luckily I stumpled upon uShip, which very neatly integrates wi ...

trencher on tow behind trailer

had 3 shippers actually go out and could not for some reason move this small item. One said his truck was eqipped the other it was too dark when he arrived. finally I got michael Hallmark to do it. he asked the relavant questions went out got it told me when to expect it and it was done. I know it always isn't this easy but some people make your life that much easier. thanks mike.


kevinlong did a top notch job and delivered our. BERKEL BAKERY COMMERCIAL BREAD SLICER very quickly. Look foward to using his services again soon.

Delivery of Two large cupboards

Very Good Value and five star service. Collection made in difficult circumstances and items delivered as agreed out of hours. We appreciated the care and help in unloading and transporting the two cupbaords indoors.

Great Price

I definitely got a great shipping rate booking through Uship. I was surprised how many shippers wanted my business and all with very reasonable bids.

collection of heavy sash window

bought a heavy sash window and arranged collection through uship (60.00) cheaper than any other courier. The courier called the seller and arranged the collection and delivered when he said he would.

pallet jack

Stan did a great job, at a fair price. Bought it on ebay and the seller had a outragous shipping price. listed on Uship and stan handled to job for a great price.

Rookie Shiper

I completed my first freight shipment a couple of weeks ago through uShip. I must admit, I was extremely nervous. I sold a brand new commercial pressure washer to a buyer in California. I'm in Ohio. UPS quoted me double what I paid thru uShip. In our arrangements, I was to drop off my shipment at a local terminal. At the terminal I was told that my packaging wasn't sufficient to protect the press ...

Exellent service

Placed details and not long after had 2 very reasonable bids. booked collection and the item arrived safe and sound within a week of booking. Uship takes the hassle out of buying things 'long distance' and the service providers are very competative even with the price of fuel being so high. I would recommend Uship to anyone considering buying unpostable or awkward items and tell them to stop at h ...

Sign shop delivery

Take care of this guy. He gives Uship a positive image. He picked up my shipment as promised, worked with my shipper, kept the equipment in his possession for almost a week because of inclimate weather and didn't charge me a dime for doing so, and as soon as there was a break in weather met me @ my storage and dropped everything off. Excellent attitude, excellent communication, awesome care of ...

Pizza Oven Haul

I had good experiance with this shipping company They came when they said they would be there to pick up from my business. Then there were some weather problems that delay the delivery to Florida from my pick up point near San Diego CA. It was a couple days late but winter weather this year has been real bad al over the country (record bad) So that type of delay could be expected. It was de ...

Brush hog

Mark hauled the brush hog from St Louis to the Chicago area. He performed in a timely manner and was an excellent communicator. uShip is a great way to link up.

Wood Beams

Shipped 4000 pounds of wood beams to my house. Once the Ebay auction closed, Joe had the beams at my house the same day he picked them up ( 10 hour drive). Did a great job, will use again to ship conus

The first two bidders.

Could not be worse. Did't return calls, email, text messages. Missed pick up dates should not be allowed to bid on upship. Last bidder was wonderful. Did what he said he would do on time. Wade45 is a credit to uship.

Good experience shipping my toolbox

I am very confident to use UShip after my recent experience. I was a little nervous to have my toolbox shipped by someone that I did not know. I have friends that have used UShip with great results and thought I would give it a try. After a few emails with a couple of shippers, I narrowed it down to the one I was comfortable with. I had a positive experience with the shipper. He kept me in th ...

If you want the best go with Elitemovers

They said exactly what they could do. Then they did exactly what they said. Thats all I ask for "knowing what I am going to get ahead of time" and then getting exactly that. Let Matt and the gang at Elitemovers handle your moving and shipping needs. I know I certainly will. Mike Powers


Shipping a generator I sold on ebay and I was not able to get an exact weight on the item. I Like uship because I can see feedback left from customers and pick not the cheapest one but the one who will not rebill me after the fact claiming it was not the exact weight I submitted. Then end up getting an extra 100 dollar in the final bill. The shipper I used was a small outfit with very good feedbac ...

Recent Shipment

Thru your service, I was able to catch a frieght liner already in route to the pick-up and delivery location...We were able to cut shipping time and cost...


A very expensive machine had to be moved from Chicago to Naples. I purchased it from a bank sale, so the price was very good. Uship is very easy to use and it works good for me when I need to ship items. I don't have to baby sit the site. I get nice texts alerting me that someone has a question or bid. I probably saved 1000 on this load using uship. Bullseye transport did a great job s ...

Happy with Uship

Uship helped me to get a wide variety of quotes from people without having to do all the running around myself. I booked the shipment and the shipping company was very nice to deal with. The only issue was that one item that I booked the measurements were off by 3 inches so they were not able to fit it in the trailer. I understand that it was not their fault I was going by the measuements I was ...

Not Rain, Snow nor Budget...

Dedicated independent shipper stayed in close contact as he fought his way through severe storms & delays. It's nice to see there are independents who are willing to ship things for individuals who can't budget a corporate shipping rate... a new day is here... we all should feel empowered. uShip opens up many new possibilities.

uShip experience

It was a great pleasure doing business with you. Looking forword to do it again in the future! Thank you Jack

Large Load of Fabric

I was bidding on a large load of fabric that was in Florida and I am in Mississippi. There was no way I could go get it all myself and to send it UPS or FedEx would have been outrageously expensive so the seller suggested UShip. I filled out my UShip load information, took bids on my shipment and selected the shipper that best fit with my needs. I did not however pick the cheapest bid. The cheapes ...

Outstanding first experience w/ uShip

I had a truck crane shipped from Minnesota to South Carolina. I would definitely recommend this website to anyone in need of shipping services.

Doors Will Travel

7 Doors from Bristol to Plymouth ebay Purchase Good experience of using the site. Not sure how much I saved using uShip, but I was happy with the amount charged. ( Though you uShip seem to take a high commission 20 % approx for providing just the websit network ) The delivery by ' goldwing1969 ' a 2 man team was successfully & professionally completed within 3 days. I would use ...


This was the first time I shipped a 2000lbs piece of machinery acroos country. I was hesitent to say the least about using anyones services on here. legion-logistics.com is the perfect option for shipping. I new they were the one when I checked out there positive feedback and they had the only fair bid. Shipping took a few days and was delivered safe and secure with no problems. Awesome website, ...

I feel very happy with this service..

According with our times, this service is the best solution. I need delivery one refrigetator from Richmond, Virginia to Midle Florida. This team due this for me for only $200 and I is supposed pay $1200 for any other company! Thank You. Kaliban13

generator shipment

Very happy with the bid, communication while in transit, and the entire promise. Would use UShip and this trucker again. Thank you!

shipping mulitple pallets of compressors and dryers

Again the USHip service provided a far easier and less expensive delivery of our purchases at auction. Probably 1/2 the cost of conventional quotes.

Pinball Machine

I really am satisfied with Marty and his services. He did an excellent job getting it on a pallet and wrapping the machine for a very low price.

Great Service

I purchased an engine block on eBay and had to figure out how to get it from Michigan to New Jersey. Most shippers wouldn't handle it because it was either too heavy, too far out of the way, or wouldn't pick up at a residence. uShip made it very easy to link to my eBay purchase and set-up a shipment request. I quickly received a number of competitive bids so I was able to confidently select one ...

sprinter shelves

heavy fold-able shelving units received in very good condition. shipper did not advise me about shipping location limitations but was picked up no worries.

1585 lbs pallet photo lab


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