eBay Shipping Stories (Boats)

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there is a better way than uship.

after trying uship for awhile with marginal success and several stern warnings from uship management that they did not like my style, I have came across an outfit that does like my simple honest way of doing things and gets the job done quick at a fair price without the waiting and guessing game I have encountered on uship. I highly reccommend that everyone take a look at the freight company that ...

Excellent experience having a very large pontoon shipped about 1400 miles.

Brian entered a bid to transport my pontoon towards the end of my listing. His bid came in the lowest, but that is not how I necessarilly select a provider. His excellent, and prompt communication is what originally intrigued me. He made recommendations to me about payment methods to the pontoon seller that would provide me with the greatest level of protection should something go wrong. He correc ...

Boat shipping

The first company closed on me, The still owe me $800 deposit. The second shipping guy picked up my boat on time and delivered everything as promissed. Finally I got my boat. Thanks, Szabo

Boat shipping experience

I purchased an unseen boat on EBay 700 miles from home. Now how do I get my new boat home? UShip.com was suggested for the transport of my new boat. I surfed the site and was finally able to accept the bid from a company which had GOOD feedback. I strongly suggest using people with good feedback. Be careful with lone guys with no feedback. My boat was delivered in great time. The headache of ...

Great experience shipping my Boston Whaler

Jim was easy to work with , he kept me informed even with the bad wheather he had to deal with

Great first itme experience

My wife bought a pontoon boat on ebay that I had to get from northeast Georgia to Panama City Florida.  I had no iea how I was going to do it.  The Seller wanted way too much money and I had no time to worry about it.  I found this web site and within 15 minutes was choosing from bids and communicating the details.  I found the one I liked in my price range and it was done.&nbs ...

Very positive shipping experience

Shipper went above and beyond with his shipping service. He made regular contacts until the item was picked up and delivered. He followed up to make sure everything was OK. He is an A1 shipper. 

shipper did a fine job

have had several pleasurable experiences with USHIP deliveries but am sick of the tattle-tales and the supposed rule infractions that your firm claims I am commiting. you people need to get a grip and realize that I am not trying to beat anyone out of a fee but I ask honest questions and when provoked by pests I will give honest responses. take this opportunity to assess your mistakes and clean up ...

I had a boat picked up in Virgina and deliverd to Utah, at one of the worst times of year to travel.

I used Ward1257 as a sevice provider. He was very professional and delivered as promised. He was not the lowest price, but I would highly recommend his services for anyone that might need something transported. He was very dependable and deliverd on time! He had to travel cross country at one of the worst time of year for travel. He keep me well informed all the way and arrived ...

very glad this site exists! saves $$$ and is reliable!!!

saves me time and money and who doesn't like to have more of both!!!  The best part is that you are dealing with owners or hand picked help and they actually care about what they do...which is so lacking in today's marketplace.  USA was built on service and hard work...where did it go??  Nice to hook upwith folks that still have these values!! God Bless the USA!!!

Great people, great experience

What more can I say - this is the 3rd time I've used uship, and this particular experience went exactly as I hoped it would!  Great driver, excellent communication, and I had a true feeling of confidence in them that things would go well (and they did)!

waverrunner shippment

Good cummunication... delivered as promiss .... nothing else matter..

Great shipping service!

Thanks Rocky for your help.  Boat arrived in perfect condition.

shipment of 25ft bayliner boat

there was problems with trailer lights they hooked them up there was tire problems theytook care of that they care for you shipment like it was there own  thanks

Good Experience Shipping a Boat

I purchased a 1971 Century on ebay, and it was shipped from Long Island to Richmond by Watson Transport.  The transport members did an excellent job letting me know when they could pick-up the boat and when it would be delivered.  The boat arreved in excellent condition, and the people were super nice.  They were helpful in making sure the boat was moved to a good parking place, and ...

great shipper

BIGBOYZTOYZ shipped my 1972 sidewinder boat, He didnt have the best price I found, But he had the best rep. he was a couple days later than exspected but made it up to me, if i ever need something shipped the one place I will go is to uship and click on to Glen at BIGBOYZTOYZ he will be the one that I myself will choose

Shipping my sailboat

It was a great experience to have my sailboat shipped  by one of the members of Uship. I saved 55% from the lowest quote I received from standard transporters. 

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