eBay Shipping Stories (Boats)

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Sea Doo Boat Purchased Through Ebay

Loved the service! Mr. Liscotti gave me a great price and service. Will likely be purchasing more vehicles from ebay now that I know how easy, effortless and affordable shipping can be. Love how people bid for your business. A++++++++++++++++++++++

Pair sea doos

We bought an item off of e bay and under this item there was shipping quotes. So we decided to buy this item thinking it would be easy to get here. ( From Florida to Iowa). So After we purchased this item we called to have the item shipped with the company ebay had listed and none of the shippers were even able to ship this item because of the wide trailer. So now we have these sea doos in Florida ...

Best experience anyone could ever have!!!

Long story short....I had won a boat on ebay and needed it shipped into Canada from New Orleans. I had talked to some larger companys, with way over charged rates and two-three week delivery time was no good for me because seller wanted boat gone ASAP, then I found this wonderful site put the boat up and met this great gentlemen who said could tow the boat up for the best price ever and on top of ...

Great experience shipping my boat

I purchased a boat on E-bay and needed it transported from south of Atlanta, GA to Denver, CO. I was impressed with the uShip service in how many bids I received. I was also impressed with the speed at which I received the bids. I will use uShip again if the need arises.

Great experience

This was a truly positve experience. he picked my boat up in hudson Florida. Did a total pre-inspection. Had to replace a taillight but since he had scheduled a day to have the boat before he left it was no problem. He greased the hubs and did inspections every 30 minutes. Had his own spares, didn't need, but had in case. He pulled out and kept me in touch the entire time. He was going to stop in ...

Cheap boat $900.00 shipping was ONLY $600.00 NC TO AZ

Contacted seller on E-bay cut a deal to end auction early as to get cheaper shipping seeing transport was in town. Paid more to seller but saved $200.00 to transport 2,300 miles, $600.00 transport cost. took delivery @ 3:00 AM when he came into town so he could continue on with local pick-ups. Time is money in trucking, transport called along the way so i knew when to expect him. By dropping in th ...

What a great experience

I was shipping a pair of jet skis that I bought online from California to Minnesota. I bought the items on ebay, and the shipping rates on the sight were rally expensive. I saved around $500 by using uship. The uship provider I used was great. I will be sure to use uship in the future.

uShip, The Perfect Method

I've dealt with other shipping companies (not uShip) who have extraordinary requirements, high prices, and are lacking in the personal touch. With uShip, you can Check the insurance, Read the feedbacks, and Get great quotes from several shippers who are ready when you are. It's The perfect method.

nothing went rite

E-Bay should be shut down . fraud , if you don,t see , put your hands on it don,t bid , fraud . needless to say I,ve had no luck wit E-bay , I feel those selling there can,t do it in their own town because people know them . Don,t do it .

Great Experinece

The guys were great they delivered my boat very fast and took great care of the transport the also had great communication with during the hole time and was very happy with their service I will use them for any future shipments I have Thanks

Great Experience with Boat delivery

Bought a brand new triumph center console RIB from Carver Boat Corp in WI. Intended to go get it myself but time didn't permit it. Someone suggested Uship to handle the move. I got online, registered and put my shipment up for bid, easy link to ebay made everything simple and straightforward. I got easily a dozen offers within an hour. Ended up selecting Tradewinds to do the move, they were a ...

shipping a houseboat

Uship has good evaluations of shippers: Read them carefully... saved a lot of money shipping and had great service...shippers drove 60 extra miles to pull boat out of lake and tired to launch at delivery site down a very steep narrow private ramp...shippers went beyond the call of duty and i tipped them.

boat delivery

Communications skills are outstanding, shipments always require an ability to problem solve small changes in the plan, he did just that. Will use again

26 foot boat

I just had a great experience we (my wife an I) are not felling that good,it's been elevan days no power ( Ike ) It's about six p.m. my eighty year old mother sends over a home cooked meal,ten min. later the boat pulls up,an about five min. later power comes on. I think it was Uship. Thanks Tim Houston Tex.

Shipping a Boat

I USED CAJ FLYNN WHO WAS AMAZING. He drove from florida to nevada and was fantastic. I will definitely use him and uship again.



Boat transport

Hi , thanks for your web site and service , i had a boat to transport , and i did not have the time and i had recently sold my pick up truck .I eard about your site , so to make a story short i have tried U Ship and today i can say to you that i am very satisfy with the expérience received my boat yesterday in good condition at a reasonable price . ...

Good experience

I purchased a 32' boat in Illinois. I listed the shppment on USHIP and also called several shipping companies to get quotes. The bids I received on USHIP were the lowest with the shortest lead times. So I booked the shipment with one of the bidders. Everything went smoothly and the boat arrived as described.

shipped boat from NC to TX

I bought a boat on eBay and had it picked up at a marina in N.C. and delivered to my home in TX. Although I am in Iraq at this time the pick up and delivery went really well and I could not be happier.I put the transport job on USHIP and had bids come back right away.RDOGG transport bidded on transporting my boat and I accepted their low bid. The service was great and my boat was delivered ahead o ...

Great experience

I was in a rush to get a boat shipped 800 miles and didn't know where to go. I found USHIP on the web and decided I would take a chance. I registered - not something I am normally willing to do - and posted my shipping request. Within minutes I had 5 shippers. The one I picked nolan couldn't have been better. They were coming back from a drop off nearby where the boat was located and they wer ...

Great Experience

I had a great experience, I had never shipped anything long distance like this. But it was a great website and easy to manuever. I told my mom to log on because she had something that she was needing to ship. Thank you.

Great experience shiiping the boat

Botote did a fantastic job of moving my old Chris Craft Constellation. His hydraulic trailer eliminated yard fees at either end of the move, saving money overall.

four winns 325 vista transport

I expected my first experience using UShip would probably be rocky. I assumed that I would have to 'learn the ropes' and endure a couple of bumps along the way. Boy, was I wrong! This was BY FAR the easiest boat move I have ever completed. 'SuperBob' was easy to work with, punctual, had great communication and a pleasant personality. The website was easy to navigate and payment was simple. I ...

Stressful boat shipment

Booked it for $1200 to pick-up the following Monday. They told me there were truck problems and would be there Tuesday, then Wednesday. The finally subbed out to another guy that was able to pick it up on Friday (I could have booked it for $1000 to pick up on Friday) and they were late on Friday and missed access to the boat. It finally is picked up monday and it took five days to get to Washingto ...

Great site

First time ever to buy this large of an item on E-Bay, so I was very nervous about finding someone to haul the boat over 500 miles. I had been looking for this kind of boat over 10 months. I had great experience with Jim's Tow. He did an excellent job of communicating where he was and when he would arrive. I would definitely recommend Uship.


Purchased a boat in NJ...I am from Calgary Alberta...I fly for a living and my schedule was very tight in picking the boat. Tried UShip, first was not too sure BUT Amanda called and her response time was amazing. Talked me through the process and I left the boat in their hands. WoW...I am still amazed! I received the boat unscathed and a thorogh check-out. I for sure will use their service an ...

perfect move

I neede to get a boat from md. to va. and didn't want the expense of buying a trailer. Four seasons seem to have everything. Did exactly as promised and boat got here just fine. Very pleased

Uship boat-trailer transport Florida to California

I have used your services for other shipments and to be perfectly honest the drp shipper is the best and above board on all aspects of the transport trade . They are price competitive but more important they will deliver as promised. No surprises. I wish I had found them sooner. Please give them a all-star rating that will encourage other shipment clients too at least check them out, before making ...

Getting my Boat from Gorgia

bought a boat down in Gorgia and used uship to have it brought up to minot because i live up in canada and could not drive all the way down there to get it. you put me in touch with a driver and he was great will come back to your site next time i need something moved

Shipping bulky duck boat

Purchased duck boat on Ebay and needed it shipped. Uship was able to come through with a great price on a bulky item. Thanks

Mahogany boat was handled very well

The boat needed some extra attention due to its age and condition. My shipper not only delivered a day early but also took the time to bundle all of the loose parts and make sure the boat arrived as promised. Very pain-free !!!

boat from Florida

Uship made my whole idea possible of buying a Florida boat and importing it to Canada. Lots of bids, and a nice way of showing feedback of bidders so you can make an informed decision. Way to go!

Great experience in shipping my outboard motor!

UShip helped me save 1-2 days of driving & gas money! My shipper replied to my shipping need the same day I posted it! It was a good price & I had my outboard motor auction win in my garage in 3 days! Uship is a great service! Thanks!

first time user

I am sum someone what dissaponted with the Uship portion of my experiance. All went well with the posting and bids but tthe first carrier cancelled because of equipmnt failure. I was unable to reach anyone at Uship to help with what to do. I elected to relist and did get an excellant carrier. I still am unable to find a phone number to call Uship if needed,I did receive an email from Heather with ...

never reply my email

i had a problem with one of the shipper, i left two messages, they never contact me, no uship phone number to contact, it is not good.

Virgin UShipper

For months, my husband and I shopped for a boat on the west coast, where we live, but could not find the boat we were looking for at the price we wanted to pay. We decided to look at ebay. I've been buying on ebay for many years and it can be risky. We've bought two cars on ebay and my husband flew down and drove them back. No real problem! The boat we really liked was on the east coast outsi ...

boat shipment

walbert52 is an excellent guy to deal with, excellent communication, he had a tire problem on the trailer and was very nice about it, I put 4 new tires on while he was in nevada and after that everything was perfect and on time, he even picked the boat up 3 to 4 days before his estimated time, great experience. I really like the feedback system, it lets you know what you're going to get for your ...

Sailboat shipped

Took me a long time to find a boat I wanted and Matt picked it up quickly and packed as well as possible. No damage and I was happy.

A pleasant experience!!

I purchased an outboard motor from a dealer on Ebay and it was about 800 miles away ,and with the price of gas plus an overnight stay ,I decided to explore having it shipped . I contacted UShip and I received four formal bids and several informal bids but after researching each company's feedback which is really important and considering the price , the choice was easy. UShip linked my EBay buy wi ...

Ebay Boat Move

I bought a boat on Ebay and hired Rob through your website. I was extremely pleased with his service. I wish everyone did business his way. He looked at the boat for me and made several observations that were critical to the safety of the vessel. He was very friendly, prompt, and provided a great deal of expert boat advice. My experience with him and your site was outstanding. I am a very happ ...

shipped a Hobie Cat sailboat and trailer

Had to replace tires on trailer but they did so and delivered the boat Mon am....Since I am not there to receive it I am assuming it is in ok shape....though a friend has taken pictures that do not match the seller's pictures.

Great experience

We bought a 270 Boston Whaler Outrage from Delaware and needed it shipped to South Carolina. Larry got up there to pick up the boat, and after we had been told that the trailer was in good enough condition by the owner to have it towed down here, he very quickly found out that it was going to need extensive repairs. Larry did all of the work himself, taking pictures of all of the problems and ke ...

Great experiance shipping boat powerhead

I bought a boat power head on E-Bay for a good price. The motor was located in Florida and I am in Illinois. I checked shipping prices with other shipping companies only to get quotes that where more than what I paid for the power head. I then tried the uShip web site and got a great deal from a company named Coast to Coast. I will defiantly keep uShip in mind for my shipping needs.

266 crownline ltd

I had purchased a boat out of Michigan. I live in Spokane Wa. therefore I needed someone to meet me halfway. I had a bid accepted by another shipping company that could not forfill thier contract due to size of vehicle and when they said they could they left me hanging and still have not returned my deposit. Even after 2 weeks of telling me they would bring it to Spokane due to their mess up. ...

Boston Whaler "Dauntless"

Due to quick shipping bid, I was able to buy the boat on E-Bay while the other bidders were still trying to get shipping quotes.


nice job

Shipping 21' Boat

USHIP was a perfect site to put me in touch with shippers heading in my direction. Prices were competitive. Providers were great!

excellent service!

This is the easiest transaction I have ever had to do in my life. It was so easy. I would highly recommend this shipper and I would use him again in the future. thanks. judys59

boat shipment

I shipped my boat from florida to montana with no problems at a great price.Thank You uship.

Great experience shipping my new boat!

I purchased a boat on ebay. I live in Ohio and the boat was in South Carolina. The transport company was great, stayed in contact and made me feel comfortable. Very trustworthy people

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