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"Cocktail cabinet"

shipping from Rednal, B45 9TD, United Kingdom Brentford, United Kingdom for $64.39

Rednal, B45 9TD, United Kingdom
Brentford, United Kingdom
113 mi.

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This was an impulse buy from ebay - the classic :"oooh, I like that, OMIGOD THE AUCTION ENDS IN LESS THAN A MINUTE" .... slam on a bid... hooray! won it! oh sh*t, it is in Birmingham and 'buyer collects'... The dangers of boring journeys and mobile ebay... So, I then had the logistical nightmare of an unreliable car, busy weekends and a Gollum like attitude ("its my precious and I wants it!"), and a sceptical girlfriend who, though she liked my 'impulse buy', did not believe that it would be possible to get a stranger to pick something up from a stranger and get it delivered to me (another stranger). A couple of mins Googling and I found uShip. I too was slightly sceptical and suspicious of the whole thing, but one impulse buy deserves another. Having registered (straightforward) and posted my requirements, I had the first bids back within a couple of hours. It had not occurred to me that the couriers would be as dubious about me as I was about them, and realised that, on this occasion, it was worth trying to 'sell myself' a bit by filling in my profile. Anyhoo, I received 2 bids, chose the lowest one (£46 from Birmingham to London for a 4'x4'x1' cabinet), a bit of too-ing and fro-ing between me and the seller, and Stas (the courier) was very straightforward to deal with: all I needed to know was the consignment would be picked up within 3 days and delivered within another 3 days. It was, and I now have a weird 1950's cocktail cabinet with a mirror ball front in the corner of my living room... Be very careful in using uShip - it makes impulse buys TOO EASY!

- Jmantrobus J.
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