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"Front end loader hauled 1650 miles"

shipping from Concord, New Hampshire Morganza, Louisiana for $1,350.00

Concord, New Hampshire
Morganza, Louisiana
1668 mi.

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Uship works. Thanks for being there. There are a couple of things that I would do differently the next time i ship throught Uship. #1 i would not pay service provider half until the time he is ready to pick up and start coming this way.That gives them some time to integrate another shipment with my shipment. This helps them to make a little more money on one trip and keeps my money in bank until i know they are coming. It releases me from some concern that I have not lost half if he chooses not to deliver.If he does then all there is is the uship deposit of about 10 percent. Pay half with a credit card that is willing to reverse charges in the event of a failed delivery. Check with your bank to verify if they will work with you.If possible pay all of the delivery charge at time of delivery to you, but pay in cash to sweeten the pot for the trucker.That would have to be cleared ahead of time with him. #2 Allow for some delays but make sure you stress good line of communication in the delay. That is impotant.#3 you can only respond to a request for info from a trucker once per message sent to you. Once you respond , you will have no way to contact them again short of putting in a request for a bid. I think you can only do this one time so tell him to leave several messages with you and keep one open in the event that you forgot to tell them something.I don't think truckers even know how hard it is to contact them short of leaving an open message with you.This is only necessary until you accept the bid. #4 Truckers can see each other's bid so allow time for competitive bidding. Don't be too quick to accept. #5 Allow them a longer window of time to deliver if possible. This gives a better bid because they will have time to accept other loads on the run as stated in #1, but don't pay until pickup.

- Timothy L.