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shipping from Las Vegas, Nevada Evanston, Illinois for $204.50

Las Vegas, Nevada
Evanston, Illinois
1754 mi.

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uShip proved to be both easy to use and cost effective. The process is transparent and helped to save me time and money. I would definitely use uShip again. LDM International was my service provider, and they in turn contracted FedEx freight. FedEx dropped the ball repeatedly on pickup, but LDM had great customer service and made me feel better about the whole experience. I needed a pallet of signs shipped from an event that was running until 4:30pm. I was given a window of 3-6 for pickup, but told by LDM that I could request the driver arrive at the end of that window when they contacted me. Well, around 6 I was getting concerned since I hadn't been contacted, and the pickup hadn't occurred. My event had wrapped early so I had been sitting around for 2 hours waiting. I wasn't given a contact number for the actual shipper, but called the FedEx national number. I was at first told the window was actually 3-7, so they were probably still coming. Then, at 6:45 I called again and after being transferred several times and disconnected 3 times, I was told a driver had come out at 2pm, talked to some random person on the street (since the event was closed, he had no way of speaking to someone actually in the event without calling me first, which he never did!) and decided there was no pickup to be made! If I hadn't called, I could have sat around all night! So, by that point I was told it was too late for someone to come out that night, but that I couldn't set another pickup time before I was set to be on a plane. So, I had to pay nearly as much as my shipping cost across the country to get a local vendor to take my pallet and store it overnight since I couldn't leave it at the event site. The next day, as I get off the plane, FedEx calls me from the event site wondering where my pallet was, even though I had changed the pickup site! End of story, I got my pallet back at my warehouse now, I would use uShip and LDM again, but be wary of FedEx freight!

- Micheal S.
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