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"A flawless shipping experience for my antique boat."

shipping from Sparks, Nevada Columbia, Missouri for $950.00

Sparks, Nevada
Columbia, Missouri
1713 mi.

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I purchased an antique boat that just happened to be 1700 miles from me without regard as to how I would get it home. One of my coworkers suggested uship as a possible alternitive to me personally making the drive to retrieve my "treasure". I posted up my request already having calculated that my fuel cost would have been $800 as well at least five days of work lost to hard driving (not a relaxing vacation to say the least). I had many bids from several different possible shippers with feedback provided on all, finally the shipper that I went with not only came in with the lowest bid but had 70 positive feedbacks and not even one unhappy customer. My total cost was only $150 more than just the fuel cost of me making the trip myself. Not even taking into consideration food, motels, or lost production at work. I got to stay with my regular schedule and got updates as to the progress of the shippment while it was moving across the country. It arrived about three minutes earlier than projected. That is right, three minutes, the calculations were that close on a 1700 mile trip. Now I am going to take that five days I didn't spend driving and take my boat to the lake and spend it relaxing and playing with my new toy. Thanks uship and thanks budselectric. Bert Shaw

- Bert S.