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"Awesome experience with shipping my rescues including my half blind horse!"

shipping from Clear Spring, Maryland Williamston, South Carolina for $764.68

Clear Spring, Maryland
Williamston, South Carolina
519 mi.

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Had an issue with my first hauler who wanted to tranq one of my horses as a dangerous animal (the blind one). I did not want to tranq him so the hauler told me to find someone else. Both of the horses I need transport for were rescues from New Holland, PA kill pens. I explained the whole situation to Ray, including the potential for a balky draft not wanting to load and one who might (according to the first hauler) strike out. This draft is blind in his right eye and probably the victim of some serious abuse (with scars). Ray was great and considered this while transporting and told me he would be careful to not let a big haul rig pass him on the right so the horse would not be startled. I could not believe how calm both horses were when they arrived! Each one of them had a very nice box stall to themselves with plenty of hay, water and bedding! Ray also arrived with plenty of time for the horses to get to know their qt environment in the daylight. They were so relaxed after the journey that the half blind Perch finally left his buddy the QH behind to go exploring after just about 30-45 minutes. Now that is a success story! Ray and Cathy, thank you so much for talking such good care of these guys! You have truly been wonderful and much appreciated. I am also very grateful for the calming effect you had on me as an owner stressing over the fact that I could not be there to soothe the big boy (Percheron) when he stressed from the other hauler! You are very professional and I love the care you took of my two new boys! Thanks again for a job well done! You will be highly recommended to everyone I know!

- Charli D.