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"My bike in Florida! Needing to come back to Mass!"

shipping from Cape Coral, Florida Chicopee, Massachusetts for $335.00

Cape Coral, Florida
Chicopee, Massachusetts
1388 mi.

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So, I've put all this work in to a bike, that i did not get a chance to ride! I needed it to come home! I called aroud and asked some locals, and the price was out of this world! One company led me to you Uship! So, I said.. "Why the hell not!" I placed an add out for my bike, and gave as much info as needed.. through talking to a couple companies, I found HD transport! Deb, and herb... I asked them if they could do it, and they said yes, and at the price I wanted! WOW!! So, they had to get a hold of my old boss, Not to much fun I guess, and get the bike.. But, I forgot I needed to have a box sent back, and my rear seat as well... So I asked them last second if they could grab it to.. not big items at all! And with out a pause, YES! I was amazed! No added charge! No added stress! I may have annoyed them, by calling and asking questions, So I thought! but I was assured I was not bothering them at all! Deb "Don't Worry" So a week went by, and they got the bike! And dealing with my boss was not hard, but no help! They called me right away, and told me the good news! I was in shock! So quick, and easy! My next phone call, Turned me sad! Deb called and told me, that some one (call them the scum of the earth) broke in to there truck at the Hotel.. NOTHING OF ANY CUSTOMERS WAS TAKEN! Or touched! But, their personal items were! This can happen to ANYONE! and most people would stop! And turn around, go home! NOT HD Transports! Even though they had all there personal items stolen, truck window broken, GPS lost, Computer taken.. They still were here.. ON TIME! with a smile! I was so happy!, And felt so bad for these two wonderful people.. And if you ever met them, you would know why! They are among the most honest, and kind people I know! To see this happen to them... It's just not fair! No added charges to my bill! No stress! Not even late! I am happy to have met Herb, and Deb! And will continue to use them as my shipping company, long to come! Sincerely D.Stearns

- David S.
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