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"Toronto to Fort Myers - Miscellanous Household Goods"

shipping from Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada Fort Myers, Florida for $897.00

Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
Fort Myers, Florida
1439 mi.

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I had about 20 boxes worth of stuff, about 1000 pounds total, to ship from Toronto to Fort Myers, FL. I looked at UPS, FedEx, Greyhound...all sorts of shippers and it looked like it would be at least $2500 to ship all of my stuff - way more than I wanted to or could pay. Somehow, I found out about Uship, researched it, and decided to use it. After I created my account, took a few pictures of my shipment and uploaded them, and created the bid/order, I started getting bids within 24 hours. The first couple of bids were for an insanely high amount, but then bids from a wide range of amounts eventually poured in. I decided to go with somebody who was not the lowest bidder, but certainly not the highest, and she had a very established feedback and I could tell she was professional. I had to leave before my belongings could be picked up for shipment, but that is my fault because I waited until nearly the last minute before I left. If you need to ship a whole lot of stuff, especially including furniture, you should put up the bid probably a couple of months before you have to move. Luckily, I only had an accumulation of boxes of belongings. Anyway, I was able to keep them at a friends' place for a couple of weeks and then my shipper was able to pick up my belongings with me present, we took them to a temp. storage facility, and then she was able to have them picked up later and shipped when her truck was ready along with other shipments. She made me do paperwork, and I was sort of daunted by the customs forms and the wording on the forms, but she made them simpler and showed me samples in the past, so that made it all much easier. It's a better idea to go with somebody who makes you jump through some hoops and be dutiful rather because you know they're adhering to a level of professionalism. Don't trust somebody who just says "Don't worry, I'll take care of everything." I have recommended Uship to several people since then - it is a GREAT resource!

- William N.
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