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"Shipment of Rscued Colt - Pictures!"

shipping from Morristown, Florida Shelbyville, TN 37160, Tennessee for $325.00

Morristown, Florida
Shelbyville, TN 37160, Tennessee
570 mi.

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ONT size=3>Transporter: Sally @ Mustang Horse Transportation>

>Dusty, the 7 month old colt we had shipped here from Florida, was a rescue. My sister adopted him from a rescue organization in Florida called Beauty's Haven Horse Rescue. Her paperwork went through just hours before the slaughter truck arrived to pick up any horses not adopted out of this group. He is a precious little thing, with a piebald face a back stockings. When she adopted him, he was supposed to ride with another foster horse, that I was to keep here at our barn in Tennessee. The foster horse was adopted in Fl. before transport, resulting in a no-ride situation for little Dusty. My sister didn't have much money to spend on transportation, so we were very happy to receive Sally's low bid. And, to make it even better, we got Dusty in perfect condition just a few days later!! Now, thanks to Beauty's Haven Horse Rescue, my sister, and Sally @ Mustang Horse Transport, Dusty has a loving forever home, where he will be able to grow to his full potential! TRONG>

>Thanks Sally!NT>G>

<STRONG>NT size=3>Sincerely,ONT>NG>

ONT size=3>Givan Bradley (me) and Kyna Gustafson (my sister)ONT>NG>

- Givan B.