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"Pontoon boat delivery"

shipping from Tulsa, Oklahoma Missouri City, Texas for $695.00

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Missouri City, Texas
516 mi.

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it is over all a good experience; except the waiting for bid part.Some don't response right away and after some waiting time(about 4-5 days), I got a few bids.... after I accepted one of the bids; there were more bids calling and emailing which is good but not to my benefits anymore; I just wish they will response faster and complete for a better price. Once, the bid is accepted you have to pay a good amount of deposit, if you cancelled you may lose that deposit,except cancelled by provider! Fortunately, I got a good communication, respsonsible service provider Goheen to complete the delivery. The only bad part is the shrink wrap of the boat started unwrapping and he had to pull it off. Suggestion, that u-ship should do some kind of bid alert in certaian service area and send out to service provider faster and promt them to reply or response faster. Also once questions were answered, you cannot answer again or find the provider if they don't answer you back ; makes it hard to emails to contact except thru u-ship. I lost my first boat because couldn't find someone to pick it up in time! Actually another provider didn't get my replied email for my shipment to be pick up on his way back until a few days later and he already started heading back. So I missed a good opportunity and a good price. U-ship need to make some changes to at. Not user friendly for 1st time user! There were frustration in using it and in waiting, but it did get people bid on your hull; Just need to give it enough time to do that.If you use the Urgent bidding, you don't have a choice who you want but a price matching provider, I didn't use that! I will probably use u-ship again, but will allow at least 2-3 weeks or more if time allowed. I end up spending $150-$200 more than what I wanted to paid which is according to u-ship estimation of price.

- Sandie W.
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