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"Move motorbike from LA to SFO - fast and safe"

shipping from Whittier, California Los Altos, California for $229.62

Whittier, California
Los Altos, California
370 mi.

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In a nutshell: the perfect vintage motorcycle became available for sale in Los Angeles, but I'm 400 miles away on the San Francisco peninsula, with a heavy schedule that precludes travel. What a dilemma! Miss another great opportunity, or find some way to pull a rabbit out of a hat with motorbike transport? The bike was inspected at the local to LA dealership, and passed with flying colors. The seller had a good reputation, and showed me all documentation and photographs by email. The only issue remaining was physically transporting the vehicle. I couldn't spare the time to drive to LA and back. And all those $19.95 UHaul rentals - they are for local freight only, and charge 70 cents a mile! All the large carriers wanted $600 or more to move the bike. That's where, and independent transporter Jim "fearlessfossil" Long came in and saved the day. Everything about Jim, from first contact to dropoff, spoke to his integrity and sense of purpose. Jim's bid was one of the lower ones, and reading his feedback, it was clear he had a strong sense of responsibility and customer service. Hey - if you do it right the first time, you really don't *need* to get into customer service. To cut a long story short, Jim got this rare and valuable vehicle to me within 48 hours of my accepting his bid, exactly to the schedule he outlined (and in spite of him encountering a flat tire en route). I am a very happy customer, and in a choice between "pay exorbitant large carrier rates" and "don't make a deal involving vehicle transport", and independent transporter like Jim Long, make the deal a big success. Thanks, Peter.

- Peter V.