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"Tale of the Blues Brothers"

shipping from Murrieta, California Orcutt, California for $280.00

Murrieta, California
Orcutt, California
236 mi.

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My family wouldn't own the Blues Brothers today if not for uShip.  The seller of the items stated "Pick Up Only" in his ad.  The item was located in Murietta, CA and we live in Santa Maria, CA (400 miles to the North).  I had no way of getting to Murietta in a large enough vehicle to transport both statues, which stand 6' tall and weigh 50-75lbs.  However, the seller did agree if I found someone to come to his home, package them up, and ship them away, he'd make the deal. ; I called Yellow Freight, UPS, USPS, even Federal Express, the picture was bleak.  The best I could come up with was an independent courier who wanted $495.00 and couldn't pick up for over a week. ; UShip to the rescue, when I stumbled upon uShip on the internet I wasn't sure what to think.  How trustworthy can a trucking company be that bids for your business?  Well, my four boys begged me to try, so we would still have a chance at the Blues Brothers statues.  Reluctantly, I made the effort.  I listed the items for pick up, explained the items would need to be wrapped and removed from inside a residence, and shipped the four hundred miles.  I went on to explain these items are fragile and would need to be handled with the utmost care. ; After listing the request, I explained to my boys the chances are very slim a trucking company will take on such a task with the dollar amount we can afford to pay.  Well shut my mouth!  Not only did I get one company, but three different companies responded.  Each one with credible credentials easing my mind on the shipping.  Each bid was within my target price and fairly close to one another in amounts.  Luck was on our side as well, Razor49er was visiting his brother in Murietta.  Considering for him it was a oneway trip, his bid of $280.00 was indeed the lowest bid.  I have to admit I still had a few reservations regarding the transaction.  Fortunately, once I pushed the "Accept Bid" button my worries were gone. ; Dominic(Razor49er) called me immediately and set up the pick up and even talked with the seller regarding a convenient time. ; He made the pick up, handled the packaging, and arrived at our house the following morning.  All four boys were thrilled to greet their new Blues Brothers buddies.  I can't tell you how great it was to find uShip.  I definitely have zero reservations about using them again and again.  I'm sure the only complaint would come from my wife, "Great, now you can buy stuff almost anywhere!".  Thanks again, and keep up the great service.P>


<P>The Smith Family

Santa Maria, CA 

- Mark S.
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