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"Wrestling a loader"

shipping from Ettrick, Wisconsin Honor, Michigan for $275.00

Ettrick, Wisconsin
Honor, Michigan
608 mi.

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Northern lower Michigan is one place that is very difficult to get somthing delivered to. It often requires the provider to deadhead to the southern part of the state to get another cargo. On top of that I had a cumbersome loader off a tractor that would necessitate actions similar to wrestling an alligator. Uship has solved problems for me in the past . This time the cargo was only three hundred miles straight west but that pesky Lake Michigan was smack dab in the middle of the crow-fly path so whoever was going to haul it had to decide if they wanted to take the longer route and fight Chicago traffic and tolls--or-- take the northern route crossing Wisconsin and nearly the entire Upper Penninsula on two lane roads. I listed the shipment on Monday and along comes Randy from IRRL with a good bid . There were actually several bids but feedback is everything --remember that when someone does you right,shipper or provider !! Long story short --it is Thursday afternoon and my loader is here and ready to install. Everybody won with Uship. Thanks, Jess Pelky (unabiker)

- unabiker
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