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"All's well that ends well"

shipping from Aurora, Colorado Eads, Tennessee for $250.00

Aurora, Colorado
Eads, Tennessee
1113 mi.

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I had bought a complete Ford PowerStroke motor from an eBay vendor, who had tried to arrange uShip shipping under his own name, but we were never able to finalize arrangements. He then became ill and difficult to reach. Finally my wife was able to arrange contact, only to discover exactly how unsatisfactory it could be to get decent shipping quotes directly from companies. I set up a uShip account to see what better quotes were available, with (to put it mildly) mixed results. It appears that very few 'sellers' actually take the time to READ the information in these bids... I clearly stated in a number of places, in capital letters no less, that my pickup would be SATURDAY -- but I received mostly bids that, "as it turned out" were going to require additional money for that. One of these actually made repeated overtures to secure the business, even after I reminded him of the Saturday provision -- but refused to give me an actual price; when I kept after him he quoted me an additional $250 (!) just for the Saturday pickup. The actual bid I took was made very briefly before 'zero hour' - in fact, just as I was expecting to have to put the pickup off another week for lack of meaningful bids. Not only was this the lowest of the bids -- the shipper took the trouble to meet up with the seller to load the night before, and made delivery in LESS THAN ONE DAY (Denver to Memphis). Very good communication throughout. Needless to say, I was thoroughly delighted with how things came out... Now that I understand some of the caveats and quirks of the uShip experience, I would not hesitate to use the service... and my provider... again. Reading between the lines, though, there is still a significant amount of 'caveat emptor' involved in how bids must be interpreted and questions asked in order to avoid distinctly unpleasant surprises... and sometimes much higher prices made by people who seem to enjoy trying to stampede customers into committing 'early'.

- Robert m. E.
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