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"shippping my whirlppol dryer"

shipping from Chicago, Illinois Osakis, Minnesota for $200.00

Chicago, Illinois
Osakis, Minnesota
532 mi.

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it all started when i drove through a storm to minneapolis which is about 135 miles from me. i did so in order to buy an item at a fantastic price. after trying to pay several different ways without having to physically go there because of the treacherous weather conditions i was told i MUST drive to the store to complete the transaction. i was told if i got to the store by 5 pm the washer and dryer would be there for me to buy and that it would not be sold to anyone else. because of the adverse weather what normally takes 2 1/2 to 3 hours took me 4 1/2 hours. i did arrive just in the nick of time at 4:59 pm and when i got there i was told that the items had been sold to another customer at 3:30 p.m. the salesman i had been dealing with over the phone was gone and apparently had not left word that the items were SOLD to me. i ended up driving back home taking another 4 1/2 hours to do so empty handed. the salesmen did make a few cals while i was at the store trying to find a comparable deal at another of their stores but were unsuccessful. I felt terribly cheated as they had made me a promise and had broken the promise. it was especially disgruntling as i had been talking to the salesman for several days and had tried to pay them without having to travel not only that day but on previous days. then having to drive in weather that was such where warnings were being broadcast to avoid travel was really disheartening. as it tured out i had done all that driving for nothing. i did contact the manager and explained the situation and as it turned out the customer who had bought the items backed out as far as the washer went so was able to get the washer. well i looked online and found the matching gas dryer at chicago and was hoping the store in minneapolis would help in getting it shipped to me due to the fact they had sold my promised item out from under me. however the store in minneapolis said they could or would not assist in that. uship solved it.

- Sharie S.
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