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"Delivering her"

shipping from Lewisham, Greater London, United Kingdom Cherwell, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom for $37.37

Lewisham, Greater London, United Kingdom
Cherwell, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
68 mi.

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It was a cold wintery night. The snow froze the children's lips as try tried to whistle a tune but for to warm themseleves up. How they, & I, longed to see her face, paint her cheeks with makup, feed at her shiny bosom. But she was stranded at the warehouse where we had last seen her. It was not safe to ride my motorcycle all the way to London - and more importantly it would have been dangerous for her. I yearned to see her face, so I searched the internet seeking he whom could help me in my quest, my love. Also, people would think it was...strange. That it was forbidden. I found, dismissing it as some silly American nonsense. But it was not nosense. I placed my add upon this site, thinking that my time spent in doing so would be wasted. But anything I could do in blind hope was a positive way of passing time, in my mind. As I sat again with my port, resting my hands on the warmest part of my body, I phone began to squeal. Again, Again! 30, 40 times it moaned. I did not have a great fortune - it was food money mostly. I would have happily given it all. But I didn't have to - people outbid eachother, lower and lower. Finally, my courier was found, and with little interaction required (just 2 addresses and 2 numbers), the arrangement was made. Through the snow he drove, like a would in the night runnnig through the polar frost. Running to deliver her to me, to my embrace. He phoned me twice to let me know his movements - precaution to keep my mind at ease, and I'm sure to stop the inevitable calls he would receive from my impatience! I did not need to worry - this was not any man - he had 5 positive feedbacks. Tonight, he shall sleep with six.

- Mayur P.
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