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"Easy and friendly furniture shipping"

shipping from Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, United Kingdom Alnwick, Northumberland, United Kingdom for $66.94

Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Alnwick, Northumberland, United Kingdom
86 mi.

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I had three pieces of bedroom furniture that I needed moved from Edinburgh to Alnwick. It's only an hour's drive and not a big load, so it wasn't worth getting a formal removal done. I'd looked into getting quotes from some firms, but they were all wanting £100+ I came across uShip by accident and was able to look around and see what kind of things people were having moved and the kind of bids that were tendered. I was even able to find almost identical shipments going over similar distances and had a good idea of what price I could expect. So I posted details of my shipment and was surprised that it was pretty straightforward to do and was really taken aback when my listing showed a route map detailing exactly the route that I would have chosen. That was a really nice touch as I was expecting to have to explain where a tiny little place like Alnwick is. The next thing that surprised me was that I received bids on my listing within a few minutes of it going up and this was at nine o'clock at night during the festive period. Crikey! The first bid that came in was a perfectly reasonable seventy pounds, which I would have been happy to accept, but from looking at similar jobs, I thought it might be possible to get it for even less. A nice touch was that the bids detailed the level of service that would be provided so I knew exactly what I'd be getting. I could even check the feedback history of the bidders to see what others had said. I considered one chap, but I noted from his feedback that he'd cancelled a few jobs and I wasn't so sure that I would want to take that risk. Although I was flexible about when I wanted my stuff delivered, there was a fixed deadline for when it had to be uplifted. In the end I picked a guy who got the job done for fifty quid and was very friendly and helpful. I got the job done for less than half of what it would have cost elsewhere and was much better informed about what I was getting. I'll definitely use uShip again.

- Jonathan J.
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