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"Moving my Bowflex"

shipping from Holly Springs , North Carolina Clio, South Carolina for $200.00

Holly Springs , North Carolina
Clio, South Carolina
103 mi.

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I bought a Bow-Flex machine from someone who lived only one state away so that I could save the money on shipping. BIG mistake. My husband and I drove up to pick the machine up, and while we were loading it (HEAVY) in our pick-up, the main unit slipped, knocked me off the truck, and I ended up in the Emergency Room (via ambulance) with 7 staples in my head and a broken rib. And a bill that is many times bigger than what it would have cost me to have it shipped in the first place! And no Bow-Flex!!!

Seeing (finally) that we weren't going to be able to handle this on our own, I Googled and found uShip. I put my requirements in one night and the first response I got was the next morning. Tim asked some good questions, I got back to him with answers and we agreed to him doing the job. (In the mean time I got some other quotes, both from uShip carriers and other's I'd tried.) I chose Tim Shell -- the best quote -- the nicest guy -- he knew the area well.

The same day Tim contacted the guy who had the Bow-Flex and made arrangements to pick it up the next day -- and I had it a few hours later. (I can't get the Post Office to deliver a letter that fast!!!) He kept me informed at each step, was wonderful about inside delivery and so careful with my home and furnishings, was super-professional and a delight to deal with. I am so impressed!!! I'd use uShip and Tim again in a heartbeat!

- Sue M.
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