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"Items in good condition, communication so-so"

shipping from Kelley, Iowa Oak Harbor, Washington for $459.24

Kelley, Iowa
Oak Harbor, Washington
1911 mi.

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Very nice quy, but scheduling a delivery time was difficult. Instead of updating me with a date/time of delivery, I had to continually check-in for a status. We had the delivery scheduled for Sunday evening but 6:30pm rolled around and hadn't heard from Chris. He called back after 8pm and said it would be Monday. I relayed my work schedule to him and asked for a two hour delivery window so I could ensure that someone would be home. Once 2pm came around, I hadn't heard from Chris and left a message asking for an update. Chris called back to say that he had troubles with his trailer and wouldn't be in the area until Tuesday. So we are now pushed back two days and I still had to call to figure out the status instead of being notified. Once delivery was made, it was arranged for 7pm however I received a call at 6 pm letting me know he was in our town and needed directions. The problem is that I was at an appt and then had to rush to get home. It would have been nice to know an hour before that he was running ahead of schedule so that we could have been prepared. The items we had shipped were not urgent, but it was frustrating to be sitting around waiting or trying to coordinate time away from work, all to find out that there had been a hold up. Otherwise, everything else was fine - items came in good condition. I would use shipper again now that I know what to expect.

- Megan H.
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