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"my dream floats on a trailer!"

shipping from Bremerton, Washington Edgewood, Iowa for $998.00

Bremerton, Washington
Edgewood, Iowa
1912 mi.

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i had been searching for a 1978 Buick skylark since about first car was a 1978 skylark that i had to sell it in is a sentimental thing.well,i finally found one that i could afford that was well worth the money so i bought it. now,here comes the real story.i have never shipped a car nor ever imagined buying one online.needless to say i knew nothing of what to expect.there is a certain amount of apprehension when buying a car online and shipping it to yourself sight unseen.well i obviously did it or i wouldn't be here writing this was one of the best decisions of my life! i now have my car,a dream of mine fulfilled.Dr. Machetti is the best you'll ever find and it is in a great part thanks to him that i now have my baby here safe and sound in one piece!Robert is the best(read his feedback and you'll see!).he quoted me a delivery time of within 4 days of pickup and had it here in 2 and a half from Bremerton,WA to Edgewood,IA,that is a little over a 1,900 mile drive!plus he takes pictures of his hauls in front of landmarks,mountains,bald eagle nests(lol)and shows them on his uship account(i hope my car makes it!).there are not enough good things to say about this man and the way he presents himself and conducts business!again,thank you Robert!without you i'd still be waiting for that perfect car near when we buy Jessica's car we can look at the car and not so much worry about the location! seriously though only use this guy if you want the best! oh yeah,without uship i would've been stuck with a broker(i think i just puked i my mouth a little!)!

- Brandon G.
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