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"Where There's a Will, There's a Way"

shipping from Taylorville, Illinois Olympia, Washington for $450.00

Taylorville, Illinois
Olympia, Washington
2164 mi.

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We run a small private fitness studio in Olympia, WA. We had been looking for a set of adjustable barbells for using in our group personal training programs. The top of the line set is $3800, but we just couldn't justify the cost, since we would only be using them with 5-6 clients. So off to eBay I went. Sure enough, someone had a set for $1400 which I snatched up, while trying to find out how much shipping would be. I was floored when I was quoted $1200 - $3000 by major delivery services. But that was only half the battle. This barbell set was sitting in a storage locker in a cow-town in Illinois. All that the major freight services would do is show up with a guy and a dolly, ready to move a pallet. I needed someone to pack up, wrap, and transport this set without damaging it. uShip seemed like an interesting option I had discovered - kind of like eBay, but for shipping. I decided to give it a shot. I posted my listing and soon received a bid. After a few more bids, I decided to make it a Featured Listing to see if more bids would bring the price down. Pretty soon, the bids started getting lower and more into my price range - less than half what the cheapest freight service wanted. Eventually, a delivery company sent us a bid that was perfect and we took it. A few phone calls later, I had a game plan, a schedule, and assurance it would all be taken care of. Sure enough, the delivery company showed up, packed up, and let me know they were on their way. They contacted me as they got closer, and we made plans to arrange delivery. The set showed up, was unloaded, and we were ready for it. Everything went smoothly and without a hitch. Now there are some sore biceps and behinds in Olympia, with UShip to thank for it.

- David R.
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