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"Best value in shipping my motorcycle"

shipping from Tupelo, Mississippi Abernathy, Texas for $336.95

Tupelo, Mississippi
Abernathy, Texas
933 mi.

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I bought a motorcycle while in Iraq and faced the ordeal of getting it shipped to my house. I was going to drive and get it myself, but the long drive after a few long flights is not something I was looking forward to. I checked with my normal user...a freight company and got a price of about $500. That was freight, meaning the seller would have to take it to the nearest terminal and I would have to pick it up from my nearest terminal (350 miles from home). I then was told about uship, so i listed the bike. Within two days I had a bid of almost $200 less! And that was not even the best part, the service was door to door...much easier on the seller and easier on me. I used the "Ask a question" option and communicated to a few shippers. Once I settled on one and booked, my bike was picked up two days later-as discussed in the ask a question portion. Shipper said he would deliver the bike with two days. I figured going such a long distance, I would be okay with 4-6 days. Well, the bike was picked up on a Friday morning from Tupelo, MS and delivered around noon on Saturday to the Lubbock, TX area! I have driven cross country many times and I woul have been hard pressed to make that kind of time. My motorcycle arrived as picked damage at all. Shipper even picked up 6 extra tires, two bike stands and a gas can-all for the same fee. Thanks BigTex! I have already listed more things to ship as UShip has allowed me to open my shopping boundaries and search for items I want all over the country. I am looking for a trailer and all the good deals are in GA. Even paying a shipper from uship, I am still saving hundreds of dollars and getting a better trailer than what I have found locally. The best part was not having to make and recieve numerous phone calls during the bid process. If I did not like a bid, I simply clicked that I did not accept it. Easy to do-especially when doing it 10,000 miles away! -Rodrigo

- Rodrigo C.
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