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"AWSOME shipping experience with my boat!!"

shipping from Cibolo, Texas Louisville, Kentucky for $700.00

Cibolo, Texas
Louisville, Kentucky
1091 mi.

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I was shipping my new, Skeeter 200, Team Boat from TX to Louisville (manufacturer to me). I chose to go this route because I am a disabled veteran, with 4 smaller children, and the ride would have killed me if the kids didn't first :) I had never used any such service as "uShip" before and was quite honestly a little skeptical about what to expect. I decided to place and add on here to see whether I could actually "afford to ship" the boat rather than trying to lug my kids 15 hours, each way, down to get it myself. The first series of offers was a little more than I could afford, but I noticed the helpful little tip, uShip gives about the "average price for your shipment" for others is XXXX amount. I then got the notification that my boat had to be picked up by a certain date so was forced to get something set-up in a hurry. I put my "max" price $50 above what the "avg price" thing said, and within 10 minutes or so I had offers I could actually afford!!! I chose my carrier because, and I DID have choices, I wanted a "smaller" company (you know the ones that seem like your business would really MATTER to them, and not so big you feel lost in the shuffle?). I could not have been happier with my choices, both to use uShip or my carrier (efrancis, which I HIGHLY suggest for watercraft movement)!! In the end, I saved over $700 off the first bid I got by paying attention to the uShip advice on how to use the system and setting a actual "Max price". I feel the max price is the key becuase it weeds out, and saves both the companies and you a TON of time, the people you would not select based on price anyway. As I said, I think that is important for both, you and the companies, as to not waste peoples time. At the end of the day, ALL my concerns were for not as the deal was a HUGE success. I have told everyone I know, that may use it for ANY reason, about this site and wish I had known of it when I was in the Army. I could have used this during PCS moves :)

- Charles A.