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shipping from Beecher, Illinois Cleveland, Texas for $500.00

Beecher, Illinois
Cleveland, Texas
1011 mi.

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I find the UShip website to be a little overly micro-managed... it needs to loosen up a little, especially where Questions and Answers are concerned. Right now it's totally tit-for-tat in that you can only Answer a Question asked just 1 time, until the other party decides to ask another question (and I presume they can only ask a question once, until such time as I answer). Also once I accepted a bid and Booked it, I could no longer communicate at all with the Provider I was booked with on UShip... once I choose a provider (and paid the booking fee to UShip), I should be able to have unlimited messaging with that Provider thru UShip if needed! I found this very very frustrating. Finally, once a shipment has bids I agree with not allowing revisions BUT I should still be able to make Additions to the listing such as the Ebay sytem allows. When circumstances regarding my shipment changed, I found I was locked into the text of my shipment because there was a bid.... I could not even Add anything to it. My only option was to delete the shipment listing and start over. ps. While I am new to UShip, and may or may not ever need to have an item shipped via a Provider here in the future, it would be nice to have my Ebay Feedback rating shared or somehow reflected on my UShip ID. I have extensive Ebay Feedback that goes back many years, that Feedback rating would be nice to have linked somehow to my UShip account to show that I am an honest user with history (though on the Ebay system) to demonstrate my integrity and honesty. pps. A UShip tutorial wouldn't hurt either for new users. It took hours to figure out how this UShip process works, and way too much trial and error on my part. Thanks! - Michael

- Michael S.
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